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Code Name Price Availability  
ABS African Bluetail Skink $6.50
APLG African Fat-Tailed Gecko (adults) $18.50
ARSS African Red Sided Skink (adults) $7.50
AMR African Reed Frogs (adults) $8.00
ABRCCB Albino Blood Red Corn (c.b. babies) $54.00
AB Albino Bull Frog (med/lg) $30.00
Sold Out
ABB Albino Burmese (c.b. babies) $135.00
Sold Out
ACB4 Albino Columbian Boa (c.b. babies) $250.00
AC Albino Cornsnake (c.b. babies) $35.00
AMC Albino Motley Cornsnake (c.b. babies) $45.00
AOCCB Albino Okeetee Cornsnake c.b. babies $50.00
ARES Albino Red Ear Slider (c.b. babies) $200.00
ASCCB Albino Striped Cornsnake c.b. babies $50.00
Sold Out
AN Alpine Newts (adults) $25.00
Sold Out
AMF5 Amazon Milk Frog (adults) $35.00
Sold Out
ATWC Amazon Tree w.c. (w.c. adults) colored $125.00
Sold Out
ATWG Amazon Tree - Garden (w.c. adults) $35.00
ACCB Amber Cornsnakes c.b. babies $50.00
apn4 Apricot Pueblan c.b. (babies) $45.00
ATD8 Aquatic Turtle Diet 8oz $3.84
ABW4 Argentine Black/White Tegu (babies) $200.00
ART4 Argentine Red Tegu (sm/med) $225.00
AAL Armadillo Lizards (adults) $18.50
Sold Out
ABT Asian Box Turtle (w.c. adults) $40.00
AF Asian Forest Scorpion (adults) $7.50
AG Asian Greenback Frog (adults) $6.00
AHHL Atlantic Hermit Crab (lg/xl) $3.50
AHC Atlantic Hermit Crab (sm/med) "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" $2.50
BCLL Bahama Curlytail Lizard (adults) $12.00
BPC Ball Python (2017 c.b. babies) $30.00
BPW Ball Python (c.b. FDR's) $40.00
BPW50 Ball Python w/c (adult male) $50.00
BW Banded Watersnake (w.c. sm/med) $12.00
BTF Barking Tree Frog (adults) $12.00
BDJ6I Bearded Dragon (jv's 8-10 inch) "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" $50.00
BD1IF Bearded Dragons (adults) - females $125.00
BD1IP Bearded Dragons (adults) - males $75.00
BD Bearded Dragons (c.b. babies) "on sale" $20.00
BG Bibron Gecko (adults) $7.50
BETF Big Eye Tree Frog (adults) $14.00
Sold Out
BCCB Black Cornsnake c.b. babies $40.00
BKMT Black Knob Map Turtle (c.b. babies) $125.00
Sold Out
BR240 Black Racer Snake (med/lg) $15.00
Sold Out
BT195 Black Throat Monitors (big-babies) $275.00
Sold Out
BRCCB Blood Red Cornsnake c.b. babies $50.00
BTSJ Blue Tongue Skink - (Indo-med/lg) $175.00
BTSJ2 Blue Tongue Skink - (Indo-babies) $200.00
Sold Out
BBW1IT Brazilian Gaint Black & White (1 inch) Tarantula $35.00
BGS Brazilian Giant Salmon (3 inch) $45.00
Sold Out
BRB Brazilian Rainbow (c.b. babies) $135.00


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