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Code Name Price Availability  
6SBPSP 6pc s/s Ball Point Sexing Probes $25.00  
ABS African Bluetail Skink $6.50  
APLG African Fat-Tailed Gecko (adults) $18.50  
AHS African Helmeted Sideneck (babies) $35.00 Sold Out
AHS2 African Hinged Sideneck (babies) $35.00 Sold Out
ARSS African Red Sided Skink (adults) $7.50  
AMR African Reed Frogs (adults) $8.00 Sold Out
ABRCCB Albino Blood Red Corn (c.b. babies) $54.00  
AB Albino Bullfrog (sm/med) $30.00  
ABB Albino Burmese (c.b. babies) $135.00 Sold Out
ACB4 Albino Columbian Boa (c.b. babies) $250.00  
AC Albino Cornsnake (c.b. babies) $35.00  
AMC Albino Motley Cornsnake (c.b. babies) $45.00  
AOCCB Albino Okeetee Cornsnake c.b. babies $50.00  
ARES Albino Red Ear Slider (c.b. babies) $500.00 Sold Out
ASCCB Albino Striped Cornsnake c.b. babies $50.00 Sold Out
AN Alpine Newts (adults) $25.00 Sold Out
AMF5 Amazon Milk Frog (adults) $35.00 Sold Out
ATWC Amazon Tree w.c. colored $95.00  
ATWG Amazon Tree w.c. garden $35.00  
ACCB Amber Cornsnakes c.b. babies $50.00  
apn4 Apricot Pueblan c.b. (babies) $45.00  
ATD4 Aquatic Turtle Diet 4oz $2.89  
ATD8 Aquatic Turtle Diet 8oz $3.84  
ABW4 Argentine Black/White Tegu (babies) $200.00 Sold Out
ART4 Argentine Red Tegu (sm/med) $250.00  
AAL Armadillo Lizards (adults) $18.50 Sold Out
ABT Asian Box Turtle (w.c. adults) $40.00  
AF Asian Forest Scorpion (adults) $7.50  
AG Asian Greenback Frog (adults) $6.00  
AHHL Atlantic Hermit Crab (lg/xl) $3.50  
AHC Atlantic Hermit Crab (sm/med) "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" $2.50  
BCLL Bahama Curlytail Lizard (adults) $12.00  
BPC Ball Python (big-babies) "on sale" reg 30.00 $22.50  
BPW Ball Python (c.b. FDR's) $40.00  
BPW50 Ball Python w/c (adult male) $50.00  
BW Banded Watersnake (w.c. sm/med) $12.00  
BTF Barking Tree Frog (adults) $12.00 Sold Out
BDJ6I Bearded Dragon (jv's 8-10 inch) $50.00  
BD1IF Bearded Dragons (adults) - females $125.00  
BD1IP Bearded Dragons (adults) - males $75.00  
BD Bearded Dragons (c.b. babies) "on sale" reg 35.00 $20.00  
B426 Bend-A-Branch (lg) $9.98  
B425 Bend-A-Branch (med) $6.70  
B424 Bend-A-Branch (sm) $3.67  
BG Bibron Gecko (adults) $7.50 Sold Out
BETF Big Eye Tree Frog (adults) $14.00 Sold Out
BCCB Black Cornsnake c.b. babies $40.00  
BKMT Black Knob Map Turtle (c.b. babies) $125.00 Sold Out
BR240 Black Racer Snake (med/lg) $15.00  
BT195 Black Throat Monitors (big-babies) $275.00 Sold Out
BRCCB Blood Red Cornsnake c.b. babies $50.00  
BTSJ Blue Tongue Skink - (Indo's adults) $135.00  
BTSJ2 Blue Tongue Skink - (Indo's babies) $150.00  
BBW1IT Brazilian Gaint Black & White (1 inch) Tarantula $35.00  
BGS Brazilian Giant Salmon (3 inch) $45.00 In Stock
BRB Brazilian Rainbow c.b. (babies) $130.00  
BRW1IT Brazilian Red & White (1.5 inch) Tarantula $30.00  
BB151 Brook's c.b. babies $40.00  
BA Brown Anoles (adults) $2.50  
BBSM Brown Basilisk (sm/med) "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" $8.00  
BWA Budget's Frog (c.b. babies) $35.00  
BS31 Bull Snakes (sm/med) $40.00 Sold Out
BF23 Bullfrog (2-3 inch) $12.00  
BBT2 Bumble Bee Toads $25.00 Sold Out
AGBB Burmese Python (c.b. babies) $75.00 Sold Out
BCCB559 Butter Cornsnake c.b. babies $50.00  
BMCCB560 Butter Motley Cornsnake c.b. babies $65.00  
CBG CA Banded Gecko (adults) $25.00  
COWTB CA Ornate Wood Turtle (c.b babies) $85.00 Sold Out
COWT CA Ornate Wood Turtle (w.c. adults) $40.00  
CCL Caiman Lizard (c.b. big-babies) $400.00 Sold Out
CP22 Calcium Phosphorus 2:1 2oz $3.02  
CP24 Calcium Phosphorus 2:1 4oz $4.20  
CN California Newt (adults) $25.00 Sold Out
CH Callapsible Hook $35.00  
BNA Calotes Dragon (adults) $8.00 Sold Out
CCCCB Candy Cane Cornsnake c.b. babies $50.00 Sold Out
CCCB Caramel Cornsnake c.b. babies $50.00  
CMC Caramel Motley Cornsnake (babies) $50.00  
CHM Carpet Chameleon (sm/med) $75.00 Sold Out
NGCB Carpet Python (c.b. babies) $85.00  
CAB4 Central American Red-Tail Boa (c.b. babies) $45.00 Sold Out
CHE1 Ceramic Heat Emitter 100wt $38.50  
CHE1337 Ceramic Heat Emitter 150wt $25.26  
CGS4 Chaco Gold Stripe (1 inch) $35.00  
CMBT Chaco Mousy Brown Tarantula $30.00  
CKSCB Chain King Snake c.b. babies $45.00  
CCCB563 Charcoal Cornsnakes c.b. babies $40.00  
CBT Chinese Box Turtle (c.b. babies) $350.00  
CFT Chinese Fawn Tarantula (adult) $50.00  
D1 Chola Wood $2.99  
WC Chuckwalla Lizards (med/lg) $85.00 Sold Out
CTF248 Clown Tree Frog (adults) $25.00 Sold Out
C15 Clubtail Iguana (sm/med) $20.00 Sold Out
CB Cobalt Blue Tarantula (adults) $40.00  
CBWTS Col Blk/Wht Tegu (big-babies) $40.00 Sold Out
CRT Colorado River Toads (jumbo) $75.00  
GT196 Columbian Blk/Gld Tegu (sm/med) $50.00 Sold Out
RB Columbian Redtail Boa (c.b. babies) $85.00 Sold Out
CM Common Musk (c.b. babies) $15.00  
CMA4 Common Musk (w.c. adults) $20.00  
C183 Conehead Lizard $18.00 Sold Out
CSNSA Corn Snake - normal (w.c. adult) $35.00  
CS56 Corn Snake - normal (w.c. Jv's) $30.00  
CSNS Corn Snake - normal (w.c. small) $28.50  
NC Corn Snake Normal (c.b. babies) "on sale" reg 24.50 $20.00  
CB350 Corner Bowl (lg) $12.40  
CB351 Corner Bowl (lx) $18.78  
CB349 Corner Bowl (med) $6.49  
CBS Corner Bowl Sm $4.14  
CC216 Creamsicle Corn (babies) $40.00  
CFB Crested Flame (babies) $50.00  
CB170 Crested Gecko's (c.b. babies) $50.00  
C1 Crickets 1000qt $26.80  
CM201 Crocodile Monitor (4-5 feet) $950.00 Sold Out
knight Cuban Knight Anole "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" $15.00  
CTF Cuban Tree Frog (adults) $4.00  
CS Cumberland Sliders (c.b. babies) $7.50  
DCK Desert Cal King c.b. (babies) $40.00  
BDCB Desert Cal King c.b. babies banded $40.00  
SDCB Desert Cal King c.b. babies striped $40.00  
DCL4 Desert Collard Lizard (adults) $16.50  
DH253 Desert Hairy Scorpion (adults) $15.00  
DSW4 Desert Spiny Swift (adults) $18.00  
DCS Designer Crabs (med/lg) $3.50  
DTC Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer Combo $14.58  
DA Dragon Agama (adults) $16.00 Sold Out
D433 Driftwood (med) $12.67  
D Driftwood (sm) $6.54  
D434 Driftwood Lg $23.84  
D1373 Dripper 1gal $8.49  
DD176 Dull Day Gecko $16.00  
DS Dusky Salamander (adults) $8.00 Sold Out
ECL Eastern Collard Lizard (adults) $30.00 Sold Out
EPI Eastern Painted Turtle (4-5 inch) $25.00 In Stock
EPT Eastern Painted Turtles (c.b. babies) $12.50  
EN Eastern Spotted Newts (adults) $6.00 Sold Out
ES Emerald Swift (adults) $16.00  
ccen1 Emperor Newts (adults) $35.00 Sold Out
ES1 Emperor Scorpion (med/lg) $20.00 Sold Out
SB Emperor Scorpion - Red Claw "on sale" reg 9.50 $6.50  
EGLS Everglades Rat w.c. (babies) $40.00  
FPWB Fern Plant W/Wood Base $8.79  
RBS Fire Bellied Newts (adults) $5.00 Sold Out
FLR Fire Bellied Toad (adults) $4.50 Sold Out
FLR629 Fire Leg Running Frog (adults) $8.00 Sold Out
fire Fire Salamander (adults) $25.00 Sold Out
FS Fire Skink (adults) $25.00  
FC273 Fishers Chameleon (adults) $38.50 Sold Out
FC Flapneck Chameleon (adults) $28.50 Sold Out
FR Flat Rock Scorpion (adults) $16.00 Sold Out
FK Florida Kingsnake (c.b. babies) $26.00  
RBC Florida Red Bellied Cooter (c.b. babies) $25.00  
FST Florida Softshell Turtle (c.b. babies) $8.50  
FG Flying Gecko (adults) $14.00  
FDB Freeze Dried Bloodworms .7oz $5.34  
FDC1 Freeze Dried Crickets 1.6oz $6.12  
FDCA1 Freeze Dried Crickets Aquatic 1.6oz $6.12  
FDD Freeze Dried Daphnia .7oz $4.31  
FDEA Freeze Dried Earthworms Aquatic .5oz $6.12  
FDM1 Freeze Dried Mealworms 1.9oz $6.36  
FDRS1 Freeze Dried River Shrimp 1.2oz $4.31  
FD Frilled Dragon (Ng big-babies) $130.00  
GS Garter Snake (w.c. jv's) $15.00  
GC Ghost Cornsnake (c.b. babies) $35.00  
gh44 Ghost Honduran c.b. (babies) $95.00  
IM Ghost Ornamental Tarantula (3/4 inch) $35.00  
GDG Giant Day Gecko $50.00  
GHTF Giant Haitian Tree Frog (adults) $20.00  
GG175 Golden Gecko $7.00  
GT Golden Tree Frog (adults) $7.00  
GBTJ Goliath Birdeater Tarantula (jumbo) $85.00  
GP Goliath Birdeater Tarantula (lg) $54.00  
GF1023 Goliath Frog (lg/xl) $40.00 Sold Out
METT Goliath Pinkfoot Tarantula $75.00  
GC587 Graceful Chameleon $24.00  
GC419 Granite Cactus (lg) $8.82  
GC418 Granite Cactus (sm) $7.51  
GBPF Green & Black Poison Arrow Frog $35.00  
GA197 Green Ameiva (sm/med) $18.00  
GAA Green Anaconda (big- babies) $350.00 Sold Out
GA Green Anoles (adults) $3.50  
GTC Green Basilisk (big-babies) $20.00  
GBB Green Burmese c.b. (babies) $225.00 Sold Out
GSD1 Green Sailfin Dragon (sm/med) $85.00  
GS54 Green Snake (adults) $14.00  
GTF Green Tree Frog "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" $3.00  
GTWS Green Tree Python (c.b. babies) $250.00  
GBB153 Grey Banded (c.b. babies) $95.00  
CAST Grey Tree Frog (adults) $6.00 Sold Out
HC416 Habi Cave (Lg) $16.04  
HBHA Haitian Big Head Anole (adults) $12.00  
H88 Haitian Brown Tarantula (adults) $16.00  
HLC439 Half Log Cave (lg) $6.79  
HLC438 Half Log Cave (med) $5.23  
HLC Half Log Cave (sm) $4.69  
HLC440 Half Log Cave (xl) $9.86  
HMC Halloween Moon Crab (med/lg) "on sale" reg 7.50 $5.50  
HC Hand Cleaner $4.19  
HHM1 Hand Held Mister 16oz $2.97  
H1 Hemostat 12" $10.00  
H1228 Hemostat 18" $18.00  
H8 Hemostat 8" $8.00  
H Herman's Tortoises (c.b. babies) $150.00  
HCF Hermit Crab Food $2.50  
HWCKSCB Hi White Cal King Snake c.b. babies $65.00  
HRC Hieroglyphic River Cooter (c.b. babies) $8.50  
FHT Hingeback Tortoise (4-5 inch) $50.00  
HL443 Hollow Log (lg) $11.35  
HL442 Hollow Log (med) $6.26  
HL Hollow Log (sm) $4.49  
DHTL Horned Toad Lizard (adults) $30.00 Sold Out
HG House Gecko (adults) "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" $3.00  
H366 Hygrometer $4.94  
HLCKSCB528 Hypo Lavender Cal King Snake (banded) c.b. babies $45.00  
EI4I Iguana - El-Sav Green (4 feet) $75.00  
IG2F Iguana - El-Sav Green (2 feet) $25.00  
IG3F Iguana - El-Sav Green (3 feet) $50.00  
EBI Iguana - Green (big-babies) "on sale" reg 10.00 $7.50  
RI Iguana - Red Flame (big-babies) "on sale" reg 30.00 $20.00  
IG4 Iguana - Sea Blue (big-babies) $65.00  
IB429 Iguana Branch (lg) $18.26  
IB428 Iguana Branch (med) $5.87  
IB Iguana Branch (sm) $5.87  
IB430 Iguana Branch (xl) $26.43  
IB431 Iguana Branch (xxl) $41.07  
IDF4 Iguana Diet Fruit 4oz $2.89  
IDF8 Iguana Diet Fruit 8oz $3.84  
IDJ4 Iguana Diet Jv 4oz $2.89  
IDJ8 Iguana Diet Jv 8oz $3.84  
IG8 Iguana Grow 8oz $5.81  
IT Indonesian Tree (sm/med) $50.00  
JCB12 Jackson Chameleon (big-babies) $30.00  
JC23 Jackson Chameleon (female) - adult "on sale" reg 38.00 $30.00  
JC Jackson Chameleons (males) - adult "on sale" reg 38.00 $30.00  
JA Jamaican Anole $25.00 Sold Out
JCLL Jeweled Curlytail Lizard (adults) $12.00  
KSB4 Kenya Sand Boa (sm/med) $50.00  
KBL King Baboon Tarantulas (adult) $65.00  
KBC1 King Baboon Tarantulas c.b. 1.5" $35.00  
LF Leopard Frogs (adults) $6.00  
LG Leopard Gecko (c.b. babies) "on sale" reg 24.50 $14.50  
ALG Leopard Gecko - Albino (adults) $50.00  
ALGB Leopard Gecko - Albino (c.b. babies) $24.50  
BLG Leopard Gecko - Blizzard (c.b. babies) $26.50  
LLG Leopard Gecko - Leucistic (c.b. babies) $30.00  
CAM Leopard Gecko - Normal (adults-females) $35.00  
HYLG Leopard Gecko - Normal (adults-males) $25.00  
LLL4 Leopard Lizard (sm/med) $20.00  
LT Leopard Tortoises (c.b. babies) $145.00 Sold Out
LV8 Liquid Vitamin 8oz $6.29  
LTS Long-Tailed Grass Lizards "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" $4.50  
MLF Malayan Leaf Frog (male) $38.00 Sold Out
MM Mangrove Monitor (c.b. babies) $125.00  
BM Mantella - Beautiful Frog $25.00  
BM628 Mantella - Brown Frog $20.00  
MMT Map Turtles (c.b. babies) "on sale" reg 8.50 $4.50  
MT4 Map Turtles (3-4" inches) $12.00  
MG Marbled Gecko (adults) $8.00 Sold Out
MS Marbled Salamander (adults) $20.00  
FMT23 Marine Toad (4-5 inch) $8.00  
GB Mata Mata Turtles (c.b. 4-5 inch) $200.00  
M1 Mealworm 1000qt $26.80  
MB4 Mealworm Bedding 4lb $5.29  
MTF Measuring Tube & Funnel $9.57  
GMC Meller's Chameleons (adult) $125.00 Sold Out
PS Metallic Pinktoe Tarantula (adults) "on sale" reg 16.00 $10.00  
MBB Mexican Black Kingsnake (c.b. babies) $95.00 Sold Out
MBB4 Mexican Black Milk Snake (c.b. babies) $50.00  
MFLT Mexican FireLeg Tarantula $65.00  
RSP Mexican Red Rump Tarantula (1.5 inch) $35.00 Sold Out
MR23 Mexican Redknee Tarantulas (3 inch) $75.00  
SIM Mexican Spinytail Iguana $85.00 Sold Out
MC Motley Corn (babies) $40.00  
MHL Mountain Horn Lizard (sm/med) $12.00  
IOS Mysore Ornamental Tarantula $35.00  
CSN NA Wood Turtles 2-3 inches $125.00 Sold Out
NC6 Natural Cave 6' $8.30  
NC9 Natural Cave 9' $15.39  
NM Nile Monitor (big-babies) $25.00 Sold Out
NRB Northern Red Bellies Cooters (c.b. babies) $40.00 Sold Out
GLM Ocellated Skink (adult) $6.50 Sold Out
ROCCB Okeetee Cornsnake c.b. babies $30.00  
SLO Ornamental Baboon (adults) $14.00 Sold Out
BT Ornate Box Turtle (w.c. adults) $85.00 Sold Out
OCLL Ornate Curlytail Lizard (adults) $12.00  
OBT Ornate Box Turtle (c.b. babies) $125.00  
OPF61 Ornate Pacman Frog (c.b. babies) $22.50  
OC Oustelet's Chameleons - males $60.00  
AP Pacman - Albino (c.b. babies) "on sale" reg 18.00 $12.50  
MT Pacman - Fantasy (c.b. babies) $22.50  
GP114 Pacman - Green (c.b. babies) $16.00  
PCF Painted Chubby Frog (sm/med) $10.00  
pnkt Pancake Tortoise (5-6 inch) - males $200.00 Sold Out
PC5I Panther Chameleon (males 5-6 inch) $250.00  
PRS Pastel Red Slider (c.b. babies) $95.00 Sold Out
PTM Peach Throat Monitor (sm/med) $350.00  
PDG1 Peacock Day Gecko $50.00 Sold Out
PCI Peninsular Cooter (4-6 inch) $15.00  
PC Peninsular Cooter (c.b. babies) $8.50  
PBS Pink Bellied Sideneck (c.b. babies) $75.00  
PZBT Pink Zebra Beauty Tarantula $30.00  
PS187 Pink-Bellied Swift (adults) $12.00  
PP Pinkie Press $50.00  
PT Pinning Tool $20.00  
CST109 Pixie Frog (c.b. babies) $25.00  
PHR342 Premium Heat Rock (lg) $16.89  
PHR341 Premium Heat Rock (med) $12.70  
PHR Premium Heat Rock (sm) $10.80  
PMS Pueblan Milksnake c.b (babies) $45.00  
LC Pygmy Chameleon (adults) $25.00 Sold Out
GR Rainbow Whiptail Lizard $8.00 Sold Out
RBM Razor Back Musk (c.b. babies) $25.00  
RBMA Razor Back Musk (w.c. adults) $35.00  
RBB Red Blood Pythons (c.b. babies) $85.00  
RES23 Red Ear Slider (2-3 inch) $6.50  
RES4 Red Ear Sliders (3-4 inch) $8.50  
RES Red Ear Sliders (babies) "on sale" reg 3.50 $2.00  
REAS Red Eye Armored Skink (adults) $125.00  
RETF Red Eye Tree Frog (med/lg) $25.00  
RETF483 Red Eye Tree Frogs (c.b. babies) $18.00 Sold Out
RFA Red Foot Tortoise (10-12 inch) - females $250.00  
RFAM Red Foot Tortoise (10-12 inches) - male $200.00  
RF45I Red Foot Tortoise (4-5 inches) $125.00  
RF Red Foot Tortoises (c.b. babies) $95.00 Sold Out
RH Red Head Agama (adults) "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" $9.00  
RNU Uromastyx - Flame Red Niger - (sm/med) $65.00  
RWF Red/Black Walking Frog (adults) $8.00  
RT3I Reeves Turtle (3-4 inch) $40.00 Sold Out
RT Reeves Turtles (c.b. babies) $35.00  
RB2 Repta Bark 24qt $15.29  
RB4 Repta Bark 4qt $3.56  
RB8 Repta Bark 8qt $6.71  
RBNP355 Repta Bowl Natural Pool (lg) $12.46  
RBNP354 Repta Bowl Natural Pool (med) $6.24  
RBNP353 Repta Bowl Natural Pool (sm) $4.15  
RBNP356 Repta Bowl Natural Pool (xl) $17.88  
RBNP Repta Bowl Natural Pool (xs) $2.53  
RC2 Repta Calcium 2oz $2.60  
RH2C Repta Hood 20 Combo $35.29  
RH2F Repta Hood 20 Flo $23.26  
RH2I Repta Hood 20 Inc $19.49  
RH2C409 Repta Hood 24 Combo $32.56  
RH2F405 Repta Hood 24 Flo $25.84  
RH2I401 Repta Hood 24 Inc $23.40  
RH3F Repta Hood 30 Flo $28.20  
RH3C Repta Hood 36 Combo $41.63  
RH3F407 Repta Hood 36 Flo $32.14  
RH4C Repta Hood 48 Combo $48.89  
RH4F Repta Hood 48 Flo $41.59  
RHS Repta Hood Stand $4.29  
RL382 Repta Lawn (lg) $12.50  
RL381 Repta Lawn (med) $9.82  
RL380 Repta Lawn (sm) $9.27  
RL361 Repta Leash (lg) $7.89  
RL360 Repta Leash (med) $7.54  
RL359 Repta Leash (sm) $5.69  
RL362 Repta Leash (xl) $7.58  
RL358 Repta Leash (xs) $5.34  
RL Repta Leash (xxs) $5.18  
RLBL1 Repta Liners Brown Lg 12x30 $4.65  
RLBM1 Repta Liners Brown Med 12x24 $3.95  
RLBS1 Repta Liners Brown Sm 10x20 $3.34  
RLBX1 Repta Liners Brown XL 12x36 $5.37  
RLBX1393 Repta Liners Brown XXL 12x48 $6.29  
RLGL1 Repta Liners Green Lg 12x30 $4.65  
RLGM1 Repta Liners Green Med 12x24 $3.95  
RLGS1 Repta Liners Green Sm 10x20 $3.34  
RLGX1 Repta Liners Green XL 12x36 $6.27  
RM4 Repta Moss 4qt $4.29  
RM8 Repta Moss 8qt $5.49  
RRER2 Repta Reptile Eye Rinse 2oz $3.76  
RT1 Repta Tree 12-14' $15.69  
RT6 Repta Tree 6-8" $13.63  
RV6EI Repta Vines 6' English Ivy $6.47  
RV6P Repta Vines 6' Pothos $6.47  
RV6PC Repta Vines 6' Purple Coleus $6.47  
RV6RC Repta Vines 6' Red Coleus $6.47  
RV1 Repta Vitamin 1.5oz $4.42  
RW1 Repta Waterer 16oz $4.68  
RW5 Repta Waterer 5oz $4.47  
RHE5 Repta-Aid Herbivore Emergency 50g $6.45  
RIE5 Repta-Aid Insect/Carnivore Emergency 50g $6.45  
RL1CW Repta-Clamp Lamp 10" Ceramic W/Switch $11.89  
RL5CW Repta-Clamp Lamp 5.5" Ceramic W/Switch $9.38  
YT77817 Reptomin Floating Turtle Food $2.50  
RT232 Restraining Tubes $30.00  
RP Reticulated Python (c.b. babies) $100.00 Sold Out
RS Ribbon Snake (w.c. jv's) $10.00  
RGRS Rio Grande Red Sliders (c.b. babies) $20.00  
RHT Rose Hair Tarantula (adult) "on sale" reg 12.00 $9.00  
RSN1 Rough Skin Newts (adults) $10.00 Sold Out
RT251 Russian Tortoise (3-4 inches) $65.00  
SD Sailfin Dragon (c.b. babies) $85.00 Sold Out
SPB Salmon Pink Birdeater .75 cb slings $20.00 Sold Out
SMJV Savannah Monitor (12-16 inch) $35.00  
SM Savannah Monitor (sm/med 6-10 inch) $30.00  
SS599 Schneider Skink $20.00 Sold Out
SC1G1 Screen Cover 10 gal 10x20 $6.88  
SC1G1396 Screen Cover 15H/20 gal 12x24 $8.29  
SC2G1 Screen Cover 20L/29 gal 12x30 $9.33  
SC3G1 Screen Cover 30 gal 12x36 $10.51  
SC58 Screen Cover 5.5gal 8x16 $5.29  
SC5G1 Screen Cover 55 gal 12x48 $12.48  
SC63 Senegal Chameleon (sm/med) $18.50  
SBT Singapore Blue Tarantula (adult) $100.00  
SS121 Slimy Salamander (adults) $8.00 Sold Out
SH2 Snake Hook 24" $17.50  
HP Snake Hook Pocket $10.00  
ST4 Snake Tongs 40" (folding) $45.00  
CST Snapper Turtle (c.b. babies) "on sale" reg 15.00 $10.00  
SC220 Snow Corn (babies) $40.00  
SMCCB Snow Motley Cornsnake c.b. babies $45.00  
SPI Southern Painted (3-4 inches) $14.00 Sold Out
SP Southern Painted (c.b. babies) $20.00  
AT Southern Toads (sm/med) $6.00 Sold Out
SMB384 Spanish Moss Bedding (lg) $4.41  
SMB Spanish Moss Bedding (sm) $3.31  
S4PS Speculum 4 pc Set $10.00  
SS Spiny Softshell (c.b. babies) $8.50 Sold Out
SS279 Spotted Salamander (adults) $20.00 Sold Out
ST250 Spotted Turtle (c.b. babies) $250.00  
SHC Strawberry Hermit Crab (med/lg) $25.00 Sold Out
STKN Stripeknee Tarantula (adults) $25.00  
SPL288 Sudan Plated Lizard (med/lg) $20.00 Sold Out
S34I Sulcata Tortoises (3-4 inches) $125.00  
ST100 Sulcata Tortoises (c.b. babies) "on sale" reg 95.00 $85.00  
S1 Superworm 1000qt $32.80  
ST982 Surinam Toad - pipa pipa (adults) $35.00  
TM4 Tangerine Milk c.b. (babies) $95.00 Sold Out
TC Tank Cleaner $4.29  
TGC Terrarium Gages Combo $8.70  
TRS Texas Rat Snake (c.b. babies) $30.00  
TT Thai Tiger Tarantulas (adults) $14.00  
ZB Thai Zebra Birdeating $25.00  
VB Thayeri Kings - Variable c.b. babies $65.00  
TF365 Thermometer Flat $2.82  
TR364 Thermometer Round $4.97  
TSMT Three Striped Mud Turtles (c.b. babies) $35.00  
TBTS Tiger Salamander - Barred $20.00 Sold Out
TTF Tiger-Leg Tree Frog (adults) $18.00 Sold Out
TM Timor Monitor (c.b. babies) $125.00  
TG Tokay Gecko (adults) $9.50  
TF590 Tomato Frog (adults) $38.50  
TF Tomato Frog (c.b. babies) $15.00  
TD3 Tortoise Diet 3.5oz $2.84  
TD7 Tortoise Diet 7oz $3.84  
TDLP3 Tortoise Diet Large Pellet 3.5oz $2.89  
TDLP7 Tortoise Diet Large Pellet 7oz $3.84  
RTS Trapdoor Spider - Flame Red (adults) $14.00 Sold Out
SFPB Turtle Lagoons 11" inch $7.50  
T1 Tweezer 18" $15.00  
UTH1 Under Tank Heater 11x11 (med) $23.46  
UTH1346 Under Tank Heater 17x11 (lg) $28.19  
UTH1347 Under Tank Heater 17x11 (xl) $35.49  
UTH4 Under Tank Heater 4x5 (mini) $15.38  
UTH6 Under Tank Heater 6x11 (sm) $17.74  
MU Uromastyx - Mali (c.b. babies) $75.00 Sold Out
USB Usambura Star - Burst Baboon $16.00 Sold Out
VC Veil Chameleon (small) "on sale" reg 40.00 $35.00  
V68 Veiled Chameleon (5-6 inch) $50.00  
VAM Veiled Chameleons (adults) $60.00  
VC1 Verrucosus Chameleon (med/lg) $60.00  
WBS Wahlbergs Burrowing Scorpion $16.00 Sold Out
WD259 Water Dragon (8-12 inch) "on sale" reg 14.50 $8.50  
WD1I Water Dragon (adult) 16-30 inches $35.00 Sold Out
WD Water Dragon (c.b. babies) 3-4 inch) $12.00  
WM199 Water Monitor-Sumatran (big-babies) $100.00  
WGT Western Green Toad (adults) $10.00 Sold Out
WHN Western Hognose (c.b. babies) $85.00  
WPT Western Painted Turtles (c.b. babies) $12.50  
WPTI Western Painted Turtles (3-4 inch) $25.00  
WTWA White's Tree (3-5 inches) $14.00  
WG White-lined Gecko $12.00  
WT White-lipped Tree (adults) $14.00 Sold Out
WG181 White-Spotted Gecko (adults) $9.50 Sold Out
YBS Yellow bellied Slider (c.b. babies) "on sale" reg 7.50 $3.50  
YRS4 Yellow Rat Snake w.c. (adult) $30.00  
YRSJ Yellow Rat Snake w.c. (jv's) $25.00  
YNU Uromastyx - Lemon Yellow Niger (sm/med) $45.00  
YS2 Yellow-bellied Slider (3-4 inches) $12.00  
YPL2 Yellow-Striped Plated Lizard (adults) $15.00  
MSIB Zebra Tailed Lizard (adults) $12.00 Sold Out

Our job is to search out the very best. Our commitment to you is nothing less.

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