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UPDATED 04/04/2019 @ 8:30am

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HaHa Reptiles & Reptile City Testimonials and Reviews

Re: Your Reptile City Order
Thank you for calling. I am glad that you will be fixing the mishap that occurred. I have never had an issue with you before and I am glad to say I will be conducting business with you in the near future. You're your business is very professional.

Very Very Happy!
Dear Reptile City this is Miguel Salgado and my package his arrived, My spotted salamander is big and healthy, and the packaging was positive, salamander safe right now and its enclosure and I want to thank you that my package arrived sooner.
thank you.👍

RE: Savannah monitor
So I just got home an to my shock the babies where here!!!! They came soook fast an are adorable!!! I was totally confused becasue they came from Miami area which is where im from an was like my aunt? My cousin? No reptile city babies!!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁 u guys made my birthday amazing!!!! Thanks so much I love them already💜😁😍

Reptile City Order 115436
Thank you Mr Willis for your wonderful service both common snapping turtles arrived well and alive. I wonder if you can have an alligator snapping turtle i would love to have a couple of those as well. Will buy for you soon again thanks alot!

Reptile City Order 115442
I RECEIVED IT!!! It’s beautiful! Is it a girl or boy?

Reptile City Order 115530
Receive the reptiles today all are doing good so far they look amazing thank you very much I appreciate it and look forward to doing more business with you once again thank you very much
Brandon Pirkle

Reptile City Order 114417
Got the order, they look good. Thanks, Jared

Really Great Service Order# 113237
Give Mr. Willis 5 stars for taking care of business like he said after the little delay that happened during my order. But I received my water monitor exactly when he said I would and he's healthy and doing great! The whole family love him already thanks again and thanks for responding every time I sent an email!

Reptile City Order 113376
The turtles arrived in good condition. They appear to be adjusting well to their new habitat. Thank you so much.

Green Tree Monitor
Hey everything went great my monitor is looking good so happy with this transaction thanks a lot will be leaving a good review for you guys!

Your Reptile City Order
Good afternoon, Thank you very much for the pair of Flame Red Uromastyx lizards.They are most active and very healthy looking

Reptile City Order 114709
Thank you for your help! He came safe and sound couldn't be happier

Delivered, In/At Mailbox
Thank you, she arrived alive and well

Reptile City Order 114792
Animals look to be healthy and alert. Pleasure doing business with you.

Hey guys,
It was my first time ordering from you guys. I just wanted to say thank you. The turtles arrived and they were healthy. Im defntly buying off you guys again :) im going to notonly buy but reccomend everyone to you. Thank you so much :)

Reptile City Order 114534
Thank you! The T arrived today no problems!
Thank you again

Lex Da Funk

Your Reptile City Order
Thank you so much! Just recieved 2 little cuties and they are so alert and doing wonderful! I am excited to purchase a few other turtle breeds and I am thinking of adding some frogs with them too! So plan on seeing more orders soon! Thanks again!

Your Reptile City Order
Hello reptile city my monitor got here today and it’s doing great!!! It’s alive it’s safe and sound and the packaging was perfect !! Thank you guys so much for all your hard work !!

Your Reptile City Order
Hey man just wantes to let you know that she arrived safe and soundly, she was a bit cold but I warmed her up and she is perfect. Thanks for all your hard effort these past 2 weeks, means a lot man!
Thanks again!

Reptile City Order 113577
I got my baby Savannah monitor lizard,he is so cute,thank you very much.

Reptile City Order 113529
Got the snake - he is awesome and very healthy - thank you
Nick Palihnich

Reptile City Order 113429
Scorpions received and appear to be in good health.
Tom Smolka
UFT Chapter Leader

Customer Email
Dear mr Felton wilis and reptile city crew Just received my two T’s the Mexican molted and was active the pink toe was cold but the heat and dark helped him out despite the weather both T’s are doing well and are active very pleased with the t’s Thank you Aaron

Hi felton i received the order today everything excellent thanks im going to let you know at night to make another order!

Customer Email
Reptile City is with the business I ordered a Male cobalt blue tarantula. Reptile City makes sure you are taken care of. I would only go to Reptile City for a good business.
Chris Frankowski

Your Reptile City Order
Dear Reptile City, I would like to say thank you for my recent order, (two iguanas), I have received them, they are very healthy and active I am very pleased with my two new friends, looking forward to doing business with you in the future. Very interested in purchasing a pair of Nile Monitors when you have some in stock.
Thank you, Gary Vitalie

Hi Felton got my order in good condition the turtle is a little sluggish..jet lag? Spider is nice.. but there was only 1 Anole..no problem we are good Thanks HGD Greg H

Baby Leopard Gecko
Hello! I just received my baby leopard gecko and she is gorgeous! I want to know how old she is though! Please let me know!
Thank you!
Sierra Fortenberry

Re: Hermit crabs
The crabs arrived just now. Thanks for the extra two, Felton! Hope you find the website marketing book helpful!
-Paul Kaufman

Order #112156
One of my desert hairy scorpions was dead upon arrival the rest were in good condition. I am unsure as to how you handle these situations so I thought I would reach out to you and at least notify you of the order. Thank you. I will be ordering more at a future date.

Reptile City Order 110673
I just wanted to say thank you for my Timor Monitor. So far he's doing great, I am really impressed. He arrived safe and sound a few days ago and was eating within seconds of me giving him some crickets, and seems very comfortable being held, both very impressive considering his species' general demeanor. Shipping was a little later than expected but I do appreciate how communicative you guys were about it and ready to answer any of my questions. I hope to buy again sometime in the future, thank you for your business! :)

Re: Bearded dragons
The bearded dragons and leopard gecko are eating and have superb quality color and behavior.

Thank you order 111536
Sailfin dragon arrived as promised in great health and well packaged. He is already eating.
Thank you,

Brazilian Rainbow Boa
Hello Mr Felton Willis, thank you again for the amazing service. This BRB is absolutely beautiful and she is very healthy, already nipped me too. The packaging and packing were great, the cup was labeled as was the package and she was nice and warm with that heat pack. I understand the shipping delay due to the weather being too cold as I previously ordered a rainbow from another company and they shipped during a storm so my snake ended up dead due to delays. But thank you again for this amazing snake, I included pictures to prove that she was packaged correctly and professionally as well as healthy. I look forward to future business with your company.

Reptile City Account
They arrived today and they're all alive and I'm happy with my purchase.

Red eared slider turtle advice
I want to thank you very much for telling me to use business eye drops it's working the turtle is starting to open the eyes and it's eating now so thank you Bonnie

Reptile City Order 110563
Hello i have received my little friend and it is alive and well

Regarding 400 Newts to Cedars
Dear Mr. Willis,
All of the newts have arrived happy and healthy. We are very grateful for your service.
Thank you,

RE: Customer Email
I received my turtles today and they are great. Thanks. 01/08/2018
Reptile City Order 110128
The geko's were delivered alive and are comfortable today in their recommended environment. They're beautiful. Thank you!

Reptile City Order 110027
Received my order of 2 softshells. All is good. They look great. Hope I didn't rub you the wrong way the other day. If I did I apologize. Had a bad week going on in every way possible. Hope to do business again sometime. Thanks.

Successful Delivery
Thanks Felton Willis, for the baby sliders. They arrived in perfect health and remain so. They are spunky and alert, so much so that when they see me coming up the stairs from 15 feet away, they dive off their rock and head for the depths. But I’ll have them bringing me the newspaper very soon. Eating very readily.

Tom in Pennsylvania

Reptile City Order 109610
Every Animal is doing great and in perfect condition also all have already ate. Thank you for taking care of the situation Felton.

Wesley Sr.

Red Slider
Thank you! I got it today and is doing great.

When does the after Christmas sale start
Thanks! My fiance Ray Prush placed an order for them, the name on the credit card is different. His name is on the shipping info. He spoke with you on the phone as well. He said you very nice and he was sorry that you were on vacation when he called. He mentioned that you would keep an eye out for his order. Once again, thank you so much. This makes our son extremely happy and is looking forward to his awesome Christmas gift. Have a great holiday.
Wishing you and your family the best from our family.
Jessica and Ray.

Reptile City Order 109105
Just wanted to thank you guys for our tree frogs. I don’t want to jinx anything but let’s just say both arrived alive. They’ve devoured some crickets & have enjoyed their first day in their official terrarium.
Our son is going to be ECSTATIC on Christmas am. Of course, when I could sneak in & thought to take a pic, they were resting & not exploring. Lol
Happy Holidays!

Reptile City Order 109761
Felton, I went and spoke with postal lady and she is gonna help me make sure to get it tomorrow even though they aren't open. I noticed it is already in Portland so that's awesome. I wanted to apologize for being stressed out about there arrival. I also wanted to thank you for all you help and wish you a merry Christmas 🎁. Your appreciated, Skye

Am really happy with the shopping i just need to say thank you!!!

Reptile City Order 109871
I received my new boa. All is great. Thank you once again.
Two questions:
Do we know the sex?
When did he/she last feed?

4 Anoles
WoW! They arrived today. One adult three "teens" . they seem to he in good condition. 1/2 hr after putting in cage one "teenager" was strutting his stuff atop a branch. So id say they arrived in good health.
I will be coming back for more lizards soon.
Dave Stout

Reptile City Order 108868
Hi Felton,
The two beardies arrived today and look to be in excellent health. I have them in their enclosure and all looks great. Thank you very much! My plan is to keep them together in a large 75 gallon tank I just wanted to make sure that these are both females?

Green Ameives
Thanks arrived alive well and active

Re: Order #108989
I received the turtles today. Thank you for such fast service. Could you tell me what you fed them? I would like to continue.
Thank you

Re: Bearded Dragons
Hi Felton,
I just placed the order for the two dragons to be shipped after Christmas Economical Express. We are in no rush. Could you please make sure we get a male and a female?
Thank you so much!

Reptile City Order 109020
To whom it may concern,
Thank you. The spider arrived alive a healthy. It is happily exploring its new enclosure.
Thank you again.
Mike Downey

Delivery Attempted: Action Needed
The geckos are beautiful by the way....

I was not sure where to post my testimonial
***Thank you so much Reptile City for your excellent service, careful boxing and packaging of my new critters. This is my second order from you and will order again in the spring when weather warms up. In particular I want to thank you for your consistently good communication and excellent animals. Every critter I have received has thrived, even through our frigid temps thanks to your careful packaging. But I want to mostly thank you for tailoring my order specifically for me. My recent purchase showed me that you care for me as your customer as you went above and beyond my order. Thank you and Merry Christmas to two caring business owners! From Gramma Roses Aviaries and Petting Zoo!!***

Jackson Chameleon Gender Request
Also, thank you so much! He arrived safely and seems to be doing well so far!

Western Painted babies
Awesome! Thank you guys so much. What is the trick to feeding turtles this small? I'm sure it will take some time for them to become acclimated to the new surroundings. But should we be feeding by hand or drop food in the water?

Wow! 38 Degrees in Holden, WV
We received our blue iguana pet he is perfect

Redtail Boa
The snake arrived alive and well! Thank you. At this time how and what were you feeding her?
Thank You,
David T.
HCI Construction

Reptile City Order 108305
Hello Mr. Willis,
While I'm thrilled my turtles arrived, I do have some feedback. The eastern and southern painted turtles I ordered lack any red/orange color that I see on your and other web-sites- other than size difference they are simply indistinguishable - look like two generic painted turtles.. Both have a line down their back like a southern - hopeful colors will develop as they mature. Also FYI - one of the red bellied side necks was packaged on his/her back - I'll share the video of me opening the package if you want...had all legs extended in a crucified like position - I was amazed and thrilled that he/she rebounded and is perfect now - as is the other side-neck...and I was thrilled and thankful on the huge size of the side neck "hatch-lings"! thanks so much!
More than satisfied except on coloration of the painted turtles.
Peace and Love,

Honduran curly hair tarantula
I meant to email you a week or so ago... I just wanted to thankyou for my Brachypelma albopilosum (Honduran curly hair tarantula). She (or he...hasnt molted so I can sex it yet) not only arrived safe and sound, but is a beautiful healthy looking specimen with a VORACIOUS appetite, and is docile as can be. This is the 1st T I bought since my Grammostola porteri passed away 20 years ago, and I am so happy that you guys gave me a great T. Hope you enjoy the holidays!
Ryan H

11/17/2017 Brazilian Rainbow Boa
I just want to say thank you for my Brazilian Rainbow Boa, he is awesome.
Also I am interested in another snake, I am hopping to find a blue one. Can be a corn snake, sand boa, milk snake, but I would like to find a blue one. Do you have any available?
Thank you

Female Red Foot Tortoise
Dear Reptile City: I just received (one) Female Red Foot Tortoise from Reptile City, She is very nice,, very good shape an looks healthy. I look forward to buying more reptiles from you in the near future.
Thank You

Hi, I wanted to thank you so much for the 3 bearded dragons, the red bearded was beautifull the colors are very exotic my husband was very happy when they arrived!
By the way if its possible to mark the 2 females snapping so i can tell them apart from the male! Thank you so much for everything!
Your bugging clients from Puerto rico! Lol!

Emperor Scorpions
Hey Mr. Willis, I just received my scorpions. Both are alive and well. Thank you so much! You made a bad experience into a great day! Thank you for your honesty, your professionalism, and overall decent human being. I wish it was your website I checked out first. I will share and recommend your company to anyone. Greatly appreciated.
Adam Garcia

I just wanted to say the 10 babies I got from you are amazing . I hope to order many more again soon.
Thanks again
Rose Dutka

Thanks so much
Hi, I called from NJ with questions regarding my red ear slider turtles. I received much needed advice and my questions were answered. I'm looking forward towards doing business with you.
Best, Eileen Mihalko

Reptile City Order 107480
Received, thank you. I also had a question on the last time he or she was fed . also wanted to know the sex because he or she is acting stubborn at the moment

Reptile City Order 107400
I want to thank you for getting my skink to me in excellent condition. It arrived just as you described in excellent health. Thank you for being so fantastic. Dave

Reptile City Order 107251
Thank you so much for my new uro. He has been eating and exploring and has great coloring. And thanks again for getting him to me on a Saturday. I will definitely be a returning customer.

Thanks you
Just wanted to say I appreciate the fact you replaced the Mexican red knee that Died on me. I understand having a business where live animals are involved is a hit and miss deal. I didn't even know you were going to replace until I got the email. Ups seems to have done a better job handling the package and everything seems fine. Thanks again for great service.

Reptile City Order 107245
Hi Felton,
Thank you so much for the animals, they all arrive healthy and wells. They seem to be foraging for food at the moment, all are very healthy and happy. I couldn't be happier. Once again thank you so much for the animals. I have a small request to make, I am looking for alligator snapping turtle and couldn't find it on the site, if you have it please let me know, I have a display tank that is empty and would love to fill with one if possible.
Thank you so much,

Reptile City Order 106988
recieved 10.27.17 at 2:30pm very happy with them, good doing business with you Gino

Reptile City Order 106211
I want to say thank you very much for sending me 2 replacement pac man frogs. They're doing great!
Much appreciated

Reptile City Order 106827
They arrived in good health this morning!
Thank you
Jason Michael

Four Adult Dragons
I got my dragons in this morning and I have to say we are very pleased with our order. They all arrived healthy and are very docile thanks for the great service

Reptile City Order 106617
Dear Reptile City,
The baby turtles arrived alive. I am a satisfied customer. Thank you! They are swimming happily in their new pool.
Greg Takacs

Brazilian Rainbow Boa
Thank you so much! He's beautiful, when was the last time he was feed so I know when he is ready to eat

Blue Iguana
Aloha Felton!! Baby blue just arrived!! I also ordered the 2 red iguana and was expecting them, if you order $100 over is it free shipping?

Reptile City Order 105815
The house geckos we have ordered have settled in nicely. They are beautiful, happy and healthy looking. We thank you for processing the order faster than expected. Look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

Strawberry Crabs
I just want to say that you have a good company and I appreciate how easy it is to reach you and how you respond so fast ! Your animals are top quality and healthy I hope to get a strawberry from you and will continue checking for availability. I do want to fill the rest of the order if I can. I really want a large land hermit like the nice one I got from you ( even the last one that didn’t make it looked healthy) Can that be done?

Albino Pacman
Receive 2 frogs alive and well this morning. Nice colors thank you.

Blue-Tails Order 105780
They came in very healthy. Thank you!

Reptile City Order
I love the pythons I ordered thank you all 4 are healthy eating right I will order more in the near future great company

Reptile City Order 104705
Thank you, the snake arrived a day early and I am very happy with my purchase. Hope you made it through the hurricane safely.

Reptile City Order 105192
I just wanted to let you know that my daughter is very happy with the halloween moon crabs that we received. They are healthy, happy animals, and I would not hesitate to order from Reptile City in the future.
Dan Y.

HaHa Reptiles Order 7377
Delivery today - thank you - great quality and lively! Appreciated. Dawn.

Reptile City Order 104861
The garter snakes arrived alive and well. I'm not sure of the genders but I will figure that out once I get a better look at them. It was very tough to find any for sale, breeders I've contacted had tons of baby balls and corns and if they had garters, they were checkered. Thanks for all your help!

Reptile City Order 104774
I got my Ecuadorian hermit crabs in the mail today and oh my goodness they are so cute and tiny and extremely active!!

Reptile City Order 104718
thanks so much for the iguanas.i love them.glad i found you site.definatly will order more now that i know where to go .hope things are going better there now.thanks again.

Reptile City Order 104971
Great, thank you so much! We received our rose hair today and she is exploring her new home.

Reptile City Order 104627
Hi, I'm sorry for such a late update. I sincerely hope that you have weathered the hurricane well. The painted turtle, musk turtles, and frogs arrived right when they were expected! Great looking animals and all are eating well.

Reptile City Order 104189
Awww! We got our newts. They are adorable and very brave. They survived Hurricane Irma!
Thank You!
Cape Coral, Florida

Just a dedicated customer sending a little good energy your way and hopping that all your family members and critters made it through the storm okey I have been thinking about you guys and all the little hermits you care for and hope you all are well
Sent from my iPhone

received monitor yesterday
Hi Felton I got the monitor yesterday, he looks great. He is really dark, almost black in color and I thought at first he might be a rock monitor. His black colorings are awesome I like his coloring a lot. Thanks again Great service. Soon will purchase again within a couple of weeks as I need more Cuban knights and I want the Sumatran water monitors.

Hurricane - U guys make it ok
Glad to hear you guys are ok! Hang in there! And ditto! People are pretty ruthless these days. The world needs more good and prayers for sure! Take care!

Re: Your Reptile City Order
The three turtles that did show up are doing great eating vigorously and have some fun personalities already. They will be a joy for our pond and they grow. The hermit crabs are fun for our kids too. Thanks

Reptile City Review
I was happy to get my purchase of the Colorado river toad out here in Hawaii, these guys made it safe and sound, thank you all at Reptile city, 100% reputable!

RE: Customer Email
Hey that's awesome that youre sending me a nice savannah . I'm going to be buying 4 Cuban knight anoles for my new habitat in the next week or so. Thanks so much youre a great guy.

RE: Customer Email
I just recieved the little guy he/she looks really healthy thank you,

Reptile City Order 103918
Good morning Felton,
The snakes arrived, housed and all look healthy. What is their feeding schedule and food of choice?
Thanks for your help,

Re: Your Reptile City Order
Hello, thank you for the amazing deals! All i ask is if you could please ship fed ex like you did last time, and make sure the box is insulated to protect from heat and that the turtles are grouped into tiny containers :) thank you so much. The faster the better :) I appreciate your services so much i will defenitly be buying more.

Reptile City Order 103494
Hi Felton; just wanted to let you know they arrived and I’ve put them in the pond after acclimating them a bit. They seem to be doing just fine! Thank you.
Do you know, are they female or male?

Hi Felton,
I just ordered one baby ornate box turtle from your website as a friend for the last one we ordered from you. We love our turtle - thank you! The last baby ornate box turtle genuinely seems lonely, so he needs a partner in crime! Can't wait to receive the next one! You guys are awesome!
Thank you,

Reptile City Order 103655
They look absolutely awesome...Thank you very much😃

Reptile City Order 103573
Received them today! Thanks Felton! We love them! They're beautiful! Haha.

Reptile City Order 102975
The Map turtle arrived in good health and is acclimating to his new environment in the outdoor pond. Thank you for the fast and courteous transaction.

Got the order today. lizards are in great shape and active and enjoying their terrariums. thanks for a great service. will be buying water monitors soon. have a pond in my basement ready for them.

Reptile City Order 103088
Hi they arrived happy and lively. Thank u emhenderson

Reptile City Order 103218
The toads arrived safe and sound. I look forward to doing business again. thank u Bill C

Reptile City Order 103098
arrived safe and sound. thank you.

Reptile City Order 103141
All the animals arrived in good condition.
Thanks, Roland

Customer Email
You shipped me a couple of Colorado River Toads for pickup at Bellingham Pet Supply recently. They arrived in great shape, very lively and made the cross-border trip home with me without any issues. They filled up on earthworms that night and a live pinkie rat the next day. They seem pretty jazzed on their 30-gallon biome and are incredibly smart little guys. I couldn't be happier with their condition although I might have to order again to try getting a breeding pair (from their nuptial pads I judge both to be males).
Thanks again

Reptile City Order 102760
Hey, I just received my musk turtle. Oh my gosh -- I had no idea he would be so tiny and adorable. Can't wait to see him grow! Will let you know if I have questions. Thanks! -- Don Brown in Portland, OR

Adult RedFoot Tortoise
she's beautiful - thank you!

Your Reptile City Order
You are the best. Thank you so much for being so awesome at what you guys do, also thank you for being so accommodating. Let me know if you have an issue with my credit card when adding on the marbled salamander. Thanks again. Jeff

Colorado River Toads
Everything worked out. Got the toads here adjusting to their new environment.

Savannah Monitor (big-babies)
Thanks sir he looks alsome.he looks bad ass nice and healthy.very active he has one back toe nail broke at the nub other than that I say he's good.hes very responsive not gasping or dripping out his nose he's a big baby lol
Nathan Nash

Your Reptile City Order
You weren't kidding! These Ecuadorian Hermit crabs are super healthy and most definitely in excellent confition! They are crawling all over the place and several of them changed shells multiple times within moments of us putting them in our Crabarium. They are a lot bigger than we expected as well, which has made my son very excited as he likes them big. We are used to the PP's so having these super active Eccies exploring every corner is already providing us a lot of entertainment.
We are very pleased with our order. We will send pics in a few days after they get settled in.
Thanks so much!!
-Angela (and my son Joe)-

Nile Monitor
Received my monitor, a little bigger than I anticipated which is fine, looks and seems healthy so thanks for that. You guys are awesome

Reptile City Order 102515
I just wanted to say Thank you, This whole transaction was easy. I received my babies yesterday and they are just so happy!! They swam and ate immediately. They were not scared of me at all. I could not have gotten a better batch of babies from anywhere else.
I looked for a review area on your site but could not find one. Feel free to post this if you add a review area later.
Again Thanks so much,

Reptile City Order 102409
We got our baby turtle today.safe and healthy thank you

Eastern Painted
Ten healthy feisty babies! Thank you. I'm thrilled! Eating swimming and basking.

Mata Mata (4 inch)
Hey Felton
He's here looking great... It was a pleasure talking with you the other day.. Thanks again, and God bless. Hope to do business/talk again soon.
Roy Stanislaus

Red Slider (babies)
I was not expecting another shipment from you so I was absolutely so surprised when I opened up the box of new class pets!!! I am so excited!! All six live turtles in my classroom happy as can be. I certainly do appreciate all your persistence in making this happen! I know this has not been the easiest delivery for you, and without your efforts my kindergärtners would not have the smiles that they do. Your warranty is what attracted me to your company. I will certainly recommend you to all my teacher friends looking for class pets.
If you ever need a recommendation for your product, please feel free to contact me.
Thank you again!
Lisa Camp

Female Carpet Python
We recently ordered two carpet pythons from Reptile City. Felton was very helpful with pictures helping us with our decision. He was also amazing with our delivery window of only one day (Fridays). The carpets were healthy and packaged very safely. Both ate in short order and are doing very well in our home. I give Reptile City highest marks for customer service. Felton goes that extra mile to make sure his customers are taken care of. We even got a phone call after delivery making sure are little guys arrived okay. We look forward to doing more business with him.

Reptile City Order 101943
I just received my Sav. He is gorgeous and seems to be healthy. Thank you! ~Storm'e

Reptile City Order 102004
I received my hermit crabs in excellent condition😀 Despite a days delay they are happy and healthy! Thank you so much!!

CurlyTail Lizards
Hi, just wanted you to know that my order arrived safely and sound. Both lizards are nice and healthy. Thank you for your time. Laurie Jenssen

Reptile City Review 07/17/2017
Customer Email
I'm a professional herpotologist but live and specialize in southwestern herps you are the only guy that has treated me right even though I never got my Cuban tree frogs I paid for. underground took me for a 150 dollars sent me dead animals and first choice sent me half a order all arrived dead but they kept my money never returned emails but you talk to me personally anytime I had a question all I got from was healthy and great animals I'm glad to do buisness with you

Reptile City Review 07/16/2017
Order 101039
Thank you once again for outstanding coustomer service and quality , timely shipping and follow through ! Otha crab shipments were beyond satisfactory. Beautiful little creatures active and healthy. Great phone etiquette and quick response to calls. Will use you again and pass it along to others!

Reptile City Review 07/14/2017
Thanks for the great and fast service all arrived on time and in great shape very active and hungry very nice young turtles Dan K.

Reptile City Review 07/11/2017
Hey ReptileCity !
I received my 2 red Iguanas and they look Great! I submitted my order and y'all processed it within a day of ordering and I selected the 1-4 day order process. I'm satisfied with my Iguanas and Definitely will be coming back. The Buy 1 get 1 free deal seemed to good to be true so I called and got some good customer service. Awesome job guys thank you.
Devin ,

Reptile City Review 07/10/2017
Order 99047
Got my order of supers thank you pls keep me informed of the bull frogs. What im looking for is a female for my existing male who is about 4inches from nose to butt. If you have any available pls let me know. Thank you

Reptile City Review 07/06/2017,
My Order
And everything you sent is doing great. Most is already sold and gone. But that water monitor the niles savannahs and tokay is all doing good. So thank you for that.

Reptile City Review 07/06/2017
Order 100548
Order received/ Monitors already ate mice. VERY healthy and active and gorgeous. Unfortunately 3 of the house geckos were dead on arrival. Please note I never received crickets from last order. will DEFINATELY buy from you guys again. great healthy gorgeous animals!!!!!!!!

Reptile City Review 06/30/2017
My five turtles arrived ready to go. Thanks Harold

Reptile City Review 06/29/2017
Order 100098
Hi Felton-
I got my stinkpots this morning. Thanks for sending the juvenile. He’s a perfect size. They all look good so far. Thanks for the good service.

Reptile City Review 06/24/2017
Frill Dragons
Thank you! They arrived safely and are doing well.

Reptile City Review 06/23/2017
Order 99789
hello, I was so surprised to get them yesterday.... because they weren't due till July 19. SO HAPPY with the quality!! both frogs and both turtles happy and well :) the turtles must have just hatched... they each still have their egg tooth!

Reptile City Review 06/21/2017
Thanks for the timely delivery! My new pets are very comfortable in their new habitat!

Reptile City Review 06/20/2017
Order 99437
Thank you. My newts arrived all safe and sound.

Reptile City Review 06/16/17
Order for Barking Tree Frogs
Dear Felton,
I got my barking tree frogs yesterday. They were in good condition and ready to hop, which they promptly did when I took them out. They seem quite at home in their new home. i know you would've liked to hear me oohing and aahing over them. they are adorable! I think they look a little like the fire belly toads. I'm wondering if they're full grown and how big they get?? i'm wondering too if they need a basking light or not??
Thank you SO much for sending them! Thanks for keeping your promise. It was really nice to get to talk to you the other day. You certainly will find a loyal customer with me! (Although, right now, I have a bout as many critters as I can afford to feed!)
Thank you, Felton for all you have done to help me get the little fellows I love so much. Colleen

Reptile City Review 06/15/2017
Frilled dragon's arrived safely. 9:am
Thank you,
Sue H.

Reptile City Review 06/14/2017
Order 97281
Thank you so much. Just love them. They are so healthy and pretty. Thank you, Kim

Reptile City Review 06/14/2017
Order 99134
Just got them, they are beautiful. Could anyone tell me when they were fed last, and are they eating pinky mice or ? I love them already.

Reptile City Review 06/14/2017
Order 99312
Hello, just received my order everything looks good, thank you.

Reptile City Review 06/13/2017
med to large bullfrogs
Hello Felton,
I receive 3 very active and healthy little frogs today, safe and sound. Please let me know if adults become available
Thank you very much,
Denise Klug

Reptile City Review 06/12/2017
Order 97361
Hi All items came in and are very healthy. Thank you,
Dawn Thomas,
Wilderness Station Programmer
Murfreesboro TN

Reptile City Review 06/10/2017
Order 98802
Thank you! Got my package, beautiful!!! Can you tell me an approximate birth date, and when they were last fed, and if they are eating live or frozen?

Reptile City Review 06/08/2017
Our baby red ear sliders
We bought a couple of red ear sliders from you guys back in October and didn't want to say anything until we'd had them for awhile. We're pretty sure that we have a male and a female. When they first arrived they were a little sluggish and spent most of their time pretending to be rocks either on the dock or underwater. After a couple months though, they got used to us and started to be a lot more active. They are active baskers and beggars. They will follow your finger around the tank if you put it near the glass. We've got pictures of one of them using a floating cuttlebone as a flotation device. The little male will follow our full grown map turtle around like a shadow and even stack on him. We're so happy with both of them. Thank you!

Reptile City Review 06/01/2017
Customer Email
The iguanas came today thank you very beautiful blue iguana..

Reptile City Review 06/02/2017
Order 98083
Testimonial: I received my Frilled dragons today and OMG love them. They look healthy and are so friendly. In fact, so friendly I cant get them to put up their hood. (Lol), but thats okay. They are the greatest reptile ever. Thank you!!

Reptile City Review 06/01/2017
Beautiful Halloween Moon Crabs
Hello, I just wanted to write and thank you for the beautiful Halloween Moon Crabs we received on May 30, 2017. They arrived healthy and safe and they look beautiful. They were a little scared the first day and they sure are messy as heck but they are adjusting wonderfully. My son is ecstatic, so a big thank you from Simon in Colorado:)

Reptile City Review 06/01/2017
Order 97120
Jackson arrived around 20 min. ago, looks good I am going to get some small crickets for him , put a few in his cage along with some small meal worms, I will give you a up date on him Sat. Thanks again great customer service, and thank you for sending a free replacement. This is a little guy ,if there are any special instructions for being so small just let me know. Gary

Reptile City Review 05/31/2017
Order 98416
Great, thank you so much! 2 Hindgeback tortoises have arrived, both healthy, active, and chowing down on catfish and papaya. Thank you so much.

Reptile City Review 05/31/2017
Order 97219
I got the 2 gekos very nice thank u.

HaHa Reptiles Review 05/31/2017
Order 7016
The gators look great-as always thanks again!

Reptile City Review 05/30/2017
Order 98125
Hi Felton,
The Lizard is great. He is eating well and exploring his new environment.
Thank you!

Reptile City Review 05/25/2017
Order 97281
I received my crabs today and they are absolutely beautiful. So healthy and pretty Thank you so so much, Kim

Reptile City Review 05/25/2017
Order #97950
Live hermit crabs. Today I received my order of 6 Atlantic hermit crabs, live. I was happy and amazed at such quick delivery. All 6 alive, very active in their new habitat. I now know where to order my live hermits from.
Very happy customer,
Janet B.

Reptile City Review 05/24/2017
Order 97699
Got it! Everyone looked great except for one casualty. Let me know how we can work something out. You don't have to credit my card .... the last delivery I had 3 dead.... so maybe next time I order some y'all can just throw in 3 extras. Great service and great geckos.

Reptile City Review 05/21/2017
Order 97487
I emailed several websites about their Savannah monitors and it took them almost a week to get back to me, I sent a email to reptile city inquiring about the savannah monitor babies and the owner responded within minutes and he walked me through everything and I was very happy, I paid for the four-day processing and he shipped it within 2. They are very happy and healthy very active and doing well I would recommend this site to anyone. Thanks Felton.

Reptile City Review 05/19/2017
Order 97482
Thank you very much they are very active and ate crickets and turkey meat the next day i had them, is there a link you can send me to give you a review? Cause I will be recommending you to all my friends.

Reptile City Review 05/19/2017
Order 95687
Hi felton was impressed by your service ive been trying to find a place to write a review for you on how great my experience was if you could please send a link an i will write the review immediately

From PET CITY USA (Blairsville Ga.)
Received my last order and wow what great reptiles. You guys have a great selection of critters and we here at Pet City USA really enjoy being your customer. Thanks for everything....
Also, We didn't receive our Green snake or our Garter Snake with our order can you let me know if their coming in a separate shipment?
Thanks again,
Chris / Pet City USA

Reptile City Review 05/16/2017
Yellow Bellied Sliders
Hello my name is Tyonara Lilly, & thank you my other turtle arrived healthy and alive. How long will the Yellow Bellied Sliders be BOGO?.. I really want that one or those two rather. Thank you

Reptile City Review 05/16/2017
Order 97263
We just got our baby gator! Her name is fluffy and she's amazing... Thank you so so much!!!

Reptile City Review 05/15/2017
Order 97315
I received them and they look good!! Thank you so much for speedy delivery!!

Reptile City Review 05/11/2017
order received perfect!
Hi. I just received my order from Reptile City. I ordered buy one get one free, A baby ball python and received 2. A baby savannah monitor and received 2. And 3 adult house geckos and received 6 total. Everything arrived overnight like I expected and in perfect condition. I was emailed saying when my order was arriving and it showed up on time and the box was in perfect condition. The packaging was good too! Thank You Very Much Reptile City. I will definitely be ordering from you again.

Reptile City Review 05/11/2017
Order 97151
Received them today thank-you they are perfect beautiful Lil lizards

Reptile City Review 05/10/2017
HaHa Reptiles Order 7016
Hi Felton, the gators look great. Please correct name and address when sending second group; Wild Things Zoo Attractions

Reptile City Review 05/09/2017
Money order
Felton i was off mon and just arrived to work with 3 Rock scorpions waiting for me which all are just fine.i am pleased and see you next time! Corey Davis

Reptile City Review 05/08/2017
Order 96861
ohhh My..Beautifulz.. Ordering Aginz n Aginz!!..Thank Yerz..A'ho!! (A'ho iz Native American fer AMENZ.. Im Apache..Sorryz..)

Reptile City Review 05/05/2017
Order 96079
Thank you so much they are beautiful

Reptile City Review 05/05/2017
Hi Felton, I just received the order the 2 Beared dragon came in excellent condition they look awesome!!! The 2 Senegal camaleons love them, there very healthy!! Also thanks for giving us great service and comunication all this time!!

Reptile City Review 05/05/2017
Order 95687
Order came in yesterday thank you shes huge and beautiful i will write a great review on your website you've defiantly earned it you helped me a great deal enjoy your weekend.

Reptile City Review 05/04/2017
Order 96606
My turtles arrived and I love them! They are doing fine! Thank

Reptile City Review 05/03/2017
Order 96709
Hi Felton,
Just wanted to let you know the frogs showed up a few minutes ago and they look great! I am very happy with them and your great customer service! Your the man!
If I need any other reptiles or amphibians, I know where to come. :)
You and your staff have a bigly, great day,
Charles Salmi

Reptile City Review 05/02/2017
HaHa Reptiles Order 7027
hi got my iguanas they are fine and thank you very much you have a great line of reptiles and soon as we get our building we can order more thanks again , don c

Reptile City Review 05/01/2017
Order 96431
I've received my order today and I'm very pleased 100% satisfied good looking and healthy Halloween moon crabs everyone mad it safe and sound and I just wanted to thank your for the 100% quality 👍ill be looking forward towards ordering again very soon and again thanks

Reptile City Review 05/01/2017
Hello, I just wanted to inform you that my chameleon arrived safe and healthy and that I was very pleased with the service and if I was to ever buy a reptile in the future this would be my first choice.

Reptile City Review 04/27/2017
Order 96184
Hi I just received the snakes and they are very good looking. I was wondering if you guys know when we're they last fed. Thanks

Reptile City Review 04/21/2017
Order 95901
Super easy to order, and very pleased! One seems a little sluggish compared to other 2, but not terribly, hoping it will perk up. Thanks for shipping so quickly! My 4 boys are ecstatic!! They had been counting the days and they were on 9 days when they came! Thanks again!

Reptile City Review 04/19/2017
Order 95121
Thanks for the beautiful turtles love them are they red ear sliders i ordered cumberland slider but these you sent are beautiful i will be one of your customers. Do you sale things for turtle habitats thanks.

Reptile City Review 04/19/2017
Follow up to Order #95138 DOA
Received our replacement newts yesterday, both arrived healthy and very active. Thank you so much
Robert Ebbeka

Reptile City Review 04/18/2017
Order 95391
Thank you greatly for the replacement newts. They both came alive and well!!! I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Reptile City Review 04/17/2017
Order 95609
Felton, received the turtles today. The are the perfect size. All is well. Thank you for being so accommodating.

Reptile City Review 04/17/2017
Order 95018
I bought two painted turtles with the BOGO sale and only received two. They are adorable, were a little dry but are fine now.
Thank you,
Jessica Lehman

Reptile City Review 04/16/2017
Order 95536
Both the little guys are alive and well, thanks for the help.
Jake Riley

Reptile City Review 04/16/2017
Order 94649
I wanted to thank you very much. Everyone arrived in excellent condition. I have a very large custom terrarium and all six anoles and both green treefrogs are eating and are very healthy. I will most likely be sending another order on Wednesday. Thank you for the speedy delivery as well.
Shawn Whiterell

Reptile City Review 04/14/2017
Hello, made an account to leave a review on the website but im not sure how to do that. I received my baby corn snake today and i wanted to thank you! Im very happy with my purchase and the little guy is amazing and so cute! Thank you so much!!

Reptile City Review 04/09/2017
Order 95121
thank you my turtles are perfect!~

Reptile City Review 04/06/2017
Tokay gecko
Super happy with my tokay gecko he just arrived today

Reptile City Review 04/05/2017
Mata Matas
Got the Matas and they look great! Thanks
Please come and see us next time in Saint Augustine!

Reptile City Review 04/05/2017
Order 94732 the 2nd Shipment
Hi Felton,
All of the animals arrived in good shape. I'll keep an eye on your website and order again.
Thanks, Roland

Reptile City Review 03/30/2017
Order 94539
Thank you the Savannahs are great

Reptile City Review 03/29/2017
Order 94277
Hi Felton,
the salamanders arrived in great shape. Thank you so much! Would you have any more salamanders or newts for sale?
Thanks, Roland

HaHa Reptiles Review 03/29/2017
Order 6941
Hello I received my order today. My order was #6941. My animals came in great shape. Really impressed and happy for them first and foremost. I only had one problem with the order. My 2 Chinese water dragons did not come in at all. So I was missing them. Let me know thanks! I'm not upset either just letting u guys know I was missing them. I'm happy with my first order:) and will look forward to next weeks order as well.

Reptile City Review 03/28/2017
Albino Red Sliders
Patty is all smiles ear to ear. She just brought them home. Albino is ugh bigger thanks the pastel is it ok to put them all in same turtle tank. 40 gal breeder turtle tank?
Thank you again for all your time and help. She told me she didn't even sleep last night because she was so excited they were coming. You made one happy lady today for sure. Mark

Reptile City Review 03/23/2017
Order 93924
My tokay just arrived very healthy I will keep buying reptiles from you thank you very much.

HaHa Reptiles Review 03/23/2017
Order 6876
Thanks felton, I recived the animals And they arrived very well and healthy...

Reptile City Review 03/22/2017
Order 93659
The replacement baby musk arrived and is swimming around.
Thank you!

Reptile City Review 03/21/2017
Many Mahalos!
Thanks for our girl she arrived in good health. They are both very active and in good spirits and seemed to be very happy together thank you so much.

Reptile City Review 03/18/2017
Frill Dragon Order
Mr. Willis, both of the little guys (frilled lizards)are doing awesome. They were a little cold when I first received them. But after being under the heat lamps, their bouncing all around and went straight to eating and drinking. So now, two days later, there are happy and running all over the place!!! Thank you so much for two fabulous and healthy animals @ a great price!!! Drako and trinity thank you for their new home as well! 😉
Mike Harris

Reptile City Review 03/17/2017
Order 93993
Pleasure rappin' a taste with you Felton! You one cool dude. Many thanks for taking the time. I'm really looking forward to adding these to my aquarium once I get it fully set up. From here, I'm off to search your site for the soft shells.
Awesome weekend to you, and yours,

Reptile City Review 03/16/2017
Bearded Dragons
We got them they called and there beautiful, thanks just thought ide give ya a shout, bill

Reptile City Review 03/16/2017
Order 93626
Hey Mr Felton I receive that big boy I can say I'm overjoy he is so beautiful nice color healthy and already eating I Anna thank you again I will be back very soon

Reptile City Review 03/15/2017
Iguana 5 feet
Hey Mr Felton I receive that big boy I can say I'm overjoy he is so beautiful nice color healthy and already eating I Anna thank you again I will be back very soon

Reptile City Review 03/11/2017
Order 93429
Thank you guys! I received my flat rock scorpion on time and he is doing great!
Much love, Raven

Reptile City Review 03/07/2017
Order 92787
thank u reptile city got my 2 c.b baby red ear sliders alive an well .. an they are eating n moving ... trying to post a great review for u guys but don't see where on the site I can put up a review ... I think I'm going to order breaded dragon are they buy one get one free? N prolly going to order sum baby map turtles n Cumberland sliders .. thank u if u get time to email me back about if it's buy one get one free on breaded dragon thank u for my turtles 😊🐢🐢🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟patrickjennings Toledo Ohio march 7th 2017

Reptile City Review 03/05/2017
Thank you so much!! I can't believe I got these! Please let me know if there is any way to show my appreciation. Best website ever!

Reptile City Review 03/01/2017
todays shipment
Hey Felton, awesome order as always thank you very much!ill be contacting you more thn likely this evening for another order if not this evening tomorrow.-Phil Guido

Reptile City Review 03/01/2017
Order 92769
Thank you my order has arrived all are alive and. Explorative. ... Thabk you for compensating me on the scorpions much appreciated.... The frogs colors are awsome... Deffinetly will be buying from you agai. When the time comes.. Thank you

Reptile City Review 02/28/2017
Order 89081
Thank you reptile city we got our creatures overnight success thank you🙏😁

Reptile City Review 02/28/2017
order #92290
The scorpions have all arrived alive and well. They are now housed, fed, and watered. Very nice specimens, large and healthy, good mix of genders it seems. Where should I post a review?

Reptile City 02/27/2017
Order 92738
I received my order and they are both in great condition. Thank you.
Blessings, Pastor Jeremy.

Reptile City Review 02/25/2017
Your Reptile City Order
can you tell me the ages of the two toads i received I am just curious and would like to tell my daughters their ages I am very pleased with the toads and the service so far

Reptile City Review 02/25/2017
Order 92194
I have received my skink, and I'm very please with him. Thank y'all very much, he was a little hissy but overall friendly and healthy. I've seen bad reviews, but no problems here. You guys keep up the good work! I'll definitely order from you again.

Reptile City Review 02/24/2017
Red Uro
Thank you! He is wonderful!
Thank You,
Coast Pest Control

HaHa Reptiles Review 02/23/2017
Order 6819
hey we got our order in and all put a way first of all big Kudos to you on these reptiles they are the freindliest iguanas and adult lizards i have seen in a while usually and iguana that size will be beat your arms off with their tail or try to bite these are super nice as well as all of the other lizards i was kinda worried about the blood python and so far is all good :)
all looks to be in great shape and is good to go now problem was there supposed to have been two boxes i only received one box and im missing water dragons and green basilisk ?

Reptile City Review 02/21/2017
Order 91667
Just received my 2 baby Ball pythons. They came UPS service out here in Colorado and look very healthy.
Good job mates!
Thank You
Glenn Magnus

HaHa Reptiles Review 02/16/2017
Order 6846
Awesome order this morning Felton. Personally I have ordered from you multiple times and it has always been satisfactory. As for the reviews I've read and personally having ordered from backwater and underground as well it's safe to say they will not be receiving any future business from me. Thanks-Phil Guido

Reptile City Review 02/15/2017
Order 92136
Thank you for a job well done! Both crabs arrived healthy today and are enjoying their new habitat. We have a 20 gal aquarium divided into sections: 1/3 is shallow water with a filter/heater, 1/3 is a sand/coconut mix and the remainder is shredded coconut with half-shell hideouts. We also have a heating pad under the non-water areas, as it gets very cold in Ohio.

I was particularly impressed that you fulfilled our request for small (young) crabs and that one is male and one is female. This is our third family of crabs. They have lived from 4-5 years each time thru many molts. One is missing a leg, but we know from experience it will reappear once it molts.
Thank you again, you will be highly recommended!
Keith Hedenberg
Parma, Ohio

HaHa Reptiles Review - 02/09/2017
Order 6782
This is just some feedback on reptiles received feb. 7th very happy with the red eared sliders, iguanas were very nice, bearded dragons we are very pleased with, rose hair tarantulas were nice tokay gecko and milksnake were as expected but the red claw emperor scorpions weren't adults (dime size) and the big one is the ball pythons were definitely not babies much closer to (if not) adults, I'll be lucky to sell them at cost. overall I'm sure well order from you again, I may just ask a few questions first
thanks Roy

Reptile City Review - 02/01/2017
Thank you so much for the great turtles and the quick service. Especially to the gentleman my wife dealt with. She's in second heaven! Your great!

Reptile City Review - 01/27/2017
Club tailed iguanas received today
One of them arrived with a nip tail, but over all am very pleased with them both. Very different patterns and colorations between them. And the free shipping didn't take too long. I was very excited when my door bell rang for delivery today. Thank you. Will be doing business with you again.
Morgan Bogy order #90669

Reptile City Review - 01/22/2017
Order 90862
I received my turtles. Thank you!
How old are the babies normally before they are shipped?

Reptile City Review - 01/21/2017
Order 90533
Thank you soo much my luv turtles came 1/20/17 ill be buying more

Reptile City Review - 01/20/2017
Customer Email
Hey! I was just checking in Saying Thank You For my Order! They came in Wonderful And Well packed! I will be buying more of ya in the Future 100%! Thank You! I love my 2 New Asian Forest Scorpions! Keep doing the good job!

Reptile City Review - 01/20/2017
Albino Leopard Gecko
Thank you I have her safe and sound

Reptile City Review - 01/20/2017
Order 90613
Just got our order and they all look great very happy with everything as usual we will always use y'all for all our reptile needs thank you very much
2nd Email
Photo of our savannah, Kalheesi .With much the me and patience she is now able to sit and chill out around people .Great pet from a great company. Thank you Reptile city. (Feel free to share)

Reptile City Review - 01/19/2017
Order 90176
The snake arrived alive and well! Thank you!
- Mike

Reptile City Review - 01/15/2017
Order 90589
We received our order and it was fantastic. Thanks for the great service.

Reptile City Review - 01/14/2017
Order 90613
Just got our order and they all look great very happy with everything as usual we will always use y'all for all our reptile needs thank you very much

Reptile City Review - 01/13/2017
Order 90229
Thank you very much for the shipment. Everything looked fine, except one hermit crab was DOA (but you had sent an extra, so we are "good" there), and I am missing the flat rock scorpion from my order. Did you plan to ship this at a different time? I did receive the two bearded dragons, two hermit crabs, and four asian forest scorpions. All of which are doing well.
All the best,

Reptile City Review - 01/12/2017
Order 90285
Thank y'all for your help. Its much appreciated. The gentleman who helped me was very helpful and i appreciate him greatly.
Eric's Barbershop
Mount Dora, Florida

Reptile City Review - 01/09/2017
Order 89411
Thank you for your help in making sure my reptiles arrived in time for Christmas. I was very pleased with my reptiles. However, I am sad to say my Rainbow Whiptail did not make it.

Reptile City Review - 01/07/2017
Order 89728
Alright the lizard has gotten here healthy and alive thank you

Reptile City Review - 01/05/2017
Order 90017
okay great. thanks for your great service!

Reptile City Review - 12/31/2016
Colorado River Toads
Hi Mr Felton just wanted to say thanks for the frog. He is alive and well and doing great. He already ate a goldfish. The packeging was awesome also. Thanks again

Reptile City Review - 12/30/2016
RE: Blue Tongue Skink
Got the skink, seems to be in good shape. Thanks for your services.

Reptile City Review - 12/30/2016
Your Reptile City Order
Hi, this Alabama girl. We received our Savannah monitor today and she is wonderful, beautiful & very healthy. Thank you so much! Would recommend to anyone looking for reptiles.

Reptile City Review - 12/30/2016
Order 89612
Want to say thank you for the safe delivery of our sea blue iguana he/she made it home safely, I appreciate it

Reptile City Review - 12/27/2016
Gemini and Kato
Just wanted to say thank you for your amazing service...you made sure Gemini and Kato ( sea blue iguanas) arrived to there new home in time for Christmas....they are settling into there new home and still a little stressed from the move but they are beautiful and healthy ....I will be ordering a red flame iguana from you in the future....I ordered them for my daughter but buy the end of Christmas Eve day they had me wrapped lol..... Thank You!!!!!

Reptile City Review - 12/25/2016
Amazing absolutely amazing service and prices. Don't be fooled by the reviews you read. This place got a bad rap. Package arrived alive. Not only that customer service answered the phone at 2 am three times before I ordered. Shipping was free and all four Bufo Alvarius arrived alive.
On top of that the owner personally answered the phone three times at 2am like stated and then answered and kept me calm after I ordered and panicked at 8am. Where else can you possibly talk to the owner at these hours. Emails were answered almost immediately. Five star service and products. Give them a try!
Always Around
Albo Alexander

Reptile City Review - 12/24/2016
Order 89474
Arrived in good health, yay!
Merry Xmas....

Reptile City Review - 12/23/2016
Thank you
I recently purchased a Savannah Monitor from your website reptilecity.com and she arrived in perfect health yesterday and she's already eating...normally in my experience newly shipped reptiles can take an average of at least 3 to 5 days before they feel comfortable enough to eat anything, but in her case...not so much. She is exactly as I hoped she'd be, but even more so...no hissing, biting or whipping of her tail...awesome attitude and beautiful in every way...a fantastic transaction all around...thank you very much!!!
Truly and Sincerely...
Travis Lee Moore
East Helena, Montana

Reptile City Review - 12/21/2016
Order 89374
Hi there. I spoke to nina over the phone today in regards to an order ,and she was so sweet and so down-to-earth,so honest with me. making sure that I didn't spend crazy amounts of money on products that I didn't need for my animals. How thoughtful. She answered every single question that I had about my monitor and Red Iguana.at first i was nervous about the monitor because this is our first one, now i feel confident in the care I will bring to the moniter having spoke with nina.

I have not even received my animals yet and I am so happy with the service already.I just had to let you guys know what a great job you're doing. And when I do receive my animals I will be sure to send you another review. thank you so much for all your awesome customer service and great staff. It was refreshing to speak to someone who acted like an actual sincere human being !
sincerely, Shawnda

Reptile City Review - 12/14/2016
Jackson Chameleons
Felton ,
Thanks they came in amazing shape and are now climbing all over in cage .. The kids also love the males bright colors

Reptile City Review - 12/14/2016
Ball Python Arrived
Dear Felton,
Our new girl arrived today! Boys have named her Pecan Pie!
Can you tell me when she ate last? The bag she came in said Bush. Does she need live prey or can we do frozen?
Thanks again!
Jenni, Enzo & Dino

Reptile City Review - 12/08/2016
A man of his word.(Felton)
Felton thank you for our reptiles we now have three new family members in our home. I was not into online ordering of anything let alone reptiles until I E-mailed you and you told me to give you a call. Well after talking to you on the phone I knew that you were a straight forward person what you see is what you get. I appreciate your way of doing business. A man of his word, is exactly who you are they were on time as you said they would be and seem to be doing well .The Savannah monitor is worth way more than what we paid for thank you for that Felton and the two bearded dragons are as we expected. I will always do business with Reptile City. Felton you or the man!!!
Thank you, Melvin

Reptile City Review - 12/03/2016
Albino Red Slider
I recently purchased a turtle from you I just want to thank you this lil guy got here fast he's healthy he eats amazing pet. Hopefully in the future I can do more business with you. From Bronx New York my family thanks you for the albino red ear slider that u send us great addition for the holidays god bless

Reptile City Review - 12/02/2016
Order 88195
I just wanted to thank you. All the babies arrived safe and sound.

Reptile City Review - 11/30/2016
Order 87713
Very happy with our purchase and will it be making another purchase soon...thank you

Reptile City Review - 11/30/2016
Order 87992
I received my boa today and we are very pleased with him/her so far. Can I get details on it though like birthday and sex? Was it handled much prior to sell?

Reptile City Review - 11/29/2016
Colorado Toad
So happy with the service I will recommend u . anyone man thank you again. austin

Cane Toads
Hi Felton,
We have had our Cane Toads for a month now and am happy to report they are doing just great! They are each developing individual personalities and are always hanging out together as you can see in the photo below. Horatio is on the left and Thaddeus is on the right. My wife cannot get over how healthy they are and have obviously been well cared for.
We may be sending business your way because many of our friends didn't realize how entertaining Toads could be.
Thanks again.
Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Order #86907

Reptile City Review - 11/29/2016
Order 87795
Thank you the reptiles are fine all survived through shipping.

Reptile City Review - 11/28/2016
Order 87590
I received red iguana at 2:45 pm 11/28/2016. It 's good thank you . And can you send me a picture blue iguana you have now?

Reptile City Review - 11/27/2016
new ball python
I would like to take the time out to say thank you guys. My wife ball python died last Saturday do to feeding a rat way bigger then it's head he was 13 years old. We know now, thanks to your Web site that's a no no but thanks for our new ball python we named her bella

Reptile City Review - 11/16/2016
Customer Email
Thanks Felton I received my two Southern Painted Turtles on time alive and well.

Reptile City Review - 11/11/2016
Order 87238
hi i just got my iguanas and house geckos they are amazing and doing well,i was surprised to see that the house geckos already had to eggs in the container they must of had them during shipping.i defiantly will be placing more orders from you next week thank you

Reptile City Review - 11/11/2016
Order 86755
Everyone arrived alive and well didn't expect anything else but thanks for the extra toads I gave a couple to a friend she really likes them.

Reptile City Review - 11/10/2016
Order 87091
Thanks they arrived in fine shape, very happy with them

Reptile City Review - 11/08/2016
Order 87061
Thank you received my order this morning . As always healthy and beautiful colors.

Reptile City Review - 11/08/2016
Albino Red Slides
Received both turtles @ 10:15 am, very pleased with order. Thank you, Chris

Reptile City Review - 11/03/2016
Order 86907
Just want to let you know that the “boys” arrived safely this morning are now getting use to their new habitat.
Thanks again,

Reptile City Review - 10/31/2016
Order 86736 – Correction
Hello Felton:
I got the turtles . Everyone is well and jumping up and down!
Thank you !

Reptile City Review - 10/27/2016
Order 86559
Thank you! They arrived safely!

Reptile City Review - 10/22/2016
Order 86428
We got em, Thanks they are very healthy and awesome specimens. A heads up on shipping would have been nice, but shit happens. Thanks again!! ;)----

Reptile City Review - 10/12/2016
Order 85702
Arrived, perfect.

Reptile City Review - 10/11/2016
Order 85774
Got it, thanks a lot. Looks great.
Chad Marshall

Reptile City Review - 10/11/2016
Order 85770 River Toads
All looks well with these guys despite their journey! They're happily in their enclosure, and seem rather lively for being in a box! ^^
VERY pleased!! Thank you again!

Reptile City Review - 10/08/2016
HaHa Reptiles Order 6610
Just want to say a big thank you - ordered Monday - received Wednesday. All reptiles have settled in and doing good. Will be on the look out for more stock, hopefully in the near future. First time for using your company - will not be the last! Dawn, Pet Supplies.

Reptile City Review - 10/05/2016
Order 85639
Hey guys thanks for the beautiful reptiles And other pets you sent ..im very thankful for the response on everything I soon start my YouTube channel and you guys I will love if anything you guys don't want you would send I will post your site with link on videos

Reptile City Review - 10/03/2016
Order 85395
Thank you very much! Crabs arrived and they appear to be in good health.

Reptile City Review - 10/03/2016
Hi Felton,
I just wanted to let you know that my tokays and house geckos arrived safely today. I wanted to thank you for them. The tokays were much bigger than I expected. And again I am very happy with my purchase.
Tammy S.

Reptile City Review - 09/30/2016
Hi, Quick Question regarding Reptile City and Shipping
Hey Felton,
Turtles are awesome and they got here by 3pm yesterday just like you said! Very cool, and thanks a bunch.
One thing though.. when I emailed you before placing my order I sent you the list of the 5 turtles but when I went to checkout on the website I actually added a 6th turtle (another red earred baby) and the package did only have the 5 with the one red earred missing. So I can see how that happened and still I'm super stoked about the process and how it all went. But when you can let me know - maybe we can add it to a future purchase or something because I'm sure shipping the 1 at $4.99 wouldn't do you much justice. But let me know and thanks again man!
Kind regards,
Jeff Blaze

Reptile City Review - 09/27/2016
Order 85074
Four healthy vigorous toads arrived today.

Reptile City Review - 09/24/2016
Order 85002
Thank you so much love my turtles

Reptile City Review - 09/21/2016
Re: 10 to 15 baby iguanas mixed sexes
All arrived in great shape. Thank you very much!!!

Reptile City Review - 09/17/2016
Order 84519
Just got red iguana in looks beautiful and healthy so far. Thank you so much. If y'all happen to get a blue iguana would you let me know.
heather Barrientos

Reptile City Review - 09/16/2016
RE: Customer Email
Mr. Felton
Just wanted to let you know that the gecko did arrive it was just signed for at my door. He appears to be fine from the trip. Just wanted to confirm you did send me a male per my request after purchasing. Either way I'm happy with the gecko I have thank you very much look forward to doing business with you again in the future.
Jim shene

Reptile City Review - 09/15/2016
Order 84315 Attention Felton
Hello Felton,
I just received my shipment from your co Reptile City !! I am over joyed with the Asian Forrest Scorpions you sent me. The customer service was excellent and all 11 Asian forest scorpions are eating right away in there Deli cups.

I will order from your company again in the future and would recommend Reptile city to any of my friends. Great shipping and specimens and excellent customer service, a winning combination !!
Sincerely, Keith Suez

Reptile City Review - 09/09/2016
Thank you for the skink
The red sided skink came in great condition, beautiful color and is very active. The shipment actually came quicker than I thought it would have, so I thank you reptile city for the awsome speedy service.

Reptile City Review - 09/09/2016
Order 84020
The Tarantulas arrived today. The service was very fast. Thank you. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Reptile City Review - 09/07/2016
Order 83742
I REALLY am THANKFUL! !!! 😉 THANK YOU !!! THANK YOU !!! THANK YOU !!! I don't have the words to express my gratitude! !!! 😉
tee hee!
Princess Cadence

Reptile City Review - 09/03/2016
Baby Ball Python
Thank you for the snake it is beautiful I just wanted to know when it hatched for my records Thank you Alicia Touchet

Reptile City Review - 09/01/2016
100 Green Anoles
Felton Linda Zier here, I received Dr. Vopal and my anoles yesterday.I delivered His fifty to his home in Stuart He was trilled with them and said he will be ordering more.He actually took them out one by one and placed them in different trees around his property and some of them stayed on his arms,He was able to pet one he said.I let all of mine free,I had planned on caging some,but with my little girls health issues she needs all my attention at this time,maybe next breeding season. Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you working with us. sincerely,Linda Zier

Reptile City Review - 08/31/2016
Order 83695
I am so happy, I have ordered from other places and the baby turtles have been lethargic, do not eat good, also hide always. Today I received my lil babes from you, they are full of energy, eating alot, and they are not even shy. Thank You so much! I will order from you always, Billie Jo Bishoff

Reptile City Review - 08/24/2016
Re: Colorado Toads
Hi Felton. Love the toads they look great. Just wondering how old they are. I always forgot to ask you.
Thank you
Miami Beach, FL

Reptile City Review - 08/17/16
Order 82757
Received the order, occupants live and well. Great packing job, pleasure doing business with you! Look forward to possible future business.
V/R Kidd

Reptile City Review - 08/14/2016
Thanks so much for the water dragon he is very active and healthy I will be purchasing all my reptile needs for your company! Cheers!

Reptile City Review - 08/13/2016
Monster River Toads
I have fallen in love with these two. I will call tomorrow for another set at least. Is it possible for me to get a female? I realize it might cost more. (I am assuming these two are males) I do not plan to ever sell any if that is a concern. I am honestly going to repopulate my property.

My local pet shop guy and I are quite facisanted with them. I bought some of the substrate for them to burrow in. I have ordered a huge terrarium for them while I am getting them climatized.
Thank you for being there and I will call tomorrow.
Christy Calderon

Reptile City Review - 08/12/2016
Order 82319
I love the little turtle I received. I can't find where I wrote down his genetics. And I was wondering if you had more. Thanks!

Reptile City Review - 08/12/2016
So Greatful
Our new additions to the family have arrived!! These two turtles are magnificent, and just the most precious little darlings.. You have brought smiles to my childrens faces, and for that I am greatful. My son was diagnosed with leukemia a while back, so smiles are hard to come by these days.
Forever greatful,
Denise Ziolkowski

Reptile City Review - 08/10/2016
Mata Matas
Thanks Felton,
the Matas were delivered in good shape. Look forward to doing business again.
Chuck Pogan

Reptile City Review - 08/09/2016
Customer Email
Yes, I called and spoke to you. I am very happy with my reptiles for the classroom, thank you. Gail Ramos

Reptile City Review - 08/08/2016
Hermans Order
Thank you Felton for the amazing Pet. We are glad you took the time to help us with our first Tortoise. We clearly fell for all the rookie mistakes that the internet will gladly offer to anyone looking. Thank you again.
Felton is a man who knows his Tortoises.
J. Hunter
Hapag Lloyd Sales

Reptile City Review - 08/05/2016
Order 81948
Thank you so much I will be buying more reptiles for you sir awsome customer service

Reptile City Review - 08/05/2016
Amazing Packaging, Very Happy!
Hi Felton Willis. Very impressed with Tiger Sal’s packaging. Looking forward to ordering a lot more from you in the future. Thanks so much for the replacements. They are doing very well. The worms have not come in yet, so I am assuming that they were sent separately. If theirs a tracking number for that I would be very grateful to receive that as well. Thanks so much, Matthew Pennington.

Reptile City Review - 08/05/2016
Order 82069
Dear Mr. Willis,
Three new baby turtles arrived this morning. They are alive and appear to be doing well. I'm thrilled!! Thank you so much for the prompt and free replacement of my classroom turtles. Now we will be ready for our school Open House on Monday evening. Your help is much appreciated.
B. Young
Sprunica Science Teacher

Reptile City Review - 08/05/2016
Texas Horned Lizards...
Felton, They're some good little lizards. Regarding the need to be picked up from the PO - Don't sweat it... It's really not a big deal. It just caught me at a bad time yesterday. Thanks for the great service and these little guys!

Reptile City Review - 08/05/2016
Order 80313
I just wanted to say thank you for going above and beyond. I had ordered two red ear slider baby turtles for my 4 yr old nieces birthday. She has loved turtles since she was crawling and started asking for one since she could talk. Recently both her parents were incarcerated and my husband and I take care of her now. After doing a lot of research on types of turtles and how to care for them, we had purchased the two baby slider turtles. All had been going great. Had even bought freeze dried shrimp since babies need that extra protein added with regular food. I put drops in to make sure water was suitable for them. They had a basking deck with large rocks around it leading them closer to the UV light. I don't know what happened, the little one that died had turned onto his back the night before and my husband flipped him back over and then Shelton, the turtle, just swam away like everything was fine. Next morning he was biting the plants in the tank and not acting right. We left for work and when we got back for lunch break he was dead. I was very torn up, even buried him in plastic container.

My husband had written you an email to ask if there was something that we had done wrong or something different we should do because didn't want Shelby (the other turtle) to pass as well. Yesterday I received the email saying our order has been shipped. I just had to write you back and say Thank You we truly appreciate it and will definitely not only be future customers ourselves but will definitely be recommending Reptile City to everyone. It wasn't something that you guys were obligated to fix but it means the world to my family that now Shelby the turtle won't be alone now.
From bottom of my heart
Thank You
Charlene Barnett

Reptile City Review - 08/04/2016
Customer Email
I just want to say thank you for your excellent service! I received my painted turtles fast and they were safe and sound when they arrived. They are healthy, eating well, and active little guys! And your company has great prices for such well cared for reptiles. Thanks much, I will definitely be doing business with you in the future.
Savannah Dunn

Reptile City Review - 08/02/2016
Spotted Turtles
Thank you so much for the spotted turtles. I really like these turtles because of their small size, that's also why I have sawback maps. I do own a wood turtle as well but he is sure outgrowing his enclosure. I do really appreciate doing business with you, just haven't been able to spend as much in the hobby as when I did before I had a child. Thanks again Felton

Reptile City Review - 07/31/2016
Reptile City Order 83765
Hello! I can't thank you enough for my 2 baby turtles. Do you happen to know the day they were born? Please let me know.
Leina Serafino

Reptile City Review - 07/27/2016
Order 80967
I purchased 2 musk turtles from Reptile City, and could not be happier with the amazing customer service I received as well as the exceptional quality of my turtles. I reached out to Felton with a few questions prior to my purchase, and he went above and beyond my expectations to provide a positive experience. He responded to my phone calls and emails promptly and professionally. I was very impressed with how quickly I received my turtles as well. They are a great addition to my fish aquarium. I highly recommend Reptile City for anybody looking for outstanding reptiles! I look forward to purchasing more turtles in the very near future from Reptile City.

Reptile City Review - 07/22/2016
Order 80961
Thank you so much! I received my new turtle a few minutes ago, and he is perfect! Do you have a Facebook page or other social media page I can leave feedback on?

Reptile City Review - 07/21/2016
Colorado Toads
Hi there I received both of my toads today . They look super healthy and robust , came out of his packing and ate immediately. Thank you any help is appreciated , I like toward to doing business with you in the future Jared

Reptile City Review - 07/20/2016
HaHa Reptiles Order 6442
Felton: Received the shipment today. Thanks for getting the leopard frog on. Everything was pretty much fine only one little red eared turtle didn't make it. Best Steve

Reptile City Review - 07/20/2016
Fantasy Pacman Frog
I just got him, he looks nice and healthy! Definitely will be ordering more frogs from you.
Thanks for the frog Felton. :)

Reptile City Review - 07/19/2016
Order 80835
Hi Felton,
I just received my hingeback's They are beautiful!
Thank you very much!
Suzanne Ryan

Reptile City Review - 07/17/2016
Order 80773
Hello! Thanks for the turtle. He arrived safely and is acclimating himself to his new habitat, but he hasn't eaten anything since we got him 😨. We have tried ReptoMin floating food sticks and aquatic turtle food hatchling formula, but he isn't interested. What did you feed him and what do you suggest?
Thank you so much for your help!

Reptile City Review - 07/15/2016
Order 80638
I received two baby RES turtles from you yesterday. They made the trip fine and are doing great in their new tank. I was surprised how active they were even right out of the box.
Thank you!
Hoke Smith

Reptile City Review - 07/14/2016
Order 80675
Felton and staff, thank you for the two RES. They are so small and darling. They are doing well but a bit on the shy side. We are leaving them alone for awhile until they get used to things. You have made my day(year) Felton, the cup for me is not only half full but full. Lol
Valerie Brown

Reptile City Review - 07/13/2016
Sulcata Tortoises
Thank you sir for your great customer service. You have answered all my questions very prompt.
Nathan Thomas
Dallas Fire Rescue

Reptile City Review - 07/08/2016
River Toad
Thank you!! My toad appears very happy and healthy

Reptile City Review - 07/10/2016
Just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful Nile monitor. It is adjusting perfectly and has a hardy appetite. Very seldom is there a reputable retailer on the internet. Once we increase our reptile room, I will definitely order from you again. I have also recommended you to all of our friends. Once again thank you. Pamela Joslin

Reptile City Review - 07/08/2016
Order 80461
I just received the hermit crabs (around noon today) and I just wanted to say they are awesome! They appear to be very healthy and are very active. They've already eaten, taken water, and all but one have changed into the larger shells I previously purchased for them! Thanks again!

Reptile City Review - 07/08/2016
Order 79376
You didn't have to send me an extra frog but it was the right thing to do. I do appreciate it. Everything arrived in great shape. I would recommend your company to others if you ever need more references.

Reptile City Review - 07/08/1016
7 Colorado River Toads
Thanks Felton. Got my Toads Today .Thank you for your help . Sincerely Paul Donnelly

Reptile City Review - 7/01/2016
Green Tree Pythons:
Thank u I'm very happy with my order the tree snakes super vishious but the coolest looking snake I ever Sean and please let me no if u have any more carpet camillions left bc i wanna get on and thank u again

Reptile City Review - 07/01/2016
order #79875
Hello Hello, Just received my package an what can I say, Great Job! they all look so pretty and happy/healthy. Thank you again on the Savannah Monitor he/she is so tame I cant believe its a lizard lol but for real perfect! There is one thing the turtle wasn't in this shipment I take it that its in another?? Thank you so much for everything see you again on my next order Bill Owen

Reptile City Review - 06/29/2016
Great service and the turtle came in ALIVE so I'm very satisfied with my purchase. Plus he came in early!

Reptile City Review - 06/27/2016
I got it!
Thank you guys so much the bearded dragon looks a little stressed out, and I totally understand. I have it in its enclosure now. So thanks you so much.

Reptile City Review - 06/27/2016
Order 79715
Hello Felton the turtles arrived 10am & relaxing on drift wood under a sun lamp. I will recommend you in the future.
Thank you for your help Jamie Very pleased

Reptile City Review - 06/27/2016
my order
Hello just like to say my pac man was perfect thank you so much the savannah looked good the size color but one died two days ago the other one is doing good an the ameivas are sweet. I'll be making another order I would like the dead one to be replaced an shipped with my new order I thank you so much for your time an effort in each order thank you, Bill Owen

Reptile City Review - 06/24/2016
Order 79571
Thanks very much! As usual, everything came in great!
Calvin Johns

Reptile City Review - 06/24/2016
1000 Red Slider Turtles to Nassau
Hi Felton,
Just wanted to let you know turtles arrived safely today.
Many thanks,
Anthony Thompson

Reptile City Review - 06/24/2016
HaHa Reptiles Order 6364
Hi Felton.
Just wanted to let you know that I received the turtles ok today. They all looked great. Thank You for adding the two Westerns missed in the first order. Also I appreciate you holding back the Mississippi Maps. I definitely hope to get Northerns. Do you have a timeline for you getting the Northern Maps?
Thank You

Reptile City Review - 06/22/2016
Order 78939/ one of my turtles died under warranty
Hey Felton I got the turtle today I just want to thank you again. So thanks

Reptile City Review - 06/17/2016
Red Iguana Age
Dear Reptile City,
Thank you so much for all that you've done today. You've been very helpful and have made this very easy for me. You given me much info on your reptiles (specifically your Iguanas). I'm hopefully going to buy one of your Red Iguanas and if I do, I want you to know that it's going into good hands. Thank you very very much and have a good night.
Many many thanks,
A Reptile Lover

Reptile City Review - 06/16/2016
Order 79148
"I am so happy with my purchase from Reptile City, after spending weeks searching for a Baby Red Eared Sliders- I finally found a website I felt comfortable purchasing from- with the lowest shipping rates too. Very knowledgeable and courteous staff!
Thank you Reptile City for my baby! "

Reptile City Review - 06/08/2016
Thank You!!! Order 78659
I've been afraid of purchasing orders through you (or any other mail-order animal service) in the past, but the BOGO on Halloween Crabs was too good to pass up, and I really like your business model as far as the shipping tiers go.

I've just read a bunch of weird reviews about Reptile City - But based on this order I have a very different opinion - All four crabs and the gray treefrog are alive and look healthy, I'll certainly consider Reptile City in the future, thank you!
Byron Norelius
Cayuga Community College
Science Lab Coordinator

Reptile City Review - 06/05/2016
Order 78155
Thank you! Turtle came in healthy and happy.

Reptile City Review - 06/04/2016
RE: To Felton
Hello Felton, it's me Howard I am writing to tell you that my wife went ahead and ordered those three green anoles for me on 05/21/2016 and the order number was 77634 I am writing to let you know that they arrived safely and not only did they begin feeding right away but they also begin breeding within 40 minuets after putting them in their new enclosure "how cool is that?", I also managed to get some cool photos of the animals and even photos of them breeding today, if you would like some cool photos of them let me know and I will send you some until then thank you and the Reptile City team for another fast and great delivery Felton
Howard Stinson

Reptile City Review - 05/28/2016
Order 77730 – Giant Day Gecko
Hi Felton,
He is incredible! Thank you. Have a blessed Memorial Day.
Don Russo

Reptile City Review - 05/27/2016
Albino Black Rat
OH THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! My favorite species of snake of all time! :) If he was more than what I've been charged for, let me know. If he was less, I'm not worried about it at all. He's worth every penny,

Reptile City Review - 05/27/2016
Order 77847
Thanks for your quick shipment. I received the turtles today.

Reptile City Review - 05/26/2016
Order 77737
Thank you so much. Excellently packaged could say ide done the same way. Thank you. They all look great. Thank you. Will be back soon.

Reptile City Review - 05/24/2016
Order 77345 of 10 Ball Pythons & Sav’s
Hey man I just wanted to say thanks for these animals.. The monitors are so docile I've never met a pair so nice .. I got bit by 4 of the snakes but I love them .. very active.

Reptile City Review - 05/16/2016
Order 77342
Love my ball pythons, fast and easy service, very active and very docile. Pricing is very reasonable I will be recommending this company to everyone. Best online shop I've ever ordered from
Keith, FL

Reptile City Review - 05/14/2016
Adult Bearded Dragon
Just wanted to say a huge thank you! Today I received a very lively healthy dragon and I couldn't be happier. Will definitely wright a great review, recommend friends, and use you again! Thank you again Nina!

Reptile City Review - 05/10/2016
Niles & Timor Monitors
Hello I would like to tell you thank you so much on the last 2 orders they came perfect and the baby lizards were so cute and young that's so perfect the package contains them so well thank you very much!
sincerely, Bill

Reptile City Review - 05/06/2016
Reptile City Order 76508
I wanted to let you know that we received the turtles and they seem good. One had a little something on his eye, but I was able to wipe it off. These are my first turtles and I am very excited! Thank you so much!
Chandra Johnson

Reptile City Review - 05/06/2016
Great Service
Turtles arrived . all alive and well. Thank's Harry Hall Jr

Reptile City Review - 05/04/2016
Order 76337
Hi received wood turtles at 10 am look real good thanks David Ashley

0 Reptile City Review - 5/02/2016
Your Reptile City Order
I just have a few questions we received our beautiful Fl King snake. I was very surprised it came in two business days. My family is so excited with this addition to our family. I was just just wondering the sex of the snake and the last time it ate? Again thank you for this transaction. Me and my wife will definitely recommend your service and you have our business for life.
Jeff Dowdy

Reptile City Review - 04/30/2016
Asian box turtle
I received my Shipment and I was super satsfied other than my Asian box turtles came in. And one did not make it through the night. I have been super satisfied with you all and I understand that things happen, please work something out with me to either send a replacement or refund. I will be happy to ship his carcus back to you If necessary . thanks Anna Lawson

Reptile City Review - 04/29/2016
Order 75982
Wow! Thank You guys so much!! The gecko came perfectly healthy, can i just please know when he was born or is that not possible?

Reptile City Review - 04/29/2016
Order 75936
Thankyou Mr. Willis; the three eastern garters arrived in good health and great big specimens. Eating tree frogs already. Robert Carter

Reptile City Review - 04/28/2016
Mexican Redknee Tarantula
Thanks it looks great and healthy definitely will be ordering again

Reptile City Review - 04/26/2016
30 House Geckos
Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that the little guys arrived safely... Well except for 2. The ups had them on the truck for 8hrs because there was a substitute carrier. Poor things. At least it was a pretty cool day. The rest were a mix bag ranging from calm to curious to down right spunky. We started to let them into the enclosure but then thought it might be to cold at night. We rounded up all but 7 of them. 3 escaped the enclosure during the round up and are hanging out around the porch and the other 4 made their way towards the back wall and must be hiding in cracks. They are very cute and will definitely be entertaining!
Thank you!

Reptile City Review - 04/25/2016
Order 75711
Hi Felton,
Thank you very much for the update on my order. We are very excited to receive her. Her new home is already set up and waiting for her. This will be a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you again for answering all my questions, and for your professionalism. I look forward to working with you again in the future.
Thank you and God bless,

Reptile City Review - 04/22/2016
Customer service
I recelently purcased red earred sliders. They were at a great price. When arrived they didn't make it. So contacted reptile city. The very next day there were replacement turtles being sent. They are active and beautiful and was so glad reptile city gave great service.
Thank you
Daniel - Seattle, Wa

Reptile City Review - 04/13/2016
Order 74951
All arrived healthy and happy. Thank you for the excellent service. I will need 10 more turtles, look for my order. Thanks again.

Reptile City Review - 04/09/2016
Thank you I got my savannah monitor it looks beautiful

Reptile City Review - 04/06/2016
Customer Email
Hello I received the two iguanas. Beautiful and bigger then I thought.

Reptile City Review - 04/04/2016
Red Iguana
Felton thanks I got my red flame red lguana he looks great good tail and body overall when I first unboxed him and put him in his new lguana cage he wasn't really moving around when I spray him with water and clam down he see me and my kid and boy he jumped

Reptile City Review - 04/01/2016
Blue & Red Iguana’s
Received my iguana s today. Their gorgeous healthy looking. Thank you!!
Lois Tryon

Reptile City Review - 03/26/2016
Thank You soo much for the beautiful pair of red eared slider babies. When they first got here i was a bit worried they got sick from being shipped so far, but as soon as i put them in their tank they started swimming. Its been a week or so, and i absolutely love them! Thank you soo much for your swift responses as well! Will definitely be repurchasing from you in the future!

Reptile City Review - 03/24/2016
HaHa Reptiles Order
I talked to you on the phone yesterday but wanted to give another update, Everybody arrived fine and is alive and doing great! Also wanted to inquire about the missing Yellow Belly Slider.
Nick & April

Reptile City Review - 03/24/2016
Order 73704
Got all 5 bearded dragons in great shape and all are eating already. Very satisfied with my purchase.

Reptile City Review - 03/23/2016
Herman’s Tortoise Arrived
Got the tortoise today. She looks healthy and happy thank you!

Reptile City Review - 03/16/2016
I just received a couple of tarantulas from Reptile City. A female Stripe Knee and a female Goliath birdeater. They look great! I was hoping for a large Goliath, and this one is huge. Both spiders are very healthy. Felton was very helpful with all of my questions regarding the animals and also with any questions I had regarding shipping. These critters are exactly what I was hoping for and I won't hesitate to order from Reptile City again in the future.

Reptile City Review - 03/16/2016>br> Thank you
Thank you so much for the turtles, they arrived earlier than you guys said, a day before. They arrived the same day shipped. I'm happy and they are so cute. Thank you again.

Reptile City Review - 03/15/2016
Would like to say THANKS for the 3 lovely babies i have received. My daughter is extremely happy with hers, as well as i am with mine. They are beautiful, and arrived healthy and alert. One already screamed at me when i moved them out of the package they came in, it was the Mac Snow Leo.
Thanks again Felton Willis you picked out 3 lovely little girls for my daughter and my.

Reptile City Review - 03/15/2016
Order 73329
Hi just wanted to let you know that savannah monitors arrived safely and are adjusting to their new home. I have never had Savannahs this young and I was wondering what they have been eating and what size their food should be. Thanks

Reptile City Review - 03/12/2016
Red Ear Sliders (babies)
thank you for the red eared sliders arrived perfectly will be buying again thanks !! – Juan

Reptile City Review - 03/11/2016
Bearded Dragon
I am very Impressed for this little guy and your service!!!!! Thank you so Much! I appreciate it a lot!

Reptile City Review - 03/11/2016
Hi this is Jackson I just wanted to say thanks for the bearded dragon I tried to call but thank you so much

Reptile City Review - 03/03/2016
RE: Bearded dragon order
I received my beards today and I just wanted to say thank you so much, they look awesome. All 4 arrived safely and all are active and checking out their new habitat. Thank you again for some awesome looking critters. Job well done.

Reptile City Review - 03/03/2016
Blue Iguana
The two blue iguanas that were sent to Norfolk ny seem to be fine now after a little heat thank you I was little worried when we fist opened the box yesterday thought they were dead but a couple hrs of heat and they got pretty active thank you

Reptile City Review - 03/02/2016
RE: Reptile City Order 71686
I just want to let you know I got the new chameleons and they're gorgeous and they were healthy right out of the box eating as soon as I put them in the cage not like the other ones at all thank you so much where can I leave you an awesome review?

Awesome customer service! Beautiful, healthy reptiles! Great temperments! Will recommend and order from again! Thank you! A+++

Reptile City Review - 03/02/2016
Customer Email
Just wanted to say I am extremely surprised and happy at how fast the scorpion came. I will definitely be using and recommending you all!

Reptile City Review - 03/01/2016
Dear Felton,
The Russian Tortoise arrived on time and in great condition-active, walk all over tHe room, ate food, etc. THanks! God bless, Tom

Reptile City Review - 02/19/2016
Mexican Redknee
Omg he is so perfect!!!
Mr Willis. Thank you so much for your time patience with me. He is perfect in every aspect . He is healthy and very colorful. Thank you again and if you need to use me as a referrence, please do so. I don't know how to post a good review but you can always have people call me or text me or even email me and I can tell them how excellenct you in packing it up. As well the excellent condition the tarantulas was in at the time of arrival. The package came to me and my doorman Robert brought the package to my door. He sign for it as well. Mr. Willis you did an excellent job. We must remember that to pray for those who are haters. Juses lives in all of us. You have a great weekend and thanks again. Mark Scornaienchi

Reptile City Review - 02/18/2016
Order 71833
Just wanted to let you know we did get the baby iguanas and are very pleased with them, how fast the shipping was and how beautiful they are. Beautiful colorations and great temperaments. We are very pleased, perfect addition to our family. Thank you again for everything. We look forward to doing business again with our next reptile purchase.

Reptile City Review - 02/14/2016
Order 71561
The turtles arrived safe.. .and my son loves them to death.......we might do a super cool blog for you guys at Reptile City......😊

Reptile City Review - 02/13/2016
Order 71692
I got them earlier today ! They're so tiny ! Thank you ! 5 stars for sure !

Reptile City Review - 02/11/2016
thank you!
dear reptile city- Got my two baby leopard geckos today and they arrived in perfect health even in the minnesota cold weather! Thank you so much for the beautiful leos and i cant wait to order more! ~Patricia

Reptile City Review - 02/09/2016
Turtles arrived and seem to be doing fine. I'll contact you when I'm in need of more animals for our store.
Thank you.
Jeremy Bracken
1 Hawaii Landscapes

Reptile City Review - 02/08/2016
Dear Reptile City,
My 4 hatchling turtles all arrived safely today! They are loving their new habitat and are slowly growing accustomed to their new friends. I appreciate the great prices and quality product. These turtles are cute and spectacularly decorated. I can't wait to watch them grow up in my home.
Thanks again,

Reptile City Review - 02/03/2016
Order 71234
Columbian Red-Tail Boa
She is beautiful thank you so very much

Reptile City Review - 02/03/2016
Budgets Frog
Thank you so much I have wanted this frog for such a long time and it arrived safe and sound thank you!
Andrew Anderson

Reptile City Review - 01/29/2016
Russian Tortoises
Thanq so much Bought them home Awesome Loved them lotz They even started taking food. Just few questions What was their diet N are those in out door set up or indoor

Reptile City Review - 01/29/2016
Nice 3 feet Iguana
I received my iguana I ordered from reptile city ..in great shape and very healthy thank you reptile city😊……… gerry

Reptile City Review - 01/23/2016
Customer Email
I just wanted to let you know there here finally snow delayed them till today there both doing great they have eaten and they love there dock and heating light they can see my little man in his tank would love to get to him but they have to wait till there bigger thank you they are so adorable there so cute thanks again Stacy Moffitt

Reptile City Review - 01/14/2016
You get 5 stars from me!
Our baby Tegu arrived safe and sound. What a beautiful addition to our family! I was very impressed with your service- you answered the phone whenever I called to check the status of my order and responded to my e-mails in a timely manner. You did an excellent job in packaging the animal so it arrived safely (with the cold winter conditions here in Minnesota). Feel free to put this customer review on your website - you get 5 stars from me!

Reptile City Review - 1/14/2016
Reptile City Order 69971
Hello. i just wanted to say thank you so much. I've received my package today and all in all I am beyond satisfied with your business and how responsible you are with communicating back. thank you and I will be ordering from you again very soon. have a nice day!

Reptile City Review - 1/8/2016
Reptile City Order 70121
I received them! I'm sorry I panicked this morning!! The post office website said they wouldn't arrive until Monday! Thank you so much I am so happy with them!!

Reptile City Review - 12/31/2015
HaHa Reptiles Order 5968
Hello Felton
Got the package everything came in excellent condition, thanks so much and Happy New Year !!!

Reptile City Review - 12/31/2015
Order 69488
All animals arrived alive today. I'll keep a close eye on them for the next couple of days, but so far they all look good. Thanks!
Dr. Tracy
Physiological Ecology

Reptile City Review - 12/25/2015
Your Reptile City Order
thank you so much it arrived on time alive and healthy and my son was thrilled to once again be the proud parent of a salamander

Reptile City Review - 12/24/2015
Customer Email
I just wanted to say that you so much for my babies that arrived safe and sound last night! Totally in LOVE! Cant wait for the remaining of the gang to arrive :)
Merry Christmas!
From the Camci Family

Reptile City Review - 12/23/2015
Order 69298 -- Arrived safely
Hello again –
The anoles have arrived safely and they look good. Thanks again – Have a wonderful holiday weekend -

Reptile City Review - 12/23/2015
Hi I forgot to let you know that reptiles came Saturday super great shipping and all the animal came ok thanks and Happy holiday to you and you family

Reptile City Review - 12/16/2015
Order 68377
Thank you again Mr. Willis!! The slider got here in great shape !!! Can't wait for Christmas Day for my grandson to see it:) Again, thanks.
Ann Cannon

Reptile City Review - 12/12/2015
Map Turtles
your awsome thank you!!! if you could just let me know when your sending so i can know when i should be expecting!

Reptile City Review - 12/12/2015
Order 67792
Thank you SO much for the Snake, but do you know if you shipped a boy or girl? Well he/she is gorgeous, and the colors on her/him are beautiful. She/he was excited to be out of the bag, and did not want to go back she. She/he hung on my hand the entire ride home.

Again thanks! Look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Reptile City Review - 12/11/2015
My Order
Just got my 3 baby red eared sliders yesterday. They look great and I have given your company a great review online. I was wondering what ya’ll fed them prior to shipping out. We bought the most common turtle pellets they sale, and we tried in the tank and all 3 in separate smaller tubs to feed them, but they will not eat. Thanks for your time.

Reptile City Review - 11/21/2015
Thanks will again for looking out bro the amevia is real nice bro and thanks to reptile city staff and have a happy thanksgiving

Reptile City Review - 11/19/2015
My Order
I just got my order from yall everything looks good and healthy I look forward to ordering from yall again

Reptile City Review - 11/11/2015
Order 67396
We received our order, turtles look great, many thanks, Brian

Reptile City Review - 11/10/2015
HaHa Reptiles Order
Super happy by the shipping and all the animals alive thanks Felton Willis

Reptile City Review - 10/31/2015
Order 66798
Thanks...i appreciate the excellent customer service.....you guys are my #1...will be doing more business with you soon...and will be referring you to everyone I know practically bragging....YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

Reptile City Review - 10/29/2015
Order 66702
Thank you for the replacement order. All was fine with this shipment and the lizards are now feasting on the many annoying crickets in our yard - we hope!
We appreciate you taking care of this so quickly!
Carl Muller

Reptile City Review - 10/21/2015
Corn Snake Question
Hello! I ordered a corn snake a few weeks ago and it came in last Friday in perfect condition: lively, healthy, and colorful. I was just wondering how old he was when he arrived and if he had shed before shipping or not. If so, how many times?
Thank you so much!
K. Grubb
Bellarmine University

HaHa Reptiles Order 5860
Reptile City Review - 10/16/2015
Hello i have to say that your service was high quality service every single animal was very strong and very good conditions i give it 10 out of 10. thank you very much i am going to put a order before this week ends ill be putting another order up, i am very grateful very happy with the service i recommend your high quality elegant service talk to you in a couple days for the next order
heman lopez, PR

Reptile City Review - 10/14/2015
Jumbo Hermit Crab
Hey Felton, Crab just arrived, absolutly beautiful, healthy and very friendly, thanks again!
Chuck Franks

Reptile City Review - 10/13/2015
guys thank u so much they came in healty n perfect thank u guys

Reptile City Review - 10/13/2015
Perfect Iguanas
Both of the lizards are here and in perfect condition. The one looks a little darker than the other, but I'm not sure if it's from stress or if that's just how he/she was, there was also no signs of aggression. Not to sure on which one is the male yet but but thank you again for the beautiful animals. If I need to make any type of reptile purchase I'll be sure to get through you.
James Johnson

Reptile City Review - 10/3/2015
Order 65945
Mr. Willis, I just wanted to let you know that we got our new turtle through FedEx today and he's super cute! The birthday girl is happy!!! Thank you so much!!! Have a great weekend!
Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 10/1/2015
RETF delivery
Just wanted to say how happy I am with my purchase. The frogs were fully colored and ready for their habitat. Sleeping on leaves now. Thanks again. Troy
Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 9/26/2015
Savannah Monitor
Hi Felton,
I wanted to thank you for the monitor you sent me. He/she is very good looking and appears very healthy as well. I am having some problems with it though as every time I try and touch it or something it gets very scared and runs and hides.
Thanks again,
Alec Duffey

Reptile City Review - 9/26/2015
Red Sliders
They just arrived safe and sound. Cute as can be and their color and markings are gorgeous! Thank you!

Reptile City Review - 9/23/2015
Customer Email
Just completed my order with the albino PAC man frog. I am very satisfied with the quality of your reptiles and prompt delivery. I will send you pictures of my classroom terrarium. If you ever get alligator snapping turtles, please email me.
Joe Bagley
Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 9/22/2015
Thank you
We received our baby western painted turtles right on time! Thank you so much. They arrived healthy and very active. Both turtles are eating and doing well. We would definitely purchase form you again.
Thank again,

Reptile City Review - 9/12/2015
Re: Your Reptile City Order
I received the iguana in perfect condition!! Thank you very much!

Reptile City Review - 9/12/2015
Customer Email
Thank you for processing my order so quickly and efficiently. My baby turtles arrived healthy as well as my chameleon. They were packed comfortably and showed very little signs of stress. Again thsnk you.

Reptile City Review - 9/11/2015
HaHa Reptiles Order 5801
I would like to say thank you Felton. The turtles came in alive and look healthy. I'm just concerned about two of them. They're eyes are swollen and are moving slow. They don't look like they'll make it but I'll try my best. How does the gaurentee work? In the worst case scenario, and they do end up not making it. Could I just receive credit on my next order? Please advise. Anyways thank you and look forward to making another soon!
Thank you so much,
Jaren Y

Reptile City Review - 9/1/2015
Order 64531
The salamander babies did arrive today, a bit after noon, and the delivery man said he knew the pkg was “perishable” but didn’t realize it was ALIVE. He was kind of carrying it haphazardly! Made me nervous. But the little guys are alive and happy to be first in their water dish and now exploring their tank. Thank you for picking out such gorgeous fellows! One question that I forgot to ask was, what have you been feeding them? I feed our big guys large size crickets, but I don’t turn the crickets loose, as they are lousy at catching them. I feed them on tongs. Is this what you do, small crickets... or are they eating meal worms at this age.. or what? I would appreciate the information! Thanks, again, Felton! Jeanne

Reptile City Review - 8/26/2015
Order 64259
I received my monitors and they are great!!! Thanks, Cornell Penn

Reptile City Review - 8/22/2015
Order 64237
Mr Willis, thank you for sending the baby Greek tortoise so quickly. FedEx delivered him Friday morning. The packing looked good and the tortoise started walking very soon after he was unpacked. He's been eating a little, but his favorite thing is digging down into the substrate until he's completely buried and sleeping. My granddaughter and I are going to enjoy him a lot. Again, thank you.
Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 8/21/2015
Hermit crabs
Hermies came and they were perfect. Thank you so much Kim :) will be ordering more.

Reptile City Review - 8/19/2015
Order 78941
You are awesome! My sulcatas and my snappers are AMAZING!!!!
Thank you so much!
N. Kirkpatrick

Reptile City Review - 8/19/2015
Russian Tortoise Baby
Hi Felton!
I received the tortoise today! He is in perfect shape and so adorable! Would you be able to tell me a little about him? Such as when he was born or about how old he is? Are there any special foods I should be giving him?
Thank you,

Reptile City Review - 08/16/2015
Order 63865
Hey Mr. Willis I just wanted to let you know I received my order of 1000 super worms and the almost 3 foot blackthroat monitor I got from you the other day has been slamming them. He is a great eater and I love him. He is awesome. He is like 30 inches long and I was wondering if you have any idea how old he is? I am very happy I ordered from you and will be ordering from you a lot in the near future. Thank you very much for everything you are awesome! Thanks, Jeremy and Crystal

Reptile City Review - 08/14/2015
Order 63894
Thank you Mr. Willis for delivering the pet scorpion healthy and alive in a manner that was both convenient and safe. My desert hairy is both active in body and appetite. Excellent communication made receiving my package easy and picking it up at the office was so much more convenient for any working person to mange over any other method by which one might take possession of there package. When I first contacted you I recall feeling that you were a bit gruff or curt. However this should not disaude people from doing business with your company. Because the live pet sitting in my terrarium is proof positive you get the job done. Best Regards, Brett from Michigan

Reptile City Review - 08/12/2015
Adult Bearded Dragon
Thank you Reptile City for sending me such a healthy Bearded Dragon. As someone who has owned many bearded dragons in the past, I know that the dragon I received has been taken very good care of before I received him. This animal is also very comfortable with human contact. I look forward to ordering a female Bearded Dragon in the near future. Corinna Campbell in South Dakota

Reptile City Review - 08/06/2015
tracking number
Good Morning , I just received my bearded dragon and Im very please with it. It ate imediatly and running and alert. Thank you and I apologize for any misunderstanding. Again Ive never had any problems with animal DOA when I use you guys for my reptile choice. Again thank you and hope to do more business.
Vicente Stitt

Reptile City Review - 08/02/2015
Baby bearded dragon
I have just received the replacement bearded dragon he seem to be doing way better then the last ,I am glad to have done business with you Thank you , Carlos Fierros

Reptile City Review - 07/31/2015
Hermit Crabs
Thank you Felton. The crabs were just delivered to my son & his kids are so happy.

Reptile City Review - 07/30/2015
Order 62857
Hi, I received the Map Turtles today as you promised. I’m more than happy to have three very healthy ones. Please accept my thanks and appreciation.

Reptile City Review - 07/29/2015
The red-eared turtle I purchased has arrived safe and sound. This is a healthy specimen with a firm shell and clear eyes. Thankyou. - Rick Spoo

Reptile City Review - 07/26/2015
Order 62528
Thank you so very much for promptly correcting our order and sending the new turtles. They look healthy and the proper size and absolute love their new home in our pond. I will definitely recommend you.
Have a wonderful day
Wayne and Valerie Mohrlein
Colchester, Conn.

Reptile City Review - 07/25/2015
Adorable Turtles
Thanks for the quick shipping. We received the turtles today. We got your email in the morning and had been waiting for a package to show up on the porch. They are adorable. They seem to be doing OK, both are alive but not very active. We added them into the aquarium with the basking light and gave them some ReptoMin. Thanks!

Reptile City Review - 07/22/2015
Order 62140
the toad arrived alive and healthy. thanks.

Reptile City Review - 07/22/2015
Order 62589
thank you very much for the very nice bright and colorful iguana hatchlings.eating collards and butternut squash. received them at 11am eastern time.
Ashley K

Reptile City Review - 07/22/2015
Order 62381
The frogs arrived safe and sound and earlier than expected. Great packaging. Thank you for your help in getting them here safely.

Reptile City Review - 07/21/2015
Order 62479
you guys rock hope i have a beautiful baby breaded dragon in my hand from you guys thank you

Reptile City Review - 07/21/2015
Order 62474
Chameleon arrived in good shape today. He's not drinking yet, but he is eating. I was not able to catch the shipment at the dist. center. Thanks for suggesting it, though. My son has been working on a set up for months, growing plants, and gathering all the paraphenalia needed to care for this reptile. He's been reading up on how to reduce stress in chams, etc. So getting one that died in shipping was particularly sad.
Thank you for getting us another critter at your greater expense.
Inez Aultman

Reptile City Review - 07/18/2015
Order 62281
Mr Willis and reptile city team,
I received my creamsicle corn snake and it looks healthy, and really active and curious. Very easy to order, and received it the very next day after my order was processed. The team was also really helpful in explaining any questions I had. I would highly recommend reptile city and I look forward to doing business again with you in the near future. (5 stars)
Thanks a lot!
Nicholas Moulinos

Reptile City Review - 07/17/2015
HaHa Reptiles Order 5673
Thanks you Felton I recieve the 50 Southern Painted are healthy and active.

Reptile City Review - 07/13/2015
Order 62203
Got the turtles.. Thanks for your great service.. hope to do more business with u

Reptile City Review - 07/13/2015
Order 60772
I just wanted to say thanks i probably bugged you more then i should have but i received the turtles this morning and so far all are alive and doing well. Thanks again

Reptile City Review - 07/11/2015
Colorado River Toad
Thank you for yalls corespondance. My new toad is great:)
Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 07/01/2015
Blue Iguanas Bogo
They arrived better then advertised! Pleasure doing business
Thanks again Shawn
Sent from Surface

Reptile City Review - 06/24/2015
Order 61249
Horned lizards arrived safe & sound -- very nice looking lizards.
I still have one horned lizard from you from 2 years ago (fat & sassy), and one that finally died a couple of weeks ago after more than 6 long, happy years. Always a pleasure doing business with you.

Thank You!
Jim D.

Reptile City Review - 06/22/2015
red ear sliders in ct
Hey just wanted to let you know that the turttles got here safe they look wonderful nice and active!!! There color is amazing! They came early then said and the delivery man kinda left them in the sun but gladly i showed up as he was pulling out my drive way. thank you so much , i will send people to you if they want any reptiles
David cruz

Reptile City Review - 06/17/15
(no subject)
I wanted to let you know I got my turtles last week and they were all good and are so much better in the way they get around. I thank you so much for replacing them. They have been fun to watch. Thank you again, Kathy Long
You are truly so sweet for doing this !! Awesome !!

Reptile City Review - 06/15/2015
RE: Your Reptile City Order
Just wanted to let you know that both turtles arrived today alive and active.
Thank you!

Reptile City Review - 06/08/2015
Order 61007
Thank you very much for such wonderful service. We received our blue tongue skink today. Overall very impressed and will recommend and do business with you again. I just have one question. Do you know if we got a female or male skink?

Reptile City Review - 06/06/2015
Order 60901
Thanks so much, Felton...everything came in great!
Take care,
Calvin Johns

Reptile City Review - 06/05/2015
HaHa Reptiles Order 5607
I have purchased bulk amounts of Baby Red Eared Sliders from HaHa Reptiles twice now with the same results both times, high quality, healthy hatchlings. My wife and I actually had the opportunity to meet Felton while on vacation April of 2015, fine business man that cares about his customer before and after the sale, even offered some horseback riding the next time we visit! Very very satisfied customer from Kansas City! :). Dave.

Reptile City Review - 06/04/2015
HaHa Reptiles Order 5598
Thank you guys a lot. I really appreciate getting back with me so fast and the customer service.

Reptile City Review - 06/03/2015
Fat-Tail Gecko’s
Got it u guys are awesome I look forward to more purchases from reptile city As well as haha reptiles Thank you,
Duane Hall

Reptile City Review - 06/02/15
Order 60827
Thank you felton willis and the whole reptile city staff for my pythons i truly appreicate the love

Reptile City Review - 05/31/2015
Order 55870
I wanted to let you know that the lizard arrived. I was worried about her for a few days, she didn't want to eat. Now she is doing fine and I am very happy with her.
Thank you!

Reptile City Review - 05/25/15
Spotted Turtles
I have made several purchases from you in the last several years and it continues to be a positive experience. Just wanted to thank you for the Spotted turtles that I purchased from you the other day. Very satisfied with the entire transaction as far as the communication was and fulfilling my request of a male and female. I really appreciate it and look forward to continuing to purchase from you in the future. Thanks again!

Reptile City Review - 05/23/2015
Eastern Collards Reptile City Order 60505
Just picked them up and they look great. We will be doing business again with you in the future.

Reptile City Review - 05/19/2015
Order 60351
My order arrived in perfect condition. Very healthy, beautiful toads. Thank you!!

Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 05/18/2015
Eastern Collards Order 59695
Our three lizards are here, and they look great!!! Thanks!!
Adrienne Classen, MD

Reptile City Review - 05/12/2015
40 Red Sliders (adults)
Just wanted to let you know that the turtles arrived around 11am this morning. Thanks so much. Reptile City is AWESOME!!!
Maybe you all can bet on a turtle. The chances are $10 each, you get to name your turtle and if you win, you get $100.
Elizabeth Ferguson
Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

Reptile City Review - 05/12/2015
I am just emailing to say thank you so much for advice on my sick snake. Her name is Ramona and she is a 6' long red tail boa. She was not in a suitable environment and was too cold which ended up leaving her with a respiratory infection. I noticed she wasn't doing well for a while (would not eat for four months and couldn't shed in a single piece) and finally one day she started oozing whitish saliva out of her mouth and was having trouble breathing (holding her mouth open and breathing with raspy bubbly breaths) and so I panicked and called as many vets as I could find within two hours of me and still could not find anyone to help! I found your site online and gave you a call and boy was I lucky! The woman who answered was a life saver! She was honestly concerned (more so than many of the vets offices because so many people hear the word "snake" and are very unwilling to help) and was very knowledgeable with great advice! She evaluated my information and suggested it was a respiratory infection, gave me some helpful tips and techniques to help. I had never heard of your business until then and have never bought anything from you and still she was so willing to help! She stayed on the phone with me until I had all the info and help I needed. Right away I went and got a heat lamp, huge Rubbermaid big enough for her, a vaporizer, Listerine for her Listerine bath and bedding appropriate for a snake. That helped hold us over a day or two until I could get her in to the Hawkins Animal Clinic in Hawkins, TX (2 hours from me). The vet was great and fairly priced. She did indeed have a respiratory infection, and an abscess on her top front lip. We got her on a shot and mouth drop regimen for 3-4 weeks. She has now finally shed beautifully in a full piece and her mouth is all healed up and clean, no breathing problems and had her first meal since she was sick with no problem. I have learned so much from the experience and now Ramona is in an environment that she is comfortable and healthy in. Your time, patience and advice helped save her life and for that you are greatly appreciated! This will be the only business I will use in the future for any reptile friends I need and will recommend to anyone else who wants to enjoy reptiles!
Thanks again,
Britt & Ramona
Paris, TX

Reptile City Review - 05/11/2015
Re: Reptile City Order 60116
I am almost too empressed ! My black Asian forest scorpions arrived fast in great packaging very lively thanks Felton your team is amazing !! My buiesnness will now be with Reptile City !

Reptile City Review - 05/06/2015
HaHa Reptiles Order - Female Redfoot
Thanks Felton!
She's beautiful and eating ferociously! --and is getting along well with her new "husband"!
Thanks again.
The Albers
Navarre, FL

Reptile City Review - 05/03/2015
Re: My New Baby SP Turtle
Reptile City did it again. Another Happy Saturday Morning!!
Received my 2nd baby Southern Painted Turtle from Felton and Reptile City.
Awesome Service and Great Company to deal with.
Very Happy Customer.
Providence RI

Reptile City Review - 04/30/2015
Leopard Frogs
Arrived, stunned but clearly alive. I set them free in a reed pond. Thank you so much, :) Marianna

Reptile City Review - 04/30/2015
Order 59531
I received the turtles today. They look great active, no crud around eyes or on their necks. The entire family got into the delivery. They turtles went to great grandma’s house, then great aunt picked them up and then delivered to grandma’s house, she took them into town where dad had taken the morning off to wait on the turtles. Just to make a little 2 year old boy’s day. when the first pair died, the mom put a water conditioner shaped like a turtle. my great grandson was not fooled he knew something was wrong. He is going to be so happy his turtles are back.
thank you again for the turtles. my great grandson checks them everyday. when he gets up and goes to baby sitter and when he gets home. He loves his turtles.
thank you again.

Reptile City Review - 04/27/2015
Order 59563
They arrived today. Both turtles were active and responsive. Thanks again! Darryl Gibson

Reptile City Review - 04/27/2015
Awesome. Thanks a lot man. You guys are #1

Reptile City Review - 04/24/2015
I just received my 20 healthy, lively baby turtles! I was concerned about the cold temps here this week, but they made it!
Thank you!
Paul Adams

Reptile City Review - 04/17/2015
Strawberry Hermit Crabs
Thank you so much. I received my strawberry crabs yesterday and they are beautiful. Very fast service. 5 days since I placed my order and they arrived at my post office in about 22 hours from when they left you. Their color is great, they look just like ripe strawberries. Very active from the minute I had the box I could hear them moving around. As soon as I opened the "bag" they were in they quickly made their way out. Not shy at all.
I shared my experience with hermit crab groups online and definitely think you will be having a few more orders soon!
My 7 year old son wanted me to share this picture with you (it's attached to email). He says, "Nothing but some strawberries here!" He's very happy with his new pets.
The only issue I have is they came with just dry newspaper. I think they would do much better if you could put some damp moss in with them instead.

Reptile City Review - 04/15/2015
Order 59365
I got the chameleons today, they are soooooo cute!!! They love it here too!
Thank you so much!!!
Suzanne Ryan

Reptile City Review - 04/14/2015
Order 59325
Thank you so much. We are so excited. I wanted to personally thank you for your excellent communication and our great experience with your company so far. May God continue to bless your business!
Lonika Utterback

Reptile City Review - 04/13/2015
Green Ameiva’s
I am happily surprised at the health of the Amieva tegus They are very healthy and active and are eating right off the bat. Thank you

Reptile City Review - 04/13/2015
Order 59264
Thank you so much Felton Willis! I received my desert hairy scorpion on Saturday and its alive and well and amazing! What a beautiful golden species. I will definately be ordering another one from you again so it doesnt feel lonely!!

Reptile City Review - 04/11/2015
Order 59338
My turtle was received today as promised and I couldn't be more happy with the way everything turned out. I felt like a kid again on Christmas morning. You have really been an outstanding business owner and you definitely do as you say. You don't get that much anywhere anymore. Bravo Dude!!! I was wondering where I could leave you a review on your web page? Thanks again, and will be shopping more with you and ReptileCity.

Jimmy Hicks
Providence, RI 02903

Reptile City Review - 04/11/2015
Southern Painted Turtle
Received package in perfect condition.Thank-you very much Mr Willis.I really appreciate it. Mike

Reptile City Review - 04/10/2015
New purchase
Hi Felton,
I just received my lizards! Either I have triple vision or I'm in beardie heaven! They are already exploring and eating! You guys are awesome!
Thanks again!

Suzanne Ryan
Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 04/03/2015
Green Anaconda
I received the GA. She is a beautiful specimen! I really appreciate you working with me on this. She was worth every scent, truly. Thank you and may God Bless You-

Reptile City Review - 04/01/15
looking for Turtle
Hi it David Chea
I was wondering when will you be caring Rio Grande Red Cooter babies turtle again. I saw that, you where all sold out. If, you happen to have it in stock again, please contact me. Because, I would like to order it from your company.
Not only that, your company have best online service easy, fast, and my package come on time.
Thank you again
David Chea

Reptile City Review - 03/31/2015
Order 56942
Felton you are the Super Best! Thank You So Very Much!!! Excited

Reptile City Review - 03/30/2015
Question about my order
Just received my baby turtles. They are perfect amd so Beautiful. Thank you!! Definitely ordering from yall from now on.

Reptile City Review - 03/26/2015
Over reacted to last message. REALLY SATISFIED with order! Thank y'all again so much!
I would like to disregard my last message to y'all it was my fault I never read y'all's shipment thing saying Monday threw wendsday. Anyways I just received my Savannah monitors They absolutely some amazing animals they seem to be really healthy seemed a little slow when I first got them out but after a few minutes under their heat lamp they was exploring the new habitat. Would just like to say I'm sorry and I'll be doing business with y'all again soon.!
Thanks Cody

Reptile City Review - 03/25/2015
Order 57754
received my order thanks again this was my first reptile i appreciate everything you guys are great
Anthony presher

Reptile City Review - 03/19/2015
HaHa Reptiles Order 5352
Wanted to say, thank you and that I got him and he is in great shape.

Reptile City Review - 03/13/2015
Thank you
Thank you Mr. Willis for your determination to fill my order. My turtle arrived today healthy and active. You weren't Lying when you said a cool turtle! I think it's a razor back musk. It is beautiful and spotted. Thank you again I couldn't be happier with this extremely active little turtle.

Reptile City Review - 03/13/2015
Thank u.
Will look forward to hearing from you. The turtle we got from you is doing great. She is very sweet and my older male turtle has really perked up with the company. Cheryl Sherwood

Reptile City Review - 03/12/2015
Frilled Dragons
My frilled dragons arrived today. They are adorable and very spunky. They were eating in less then an hour and drank quite a bit right away, but they are healthy and happy. My older frilled dragon has inspected and approves of them both! Thank you soooo much! I will be ordering more in the very near future!
Anna Lewison

Reptile City Review - 03/12/2015
Order 58365
Morning everything is alive and looks good thanks talk to you soon!

Reptile City Review - 03/11/2015
Order 58357
Frogs arrived safe and sound and seem healthy. Great packaging...thank you!

Reptile City Review - 03/11/2015
Order 58514
chameleons look good Mr.Mr. Felton! look forward to more business with you soon. I have one quick question before i place more orders! If i spend more then $200 does it automatically turn into wholesale prices? Thanks for the healthy critters!

Reptile City Review - 03/05/2015
FedEx Service Alerts
Perfect! I must say you are the best wholesaler i have used in a while. I know my emails are a pain but im balencing work and the shop so i need to plan out the trips to fedex. Thank you very much for the constant communication

Reptile City Review - 03/05/2015
3 stripped mud turtle question
Hello we purchased two 3 stripped mud turtles from you guys the first of January, they were hatchlings. They are doing great and we are loving watching them. My question is one seems to be growing much slower than the other one, and I just wanted to see if this is normal. We are first time turtle owners and just wanted to make sure they both are doing ok. They both seem to eat well and they are active. Thanks for any info. We love our turtles.

Reptile City Review - 03/05/2015
Hey guys!
We received our yellow Niger uro and our red Niger uro and I just really wanted to take the time and say thank you! Not only where they heathy and extremely active but you guys where VERY fast about sending them out to us and replying to all of our emails. (That's more that I can say for a few different website company's we tried ordering through) I would highly suggest you guys again to anyone that is looking for a reptile.
Again, thank you SO much,
Brittanie & Zachariah. =

Reptile City Review - 03/01/2015
Order 58302
Thank you for my turtles. I picked them up from the post office today and so far they are doing well. Thanks,
Stephanie Gresham

Reptile City Review - 02/28/2015
Reptile order
All the animals made it safely :) they are beautiful!!! Thank you! Will the rest be shipped Monday?

Reptile City Review - 02/21/2015
Amazon tree boa
She's beautiful! Love her orange and black Thank you. Did you happen to feed her?
Darrien Ricks,

Reptile City Review - 02/18/2015
Order 57866
They arrived just fine.
I put the babies in separate water from the Spiny Ridge. They all pooped and started walking around. The Ridge Back is sweet. I named her Mandy. Truly love her on the spot. Thanks from all of us. USPS called and delivered them right away.

Reptile City Review - 02/13/2015
Order 57681
My babies have arrived live and well just tired! Thank you so much can't wait to do business with you again soon. I attached a picture.

Reptile City Review - 02/11/2015
Order 57679
Got them first thing in the morning from post office, all jumping up and down and healthy looking .

Reptile City Review - 02/06/2015
Hi this is Renae,,, Last year's customer,,, I'm officially a Repeat now, Lol I'd like Your sale's price's on all Your reptiles to Do a purchase,,, I also Have referred You strongly to 7 other reptile keeper's I'm sure @least 3of them will purchase or possibly Already Have,,, Thanks So Much 4 My Bonnie & Clyde... Remarkable animal's truly. Sincerely Renae

Reptile City Review - 02/04/2015
Thank you for the healthy turtles it second time ordering from you guys im so sorry about me bothering you guys thanks
Sent from my iPhone=

Reptile City Review - 01/15/2015
thank you
I have ordered from your company twice. Last year I order 2 eastern spotted newts and are doing awesome. My students love watching them walk around the tank. This year I ordered 2 marbled salamanders, they arrived in great condition and have adjusted to their new tank. Thank you for taking such great care of your animals.
Tammy Riggins
WSHS Sci. Dept

Reptile City Review - 01/08/2015
Thank you
I love my Red Iguana I ordered from you guys. Beautiful color and healthy. Ordering processes was quick and easy. Had the same great experience with my second order of Tokay Geckos. Both Geckos are healthy and nice looking. One of the Geckos has a grown back tail which is a little disappointing, but still I plan on getting my reptiles from you in the future.
Thank you,
Wendi Adams

Reptile City Review - 12/30/2014
Order 56736
I got my babies today they are absolutely gorgeous I'll definitely be ordering from you again real soon I'm so incredibly happy thank you soo much

Reptile City Review - 12/29/2014
RE: Your Reptile City Order
Our turtles we purchased from you are doing awesome! Just wondering when the food will be arriving that we purchased from you. Thanks!

Reptile City Review - 12/22/2014
Extra item in package
I ordered 4 red ear slider turtles from you guys last week and recieved them today. They were beautiful and bigger than i expected. And you also included a fire skink. Im not sure if it was an order mix up or it was just a gift (in that case thank you! Ive always wanted a skink! )But i felt like i should report it. So thanks and i will definitely order from you guys if i ever want another reptile! Cassandra Holiday

Reptile City Review - 12/20/2014
Just letting you know the gal arrived AOK.
Thank you. I will be ordering more. We named her Val for Valmont. She has an 11yr. old boy friend.
Merry Christmas!
Chris Lucas

Reptile City Review - 12/15/2014
Nile Monitors (c.b. babies) Qty 2 for 80.00
You guys are awesome..love you guys thanks for all of the sales

Reptile City Review - 12/15/2014
Bearded Dragon (c.b. babies) Qty 2 for 75.00
Thats a very good price on these. Im not in the market right now, but when I am I will check you guys first. I bought 2 moon crabs from you which I received in top condition and still have both doing very well!!! Please keep me on your mailing list. Thank you for quick reply, Chris Brown

Reptile City Review - 12/15/2014
Male Turtles
Thanks Felton. They came and they love the tank - they ran right up the ramp and spend a ton of time in the basking area (I use a turtle topper).
Thanks again!

Reptile City Review - 12/10/2014
Your Reptile City Order
Thank you so much!!!! The Jackson chamelons arrived alive and well.. they are awesome.. thank you and ill be ordering soon again

Reptile City Review - 12/09/2014
Order 55945
thank you so much. its a beautiful boa. im always a very thankful customer

Reptile City Review - 12/04/2014
Order 56233
I would just like to say thank you so much this guy is beautiful and packaging was perfect in every way

Reptile City Review - 12/01/2014
Senegal Chameleon "Black Friday" 29.99
Sorry for all of the E-mails, but I really just want to say that I have had literally the best service in my experiences with you guys in the past, and my top concern is the safety of these animals through the shipping process as well as the future. As you can see in the attached picture, I have ordered 3 each of your Senegal chameleons and you armadillo lizard. Citing your very own care sheet, I get the impression I ought to house only one male together with two females for each of these. Can you please ensure that I receive 1 male and two females of each? Thank you! Your help is much appreciated in advanced!

Reptile City Review - 11/21/2014
Order 55792
Omg thank u so much u went above and beyond sending us 5 my Lil girl was so excited she could barely breath! Thank u so much

Reptile City Review - 11/19/2014
Order 55994
Animals arrived healthy and happy. Thank you Cheryl Sherwood

Reptile City Review - 10/23/2014
I got my turtles! The three little guys are very healthy as I expected. All eyes are opening and no problems with the turtles. I hope my parents let me get the mata mata turtle come Christmas time. Thanks a bunch.

Reptile City Review - 10/22/2014
Order 55356
Order Received at 10:00 AM Central time. Skinks are in good condition.
Kevin Murphy

Reptile City Review - 10/13/2014
HaHa Reptiles Order 5165
You guys are great. Things like this is why I continue to go through you. I've had several people tell me to go to this place or that place, they have better prices or a better selection, but like I tell them better prices isn't everything, it's the service that counts. Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

Reptile City Review - 10/02/2014
I placed an order for a c.b. Ball Python from you guys over a month ago and am just now getting around to contacting you. I received my "new buddy" in a timely manner ( my mail carrier actually saw that I had an express package and brought it 2 hours earlier than expected ) and it was healthy and alert. I was sceptical about ordering a reptile through the mail, but you guys did a good job. It has acclimated well to his terrarium and is eating well. Thanks again !

Reptile City Review - 09/24/2014
HaHa Reptiles Order 5145
Thank you for your prompt service and excellent tortoises. I received two adult red footed and one leopard tortoise. They are all amazing looking and very healthy and eating very very well. Thank You I will never shop anywhere else.

Greg Klim
Sunnyside Tortoise's
Dover, DE.

Reptile City Review - 09/24/2014
Green Anaconda
thank you. you guys are the best.. very satisfied.

Reptile City Review - 09/23/2014
Order 54920
We received the turtles. They are doing great!!!
Thank you!!

Reptile City Review - 09/10/2014
Snapping turtles
Thanks for the replacement snapping turtles. They came in today looking great and with a lot of energy.

Reptile City Review - 09/07/2014
Corn snakes
I received my babies Saturday. They are beautiful! I was needing to find out when was the last time they are an are they eating pinkies or grasshoppers? I am so looking forward to doing more business with you guys in the future. I have already recommended you to a couple of friends. Have a wonderful day.

Reptile City Review - 09/05/2014
Order 54651 Colorado River Toad
No reply needed!
Very nice, happy, healthy, toads I will be a repeat customer and recommend you to everyone. Thanks

P.S my toads are named after (The lone gunmen) from the tv series (the x files). Melvin Frohike, John Fitzgerald Byers, and Richard Langly

Reptile City Review - 08/28/2014
Order 54490
Received them yesterday and all is well. As soon I put them in, my male (within 5 minutes) was lockup with one of the girls. Thank you so much for hand picking two females for me. Blessings to you and your family and the business, Brian

Reptile City Review - 08/10/2014
Order 53781
Mr.Felton Willis, The black racer ( I'm almost positive it's a male) you sent is just doing great, I'm so happy with him . I was wondering if you had any idea about when the other is going to be sent. I was hoping if at all possible you could try to send a possible female. I am hoping to reproduce some cb babies and ordered these as F1/display animals. I can't express enough just how great the little guy is doing so far. Going to try to start him on anoles here in a few days after his shed. Plan to switch them to f/t rodents so if you know what they were feeding on it would be of help.

Thank you so much for your patience and service,
Nathan Tluchowski ( happy Reptile City customer)

Reptile City Review - 08/09/2014
Your Reptile City Order
Hello, we ordered a Mali Uromastyx from you several weeks ago and she arrived earlier in the week. We wanted to give you GREAT feedback as we were not expecting such a healthy and beautiful lizard! She is strong and active, eating well and such.
We're very pleased with your service. I had talked to one if your staff and requested an older female with yellow coloring if available, you can see in the picture how beautiful she is!
If I can post a recommendation on your website, let me know. Pic attached of Stella the Mali!

Sincerely, Liz Hook

Reptile City Review - 08/07/2014
HaHa Reptiles Order 5505
I love the Geckos,, arrives amazing!!!
Thanks for everything
Glorymar Madera

Reptile City Review - 08/07/2014
snake order, died over night
I bought a ball python from reptile city inc. and In the confirmation it said the snake order would be processed and sent in 7 days so I didn't bother to check my mail. Albeit about two days later I had a snake in the mail. He was a bit wobbly and not in the greatest health (from the hot trip im guessing) he survived the night but was dead the next morning. after reading the reviews I was worried because some say this guy is a con.. yodda yodda yadda . well I emailed them and they were quick on the response(s) and even sent my replacement out the next week. though the first one died (I'm very sad about that as I want all snakes to not die such deaths) I also know sending snakes by mail is difficult. In any event these people are top notch and will definantly buy more in time to come. thanks so very much reptile city inc.

Reptile City Review - 07/18/2014
Order 53089
Good news Felton! Both toads arrived alive and healthy. Thank you for the additional toad. I really appreciate it! If you ever get European (Egyptian) Green Toads (Bufo Viridis) in stock, please let me know. Thanks again!

Reptile City Review - 07/15/2014
I haven't ordered yet but I intend too I wanted to thank you and your staff you have answered alot of my questions in a timely manner and that alonen says a lot about your business I've had some really bad luck with other companys specifically bwater they sold me 2 water monitors that were loaded with parasites and worms I know that is chance you take with imports but the response I got was just oh well sorry should have called us within 24 hours like I'm goñna receive animal take it right to vet you guys have been impressive in comparison thank you - Mike Gerighty

Reptile City Review - 07/11/2014
Order 52830
Hey, Just wanted to say thanks for the Boa. Beautiful animal. In great health ate 6 pinkys was not hatched out early or sick. I'm very pleased with it way better than the pythons. I'll be ordering more soon from you. Thanks Randall

Reptile City Review - 07/08/2014
Order 53014
Hello this is Lena Schoveld I was letting you know that I recieved my ball python and it is beautiful and healthy. Thank you.

Reptile City Review - 07/03/2014
Order 52907
I received the red iguana very healthy thank you

Reptile City Review - 06/30/2014
female red foot tortoise
I received a beautiful tortoise, thank you. We have named her Black Forest because when she arrived she was all sealed up in her shell and my husband thought she was a ham as she was in a cloth bag and I had not told him to be expecting a tortoise

Reptile City Review - 06/28/2014
My new mangrove!
I orderd a mangrove monitor and I like the way it was packed cause it got more air than the Styrofoam boxes..it was very healthy..I would order from reptile city agian ..I was very pleased... Hes just a beatiful specimen
rhonda chavez

Reptile City Review - 06/20/2014
Your order has been scheduled
Thank you for my turtles. They arrived the day before yesterday and seem healthy.

Reptile City Review - 06/18/2014
Order 52067
Thanks Felton, you are the best. I will buy from you again and refer anyone I can to you.
Charles King

Reptile City Review - 06/12/2014
Order 51961
Just wanted to say thank you for the awesome customer service and the turtles are doing great. Thanks mike burke

Reptile City Review - 06/05/2014
Reptile City Order 51528
Haven't had the chance to compliment the service, but I received all my reptiles alive, and in good health!!! I was really worried at first since they were being shipped over seas for 2 days, but all are doing well!!! Already have some buddies who are planning the next order!!!!

Reptile City Review - 05/27/2014
Your order has been scheduled -
WoW! Thanks, Felton. With regards to the FYI, thank you so much for your integrity to replace the frog, even though you don't have to. We really appreciate it.
In His Love,

Reptile City Review - 05/23/2013
Order 51679
Hello, I just received the turtles and that was quicker than I expected. ..they are beautiful. ..despite all of the bad reviews I saw online. ..I feel as though those people over exaggerated. .....good service and Thank you

Reptile City Review - 05/22/2014
Hampden Sydney College Order
I would just like to CONFIRM that the items below are going to be shipped Thursday (tomorrow morning) for delivery on Friday:

160 Red Ear Sliders (babies)

FYI, you might like to know: we tested the first 10 turtles we received for ranavirus, the wildlife disease that we are working with in our lab. Your animals all tested negative for ranavirus DNA.
Thank you,
Rachel Goodman

Reptile City Review - 05/14/2014
Order 51197
You guys did a great job.. There are 6 happy turtles and 1 happy wife.. Thanks

Reptile City Review - 05/12/2014
Order 51411
Thank you, their lagoon and bask spaces are patiently waiting. This was the best Mother's Day present ever, thank you Reptile City!

Reptile City Review - 05/07/2014
Order 51000
Received my lizard first thing in the morning, looked in good shape. Thank you.

Reptile City Review - 05/07/2014
Order #51241 for map turtle
Omg this little turtle is beautiful. He arrived a hour late but he did come safe and sound. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. My kids are very excited so am I. I will probably order another turtle in the near future.
Sent from Mrs. Mondaine

Reptile City Review - 05/07/2014
Order 51004
I received my order and everything is fine. Thankyou Darcy

Reptile City Review - 05/07/2014
Your Ha Ha Reptiles Order
We have not got Savannah Monitor (c.b. babies) But all the rest look great and I am so happy to do biz with haha reptiles
Thank u so much!
God bless you all!

Reptile City Review - 05/05/2014
Order 51152
Thanks, I received them earlier today. :) They seem to be doing fine and healthy, the shipping was very fast. Thanks I would most certainly recommend you.

Reptile City Review - 05/04/2014
Order 51119
Just wanted to let you know that the snake I received has recovered from the hot journey and is doing well now. I really thought it wouldent make it over night but it did. I got him to eat yesterday without peoblems. Thank you again

Reptile City Review - 05/03/2014
Order 50944
My ATB arrived fine and healthy. He has already been drinking and already ate and it going into shed. Thanks for the gorgeous guy!

Reptile City Review - 04/30/2014
Re: Your Reptile City Order
Thank you all so much he is beautiful and thank you for sending me a large hatchling i will most definitely recommend you to my friends and co-workers.
Thanks again

Reptile City Review - 04/27/2014
Thank you
Hi, just wanted to say thanks for your great customer service,they were very helpful and I look forward to doing business with you guys in the future.I ordered from you guys a couple weeks ago and all reptiles were very healthy.Im very pleased.Thanks John Malizia

Reptile City Review - 04/25/2014
Just got the Iggys and I am very happy! They look great in my custom tank and are doing very well. I just wanted to write and say thank you for everything. You have high quality lizards with high quality service and the packaging was excellent. I would definitely order from you again.
You have a great day!
Charles Salmi
Warrenton, Oregon

Reptile City Review - 04/17/2014
Order 50649
Hey I received my order today and my iguana looks great. After the reviews I read online I was scared but you came through as said. Shipping was fast and communication was great. Thanks once again. Will be purchasing again soon

Reptile City Review - 04/16/2014
Order 50555
Hi jest wanted to say thanks for getting my orders to me they all look great I'm a little concerned about the savannah Monitor it not very activit right now but I will keep you up to date on it other than that I'm very pleased and once again thank you

Reptile City Review - 04/16/2014
Order 49964
I have just received my emerald swift, and he's absolutely stunning. He looks bright, healthy, and well-fed. Since he just came out of the packaging, he'll at least need some time to adjust before I can really be sure he'll be okay. I just wanted to say thank you for this gorgeous little guy.

Reptile City Review - 04/16/2014
Order 4835
My customer called me as soon as he got the order. He was going NUTS. He was VERY VERY happy with the frogs we sold him. Thanks for always being top notch! Allen

Reptile City Review - 04/14/2014
New tortoise
Thank you so much for my Herman's tortoise! He arrived three hours ahead of schedule, healthy and beautiful! I had ordered two aquatic turtles a year ago (hieroglyphic river footer and painted turtle) who are huge and happy now so I knew I was in good hands purchasing from you again! Thanks and you will be the only stop I make for my next purchase!

Reptile City Review - 04/11/2014
Order 50450
Hello! I just received my tortoise and he is very active and seems well! I will be leaving much positive feedback for you as many places as I can! Thanks so much and God bless!
Michael Vinzant

Reptile City Review - 04/12/2014
My Jackson Chameleons
Hi Guys Thank-You,,, so much for Your caring, Even for. Customer you don't even know & I wasn't Very nice to You, in the Beginning... So You are a very caring business indeed... thank-
Thank-you I'll be giving a Shining review

Reptile City Review - 04/10/2014
Amazing service
I want to thank you for you amazing service. My map and yellow belly are healthy beautiful and very active. I can not wait to do more service. I am impressed completely. Thank you Felton

Reptile City Review - 04/09/2014
Order 50428
Thank you so much! My little guys (or girls?) arrived safely around 12:00 PM central time (ahead of schedule which works for me!), alive and very active! They're in their home and very inquisitive! Ive owned salamanders and newts before and have yet to see any that are as tenacious as these two are! I've let a few other enthusiasts know about your website and hope to bring you some business!
James Llamozas

Reptile City Review - 04/04/2014
I just came by to give you some feedback!
That's the pretty baby. Her name is Astrid. She is the senegal chameleon I ordered. As soon as she came out of the box, she started exploring her enclosure -- she was very active. She's about as long as my middle finger. I put some crickets in there and she ate them up! Thank you, Reptile City!

Reptile City Review - 04/02/2014
Re: Your Reptile City Order
Thank you so very much for the iguanas. We received them on Friday. I wanted to let you know they are doing great they are eating very well and they enjoy us handling them. We are building a bigger enclosure for them now so they will have more room. Thank you so much we love them.

Reptile City Review - 03/28/2014
I wanted to personally thank Felton and his team for the order that I had placed for my son's birthday. I ordered some fire salamanders and Felton said that he would get them to me in time and he did. I was emailed that they were being shipped with instructions. They arrived on time, properly packed and when I put them into their new home, they were in very good condition. They immediately started walking around. I have had several family members and friends see them and now everyone wants some. I will highly recommend Reptile City and I will be ordering more in the near future. Thanks, Buddy Ray.

Reptile City Review - 03/26/2014
RE: Your Reptile City Order
Good Morning,
I just received my Jackson Chameleons and they are beautiful. I am so happy and pleased with them.
I am still waiting for my Red Back Chuckwallas and will be pleased to do business with you again and again.
Thank you and have a great day!!
Vicky McKee

Reptile City Review - 03/19/2014
Order 49639
Just wanna say Thank you for working with me on this situation.....All seems like you guys are a very stand up company, and I look forward to continued business with you guys...thanks again...
John Burgess

Reptile City Review - 03/19/2014
Order # 49887
I must say that I was extremely concerned about placing an order with your company due to all of the bad reviews that I had read about your company. However after several email correspondences and phone conversations I was put at ease. I received my order much faster than I was told that I would and all of my reptiles were alive and very healthy and alert I could not be happy and will definitely be doing more business with your company thank you very much!

Reptile City Review - 03/18/2014
Order 49757
Felton Willis,
This is Scott Winton.
My black throat monitor arrived 2 hours earlier than the scheduled eta last Friday. He/she is doing very well!
After I placed my order with reptilecity.com I decided to look for reviews of your company. And basically all I found was bad reviews. Everything from how rude you are on the phone to dodging calls to not giving tracking numbers for shipments And worse.
Honestly It kinda had my a bit worried.
However, we spoke several times on the phone. You answered all my calls and you never came across as rude.
You emailed me all the info including about my order; the day it will be shipped, tracking info, eta, and my monitor arrived 2 hours early in very good condition. The way he was packed was done very well.
I appreciate everything very much.
Unlike the reviews I read I have nothing bad to say about your company. And I am very pleased to have done business with you.
Thank you,
Scott Winton.

Reptile City Review - 03/16/2014
Order 49803
our snake arrived alive and well and is so sweet, the kids are so excited! thank you very much

Reptile City Review - 03/13/2014
Did You Get the Spotted Turtles
Yes I did! I'm at work so I'm sorry I couldn't return your call. Both of my spotted babies are doing great! Thank you very much for sending such healthy turtles!

Reptile City Review - 03/13/2014
Another Star Tortoises
Once again Felton and Reptile City delivers. Got another Indian Star tortoise from them--this time a female and hope to breed them in the future with the male star tortoise they sold me two months ago. They gave me a discounted price on the female and shipped her out when promised. Have no hesitations recommending this company; and they have one of the largest reptile selections around!
Dr. Todd Baker, President of Brit Hadashah Ministries

Reptile City Review - 03/07/2014
Packing Slip 49656
Rec. my animals this morning All in good shape for as I can Tell thank u for going the extra Mile to get them to me. Will order With more time next time they Moved the date of the show up A week n messed me. U still Have the best prices n animals I've found any where
Thanks Danny

Reptile City Review - 03/02/2014
Re: Your Reptile City Order
Newts arrived in great condition and are doing great. THANKS

Reptile City Review - 03/02/2014
Order 49516
hay this is David I want to thank you for the fire salamanders. they look very nice and healthy. do you know if they are male and female and if they are how do I check to see if one is a male and the other is a female. please email me a picture. and thank you again

Reptile City Review - 02/28/2014
Order 49542
We got our Geckos and they are great....
The Wilcoxon's

Reptile City Review - 02/16/2014
Order 49221 - Red-Tail Boa
Picked him up this morning and everything is great. He already ate a hopper mouse. Thanks again!
Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 02/15/2014
RE: superworm order
package received twenty minutes ago. thank you. their very nice looking. poor things my daughter and mom were shaking it to see what I got.

Reptile City Review - 02/11/2014
Order 48992
Our turtle has arrived safely and alive. It seems to be doing well, very active and drinking water, and exploring its new habitat. Thank you.

Reptile City Review - 02/09/2014
Baby Russian Tortoise
Hello! Thank for confirmation on my order. Fenton Willis was so great on the phone. Sure appreciated that. I have only one request and that is to correct the spelling of my first name. It is Kristine. Not Kristen. Thank you very much. I am excited to get my new baby tort!!
Sincerely, Kristine Ditzel

Reptile City Review - 02/02/2014
Thank you
Hi. I just wanted to let you guys know that i did recieve my Jacksons Chameleon safe and sound on Saturday, February 1, 2014. He is so wonderful and beautiful. Thank You!

Reptile City Review - 02/02/2014
2 Snappers
Hello Felton, just wanted to let you know I did receive the turtles and the look healthy and wonderful. Thank you for all your hard work. I Cant wait to do business again maybe a Monitor Lizard next time. Thanks again.
Brian Dickens

Reptile City Review - 01/24/2014
Order: 48752 Green Tree Python
We just wanted to let you know, we received the snake today and we're very happy with it, it's extremely gorgeous and my husband loves the colors!!!!
Thank you very much for everything!!!
Excellent customer service!!!
Sent from my iPhone
Carolina, PR

Reptile City Review - 01/08/2014
Reptile City Order 48390 - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!
Thank you so much for helping to make this happen. I was so surprised when the 2 turtles arrived, I thought only 1 was being sent, and they were both very much alive/active and kicking. :-) Right now they are swimming in their new home. I never thought I would see the day, when I owned turtles, but I will say they are a lot of fun to watch.
Want to thank you again!

Reptile City Review - 01/07/2014
Re: Available for Pickup
Hello Again!!
The tortoises have arrived and seem to be doing fine!! Thank you so much for all of your help!! We are thrilled!!
- Nancy
St. John, VI

Reptile City Review - 01/07/2014
Order 48447
Got everything today, everything looks fine...great service, thanks

Reptile City Review - 01/04/2014
Order 48191
Hi. The tortoises arrived yesterday in perfect condition. Thanks!
Marc Coyer
Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 01/04/2014
Order 48211
hello mr willis i got everybody they are all alive thanks for the great service

Reptile City Review - 12/27/2013
Order 48256
Got my water monitor a while ago just wanted to say thank you and she's beautiful! Will be ordering again soon! Thanks again.
Nick Alonzo

Reptile City Review - 12/26/2013
Order 48185
They arrived alive this afternoon – thank you! Made my 12 year old daughters Christmas to be sure!!

Reptile City Review - 12/24/2013
Reptile City Order 48067
They are here and beautiful!!! You sent two yellow bellies...but our 5th grade teacher wants one

Reptile City Review - 12/24/2013
Order 48195
Just wanted to say Thank you both turtles are alive and very cute!!! Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas !!

Reptile City Review 12/22/2013
Thank you!
dear reptile city-thank you for the gorgeous cuban knight anoles they arrived a little dehydrated but both took water and food right away.one was a gift for our 16 year old and he was VERY happy and excited and our 3 year old spends hours watching the other one in the terrarium we put together for him.This spring i am hoping to get a crested gecko from your company, happy holidays and thank you again! -Patricia Piecek

Reptile City Review - 12/21/2013
Order 47665
Hi, just wanted to let you know I received my Nile monitors this morning in fantastic condition. They arrived a day later than said but it was to be predicted because of Christmas delays. Regardless, unlike other sites I've ordered live reptiles from which arrived very cold (but still alive) on just one day shipping, my monitors I got from ReptileCity arrived perfectly warm and happy even with the extra day. So thank you very much, they may have taken a while to ship but it was well worth the wait. Will definitely do business again with you.
Many thanks,

Reptile City Review - 12/12/2013
Order 47785
These guys went the extra mile for me in getting my beautiful Indian Star Tortoise and made sure the shipper got it to me in time. They gave me this tortoise at a great price and back what they sale. I highly recommend them for the Reptile lover.
Dr. Todd Baker--Dallas, Texas

Reptile City Review - 11/26/2013
Order 47498
awsome thank you so much! i love your store and every time i want new lizards i skip every other store and go straight to you guys!!! i love your store keep up the good work reptile city!!

Reptile City Review - 11/25/2013
Order 47468
Ordered the 2 red Iguanas. Came safe and sound and looking good. I will be using you again in the near future. Thanks...Joe

Reptile City Review - 11/18/2013
Reptile City Order 47188
I received my turtles last week and just writing to let you know that all were in excellent shape and didn't even appear to be stressed out at all and all eating, considering the trip to Hawaii. Thanks again and I will purchase more from you folks for sure. I am looking for North American Wood Turtle babies however which you don't seem to have.

Reptile City Review - 11/03/13
Order 46291 – Replacements
The turtles are deep divers and are doing awesome! Very active. Be ordering again as soon as I can.
Thanks again!

Reptile City Review - 11/02/13
Order 46885
i love the snake i purchased from you guys. he was really active and even ate the day he arrived, he's also as tame as a puppy dog, if i decide to get another one it'll for sure be from you

Reptile City Review - 10/23/2013
Re: Already eating!
Testimonial. Recieved my two blue tongue skinks this evening. Began eating immediately! Look at those pigs!!!

Reptile City Review - 10/21/2013
Very happy!!!! Order #46674

I have been wanting a retic for along time now and searched all over the internet for the best place to buy it from. I found it in reptile city. I talked to the owner on the phone before my purchase and he was very helpful and knowledgeable. After I received my retic she was one of the most beautiful retics ever. Very healthy and active she eats great and is very very calm. I would recommend reptile city to anyone wanting to order a reptile online. I know I will be ordering every reptile I get online from them from now on!!! Justin Mathews, Kansas

Reptile City Review - 10/18/2013
You got it !!
I just received the Pandinus imperator (Emperor scorpion) today (my birthday).
Beautiful, feisty, gorgeous black, and mammoth pendipalps!!
I can't wait to take this tough guy to my Ecto Critterz shows.

I was expecting a very young tiny critter and was very happy to see one this size.

Thanks a bunch. You folks are groovy!!!

I'll be buying from you again, real soon!!!

Scott Robinson
Ecto Critterz

Reptile City Review - 10/17/2013
Re: Reptile City Order 46542
You guys have been really great! My baby BRB arrived alive, though obviously stressed from the extra day in shipment caused by UPS - he didn't even attempt striking me at all when placing him in his new enclosure. As I headed back to the office from my lunch break, he'd been actively exploring his new home for about ten minutes. He looks very healthy, so I don't anticipate any issues as he settles in. I'm leaving him alone for today and plan to attempt a feeding late tomorrow evening.

Thank you so much! This has been my second purchase through ReptileCity and I'm definitely a fan. Your service is great, and animal quality is awesome. =D


Reptile City Review - 10/12/2013
Order 45942
Mr. Willis,
We got the crickets on Fri. afternoon. They look to be the right size this time. Thank you so much for taking care of that problem so quickly.
Vicki Thomas

Reptile City Review - 10/12/2013
Reptile City Order 45300
I appreciate very much you sent my kids those other two bearded dragons, these appear much more active and are doing well. You will be seeing more orders from us in the future...another loyal customer!
Jeffrey Mena, PR

Reptile City Review - 10/07/2013
Your Reptile City Order
Thank you Felton.
I was very pleased with your site, pricing and ease of use. Wishing you much success.
Sorry our Broncos beat up on Dallas yesterday.

Reptile City Review - 10/03/2013
Order 46291
Got my turtles today, they're awesome!!!! The one with the odd shell is actually pretty neat looking! Thanks for putting up with my blundering impatience! Will be ordering soon again!
Very satisfied,
Tony Parma

Reptile City Review - 09/20/2013
The snapping turtles are doing great!
My son is so excited!! Thanks for shipping the turtles quickly. They are doing well. Both are eating already.
Nice job folks.

Reptile City Review - 09/19/2013
Order 45950
hello reptile city your package has arrived in good condition thank you very much for your services animals are in good condition fast delivery I am pleased this was a trial order the next order will be more large from your wholesale list

Reptile City Review - 09/14/2013
Order 45813
My order came super quick! I ordered wed and came Fri wow! Super Sm box, but were n good condition thanks. I'll do business w yall again.

Reptile City Review - 09/13/2013
Order 45834
The package just arrived. I have released all six pygmy’s into their enclosure and they all began drinking form the droplets on the leaves. Thank you, Daryle Christensen

Reptile City Review - 09/06/2013
Order 45411
I got my savanna monitor this morning and love him!! He's more amazing then I excepted. Thank you so much. I will definitely be ordering more stuff from you in the future.

Reptile City Review - 09/02/2013
Tiger Salamanders
Thank you so much for your wonderful amphibians! Our order of Tiger Salamanders arrived promptly and in wonderful condition. The two salamanders are healthy, strong and growing daily.

I was very impressed at how well you had packed them for shipment. The Post Masters were quite curious about our new critters, so we opened the box to show them off right there at our local Post Office. They too were impressed at your careful packing job. Other than blinking at the bright light, the salamanders were curious enough to walk around their petri-dishes.

Again, thank you for these well cared for pets. We know they received a good start in life and will remain with our family for a long while.

Satisfied in Chicagoland!

Reptile City Review - 08/17/2013
bearded dragon
My bearded dragon arrived today big and healthy and I love him he was a little cold but I put him in his new home and he warmed right up, he is amazing!! Thank you for the Lizard and such fast shipping

Reptile City Review - 08/17/2013
Order 44998
My little turtle arrived today:) it's the cutest thing ever! Thank you so much!
Diana Bullis NY

Reptile City Review - 08/10/2013
Order 44790
You guys are literally the only reptile business's I've ever used! I consider you guys to be the best. The savannah I ordered from u guys a wile ago is alive and doing very well. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

Reptile City Review - 08/10/2013
RE: Frogs
My frogs arrived an absolutly beautiful will be a sure thing as a returning customer ty so much great service quick delievery healthy and enjoying there new home ty guys

Reptile City Review - 08/09/2013
Order 44699
My little guys arrived in great shape, though they are wearing their "stress" colors until they get settled. Thank you for picking two iggies with different color patterns. I am really impressed with their health and markings. If I ever decide to get another reptile, I'll head right for your website. Thank you so much!!

Reptile City Review - 08/08/2013
Baby red ear
Got our baby red ear today! Even though it took two days for him to make the trip, he was climbing out of his container as soon as I opened it!!! And if I'm not mistaken, he actually still has his egg tooth (you can see in the picture of him from the side). My daughter loves him and we are very pleased. Thanks so much!!!

Reptile City Review - 08/08/2013
Order 44709
Hi Felton
I received my turtles today they look great!! Thanks I picked them up at the so they didn't have to sit around in a truck all day :)
Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 08/08/2013
savannah monitor
Hey guys I'm writing to let you know that my savannah monitor just came minutes ago and I could not be more pleased with this animal. He is a very alert, active and healthy baby already exploring his new home he's even hissing a little. I've seen animals in pet stores that weren't as alert as him and he is showing a lot of signs of a promising pet. Thank you guys much I will definitely be a return customer.

Reptile City Review - 08/07/2013
Order 43769
I just wanted to let you know that we did retrieve the geckos from the post office upon our return and they were alive and well. Thank you so much for sending. I know that you were not obligated to do that, so we are very appreciative. The new ones are very active and playful. Thank you again!
In His Love,

Reptile City Review - 08/01/2013
Thank you for my order
I received my order earlier today and was very pleased. After reading mixed reviews I was hesitant, but decided to see for myself and order anyway. Im glad I did. I was very happy with my order and will order again in the future. I will be writing a good reveiw. Thanks again.

Reptile City Review - 07/31/2013
Order 44372
Hey Felton and all at Reptile City ,
Just had to make a few quick comments on the whole process. Your customer service and patience with all of our questions was top notch! Shipping went smoothly and was packed very well. I've seen a whole lot of monitors and the Nile that we just recieved is stunning to say the least. Thanks for such an easy experience! I look forward to doing business again in the future.

Reptile City Review - 07/27/2013
Order 44071
Hello, i'm sorry I don't have my phone with me at the moment but I wanted to let you know that i've received the albino red tail boa and she is beautiful, thank you!

Reptile City Review - 7/25/2013
Order 43883
May god bless u, your family, all the employees and your job. you guys are really amazing. I appreciate your hard work to get your costumers happy. thank you boss.

Reptile City Review - 07/18/2013
Southern Toads – Order 43853
Thank you! My little guys came in, healthy and chirping like mad to be let out of the box!

Reptile City Review - 07/10/2013
Order 43546
Just received the Brazilian Rainbow Boa baby and it is GORGEOUS! THANKYOU SO MUCH! but just a couple questions lol what sex is it? and when was the last feeding? so i'll know when to feed it & how old is it... after that, i'll be complete...

Reptile City Review - 07/09/2013
Order 43202
Hey Felton, my kids called and the anoles arrived, they said they were in good shape so they let them go, thanks for the extras, that was very nice of you. T Kelly

Reptile City Review - 07/03/2013
Order 43437
I've received my order ( baby red iguana) just wanted to say I'm ecstatic for my new pet and I'm glad I purchased from you guys.

L. Craft

Reptile City Review - 07/03/2013
Order 43474

Reptile City Review - 06/28/2013
The frogs are truely amazing. I just want to apologize for bein such a pain in the butt with all my emails I'm really sorry but thank you for all the assistance :)

Reptile City Review - 06/13/2013
Order 42822
Hi Felton, Tortoise arrived this morning and was a big hit at the Office. They'd never received anything live but chicks before, and were amazed (as was I) at the size box he came in. Very alert and active, started eating within a minute of being put in his pen. Excellent color and markings. Easy to pick out in a crowd (should one ever come by).

All in all I'm very pleased with the transaction, and will be looking to yu for future purchases.


Reptile City Review - 06/03/2013
HaHa Reptiles
I received my pets all in great condition. How ever I would like to order some southern painted, and ball pithons, just let me know when you're goin to have the new hatch of souther painted turtles, so I can put all in one order. Thanks

Reptile City Review - 06/03/2013
Order 41823
Felton Willis: Just wanted to drop You an e-mail and thank you for the great service and all the help You gave Me in buying the C.B. Painted turtle babies. They arrived all well and healthy and My Daughter just loves them. Thanks again Felton keep up the good work! Bob

Reptile City Review - 05/30/2013
Order 42404
Got it, alive and well. It's a beautiful snake, and a great deal. Thanks much. It's a female right? I will not hesitate to order from you again or recommend you to others.

Reptile City Review - 05/30/2013
Tokay geckos
I just want to thank you for the beautiful tokay geckos and doing follow up calls and emails with me to ensure I received them alive an well. I very much appreciate you Felton and your staff for your kindness and generosity for replacing the boa that died when you didn't have to. I look forward to doing business again in the future. Have a blessed wonderful day! Thanks again

Reptile City Review - 05/27/2013
Eastern Spotted Newts
Mr. Wills got the newts on Sat. they are in great shape.

Reptile City Review - 05/23/2013
Order 41673
They arrived today!! My students are learning a real life lesson of the life cycle with these turtles. Thanks for sending replacements so quickly!!
Sherri Tuckett

Reptile City Review - 05/22/2013
Successful arrival!
Felton thank you so much for such a great boa! He/she is getting along greatly! I will definitely be purchasing from you in the future!

Reptile City Review - 5/03/2013

Reptile City Review - 05/03/2013
I jut got the email confirming my boa at the office so I went down to get it and all I can say is wow such an amazing snake, thank you sooooo much!! its a little bigger than I thought but I have larger mice and a larger cage for it too.

Reptile City Review - 04/17/2013
Cathy Critters
Thanks Felton for the advice. I've been trying to get them all morning I think I might have them :-) I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. It really helps.
Your awesome

Reptile City Review - 04/11/2013
What's up its Craig
Got it ...she's beautiful...great shape very healthy,thanks again Felton
Thanks Craig

Reptile City Review - 04/11/2013
Happy In Hawaii (order#40786)
Aloha Nina and Mr. Willis,
I picked up my Sally and she's perfect! She is very active and she actually came to me so I fed her 3 baby crickets without hesitation she ate it up! I am crying with happiness and know that she's strong and will survive without any doubts.
I am very pleased with you kind people and my heart is full of joy! Thank you folks for the blessing and caring generosity! I pray that many blessings and good fortune comes your way!
You great people are totally Awesome!! NUMBER ONE in my book!!!!!! Will be putting in an order next week or the following week for a male. Love you all at Reptile City!!!!!!! Totally overwhelmed with happiness!!
Great customer service and very kind people!! Awesome!! Awesome!! Awesome!! Thanks once again!!!! From Elizabeth.

Reptile City Review - 04/11/2013
Order 41278
Wife took me into town to pick up frogs when post office opened at 8:30 they had called me at 7:30 as I requested.
The ladies all had to see them..........reminded them of their youth.......all happy. Let the frogs out in grass at ponds edge......all in great shape. It was 45 deg out and they said THIS AIN"T MIAMI! I hope they do well I have been looking for NL frogs tor 7years with no luck
Thanks again
Doyle Patterson

Reptile City Review - 04/05/2013
Gender Request for Order 41193
Just picked my jackson chameleons up from the post office. You guys rock! Thanks for getting the male for me...he's handsome. Will definitely make orders in the future.

Reptile City Review - 03/28/2013
Order 40964
Just got my baby green conda....was shipped to me in great condition no problems an on time I've already held her,she's a great snake all in all,deffintly would do business again! Thanks Felton Willis!

Thanks Craig LaDouceur=

Reptile City Review - 03/29/2013
Your Reptile City Order
Thank you for the turtles - please note once again a baby male cumberland is requested - happy with reptile city!
My baby eastern paint is doing great!

Reptile City Review - 03/28/2013
Dear Nina and Mr. Felton Willis,
I received my baby marbled salamander in the mail this morning and she/he is AWESOME! She's healthy and moving around and she's happy in her new home. She was hungry and ate like a hawaiian. (Lol). I am very pleased, happy and satisfied! I will be ordering from you folks again. Love my new connection! Totally Awesome! Once again, Mahalo Nui Loa!
From: Elizabeth Rodrigues

Reptile City Review - 03/23/2013
Thank you
I received my red footed tortoise about a week ago and he or she is prefect. He arrived on time and happy. Thanks again for the little dude.

Reptile City Review - 03/23/2013
Savannah monitor
Thank you very much I received my baby this morning and he is awesome he very active thank you for providing healthy reptiles. I still have my boa that I bought from you guys and he is doing grate thanks again. highly recommend you to all my friends.

Reptile City Review - 03/20/2013
Order 40768

Hi Felton,
We received the marbled gecko and are very happy with him. He is just a bit scared right now. Just wondering if you know how old it is and if it is a male or female?

Reptile City Review - 03/16/2013
amazon tree boa
I received my boa earlier today and he/she looks very healthy and is exploring around the new cage after having drank water for about 15 minutes haha! thanks again!

Reptile City Review - 03/14/2013
We received our gorgeous toads. They are fat and happy.
Thank you!
Sonic Pride Labradors

Reptile City Review - 03/08/2013
Order: 40551
Mr. Felton,
My Brazilian Rainbow Boa "Carnage" arrived this morning and as advised I picked him up from the office. He is absolutely beautiful! He immediately ventured around his enclosure. Thank you so much! I was nervous about mail ordering a live animal. I am pleased with your service and will be buying from you again. Best wishes from Brooklyn, NY. Once again thank you! ~John

Reptile City Review - 03/07/2013
Reptile City Order 40285
Have received my two orders if emperor's and they look very happy from their long trip and probably jet lagged. Thank you.

Eddie's iPhone

Reptile City Review - 03/07/2013
Your Reptile City Order
I received my African Fat Tails this morning and they are doing good! Very curious and active. Thanks again for what all you guys at reptile city do!
Also, can I ask what types of insects they are used to being fed? I know it may take awhile for them to become interested in food with the trip and new home, but they didn't seem interested in the mealworms at all.

Jonathon Haaland

Reptile City Review - 03/05/2013
Reptile City Order 38740
just a quick 'belated' email to thank everyone for the replacement of my male CA ornate wood turtle.
he is eating & drinking voraciously and getting along for the most part with my female CA ornate wood turtle.
thank you again and rest assured i will be visiting back, and ordering from, the reptile city website for all my turtle needs and wants!
rick testa

Reptile City Review - 02/11/2013
Reptile City Order 39739
Just a note of appreciation about the order that you sent to me.
That was a terrific selection of hermit crabs, plus lively anoles.
All arrived in good shape [although for some reason the email note was delayed and did not reach me until after the attempt to deliver the order had been made. Nonetheless, the hot packs were still warm the next day].

--Dennis Murphy

Reptile City Review - 02/02/2013
Order 39610
Thanks the order came and they already eating. They look great and healthy.

Reptile City Review - 02/01/2013
Your Reptile City Order
The turtles arrived today and they are swimming all over the tank.

Reptile City Review - 02/01/2013
Re: shipping time
Felton and all at reptile city,
I just wanted to let you know that I received my tegu about 5 minutes ago. It came very healthy and alive. Also I wanted to know if you knew what sex it was.

Reptile City Review - 01/30/2013
Order 39525
Thank you so much. I received my turtles 2 hours ago, and everything it's fine.
We are so happy.
I want to know what time exactly the turtles have???
They are so pretty.
Just another little question, I traid to gave some food but the painted it's hard, so what kind of food she was eating???? Thank you....

Reptile City Review - 01/26/2013
Order 39392
We picked up the frogs at the post office around 6:15 this morning. All 12 are alive and have already eaten. Thanks for a pleasant transaction, my daughter is a very happy girl!
Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone powered by Alltel

Reptile City Review - 01/18/2013
They just arrived, they looking amazing. Everyone wants to stop by and check out the flying geckos and chameleon. Thank you guys for the reptiles.
Sincerely Sukrean Kuy

Reptile City Review - 01/17/2013
Notice Left (No Authorized Recipient Available)
Got my turtles earlier still alive and very healthy the reason I didn't receive them by mail was the fact that the address on the box was wrong its 2676 not 2675.But other then that I'm happy
Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 01/16/2013 Order 39205
Hi Felton and All,
Just thought I'd let you know; Mr Chameleon is safe and sound in his/her warm Terrarium, with plants, food and water available. It must feel like a VIP suite at the Hilton to him!
We just got him in there, so hopefully, he will continue to do well over the next initial, few days.
Thank you and we'll talk to you again soon,
John Bristow

Reptile City Review - 01/11/2013
Order 39176
Thanks I love making business with you guys

Reptile City Review - 12/29/2012
Order 38815
Thank you Felton... My three baby turtles arrived today at 11:30 PST. They are all feisty and apparently had a safe, two-day journey from Florida to Calaifornia. I am surprised at how little these guys are! They must only be a few weeks old. My other turtles are three months old and are much larger! Thanks again and if you ever need a reference, please let me know...
Marsha McHenry

Reptile City Review - 12/28/2012
Order 38860
Mr. Willis,
You guys are great. The Bearded Dragon arrived today in perfect shape. Thank you for moving me up so I could have it for my mothers birthday, She is thrilled with it,
Thanks again

Reptile City Review - 12/22/2012
Order 38709
reptile city my order arrived on time, and both snakes are doing great. they exceeded all expectations . cant wait to order again.

Reptile City Review - 12/21/2012
Red Foot Tortoise Baby
Hi Felton,
I just wanted to let you know that my baby red foot tortoise is here, safe, sound, thirsty, hungry and curious! Thanks for the great advice about picking up the turtle at the office. Much better than having him ride around in the truck all day! Anyway, he's perfect and I'm very happy, thank-you very much and have a great holiday!
Mary Hoyt
Independent Avon Representative

Reptile City Review - 12/19/2012
Order 38614 Brazilian Rainbow Boa
thank you i got my order.my snake looks great and looks like he is in great heath .i will be getting all my reptiles from you guys from know on.

Reptile City Review - 12/13/2012
My order 38411
Just wanted to let you know that my buddies arrived safe and sound. You guys made my first online reptile ordering experience a great one! Except another order from me very soon!

Reptile City Review - 12/08/2012
Order 38340
Wow the Python looks amazing. Its all golden and dark. Just perfect. Thank you so much ok))

Reptile City Review - 12/02/2012
Pixie Frog order 37915
Pixie Frog is doing great and I am really enjoy having the Frog and Really Appreciate the service.
Thank you again, Don Roffee

Reptile City Review - 12/01/2012
Thank you
Thank you for the wonderful HMC they are very beautiful and bright in colors and my nephews think they are the coolies things. Please keep up the good work and God bless you all.

Reptile City Review - 11/21/2012
Order 37950 Albino Red Slider
The shipment came in very early and ahead schedule! You made a change on my order very promptly, and my albino res arrived in prestige health!! He couldn't be happier in his 125g

Reptile City Review - 11/19/2012
Tree Dragon
Got our new baby today! She is perfect. exactly as I requested. Thank you so much, we will absolutely go through you for any other reptile needs.

Reptile City Review - 11/16/2012
Dragon Agamas
Felton Willis at Reptile city, this is Pete Hill. I have received my 8 tree dragons, and they look great! All of them are very active, alert, and eating. Thank you so much for your help, sorry there was some confusion at the local post office.
Thanks, Pete

Reptile City Review - 11/16/2012
Asian Box Turtle
Thank you very miss I got today with no problem. She is very pretty. I am kinda curious What do you feed your Asian box turtles so I can know what to feed her?

What is she used to eating? So I can make her feel like home.

Reptile City Review - 11/15/2012
Order 37766

Reptile City Review - 11/14/2012
Order 37754
My Mud turtle arrived earlier today as you stated in your e-mail to me. He/she is very healthy and active in it's new habit and seems to be adjusting well. Thanks so much and take care.

Reptile City Review - 10/26/2012
Order 37310
Yet another happy purchase. Thank you very much. I am super happy with the chelodina rugosa. He came out and was full of life and he is getting along with my other turtles just fine. I have taken the liberty of posting some good reviews of your site. I hope this brings you more business.

Best Regards,
Don LaBerge

Reptile City Review - 10/24/2012
Order 36043
just recived my baby veil chameleon,eastern red spotted newt,and southern american toad gotta say i loved my chameleons rapid color change and as well as my newt climbing ability,and for the toad hes a big guy THANK YOU SO MUCH AGIAN REPTILE CITY WILL DEF. ORDER MORE SHIPMENTS!!!!!

Reptile City Review - 10/21/2012
Order 36947
I just want to say thank you! You saved my children's lizard and now the smiles from having more are amazing! Reptile City is a great store and I will tell everyone I know how awesome you were and the kind deed you did. Thanks again!

Yours truly,
One loyal customer

Reptile City Review - 09/27/2012
Order 36537 Pygmy Chameleon
This is Mike Coffman (again…) I just wanted to say that the Chameleon did arrive early this morning and upon being placed in his habitat he drank well and ate 13 pinheads! I know I was a bear about timing and my concern for the shipping but I wanted to say thank you to you and your crew for timely responses to my questions as well as a good product. I look forward to business in the future If we decide to invest in any others.

Too often people take time to share critical concern but do not pay tribute where it is due. Again I just wanted to say well done to you and your team. My wife was very surprised and we both love it.

Mike Coffman

Reptile City Review - 09/24/2012



Reptile City Review - 09/21/2012
Dear Felton and Reptile City,
Yesterday my Senegal Chameleon arrived, as promised, from your company. This animal arrived safely, as promised, and in great shape. Communication from beginning of transaction to finish was superior. I'm quite sure that in the big picture this may not be your biggest sale, but you made me feel like your team was dedicated to making my transaction the most important and pleasurable experience ever. This was important because of the somewhat stressful nature of transporting live animal prone to stress, as well as some special requests I had asked for.

From box to his new home, my new Senegal Chameleon drank water, explored his enclosure, and enjoyed some super worms and wax worms. My kids love him!!

This is our second purchase from you, and as this level of quality business continues, you will forever be our only reptile vendor.

I would highly recommend Reptile City for anyone looking to purchase reptiles, amphibians, and anything you offer.

Thanks again,
Scott Dixson

Reptile City Review - 09/21/2012
Reptile City Order 36360
My turtles arrived before 3pm and seem very happy and healthy. I really appreciate it and I will definitely order again, recommend you and write a great review. Thanks again, Brandon

Reptile City Review - 09/21/2012
Tiger Salamander
Hi i recently ordered a tiger salamander and I'am so amazed by how quick it got here and it arrived very healthy. I will be purchasing from you guys again!! Thank-you soo much.!

Reptile City Review - 09/08/2012
We got the other Abscess. Thanks Again!

"We bought a pair of red-eared sliders from Reptile City about four months ago for a home-school science project. The arrived healthy and happy then grew like crazy and thrived in our little aquarium. One of them developed an abscess on the side of its face, which apparently happens occasionally. The people at Reptile City were happy to explain how we could treat it at home. We followed their advice and it healed up just fine. With their help, we were able to avoided costly trips to an exotic pet veterinarian, who might not have been able to treat it effectively anyway. The after-sales support from Reptile City has been outstanding! --- Kelly & Steve, Minnetonka, MN "

Reptile City Review - 09/08/2012
Order 35903
Hi Reptile City. I recieved my 2 baby eastern painted turtles and they are awesome!!. They are swimming and eating very good. Thank you so much for the super fast shipping and the BOGO was such a deal. I hope to do more buisness with you in the future. Thanks again!!

Jim R.
Rochester, NY

Reptile City Review - 09/07/2012
Order 35862
Hi Felton...Just wanted to let you know that the turtles finally arrived today...!!...They seem very healthy ...alert and active..!! The Reeves turtle has a great appetite, and, quite outgoing and social with my other juvenile turtles...the little pink-bellied side neck is a bit shy, but active...one thing though...she hasnt eaten yet...I am sure she's a little stressed from her trip...any suggestions...?...Thanks so very much...!!!


Reptile City Review - 09/02/2012
Order 34519
Hi! I just wanted to thank you for my baby turtle! He is all settled in & he's adorable! I just wondered if you have any (estimated) idea of about how old he was when u sent him. I'd like to keep track of his age. Thank you again. I will be placing an order from your company within the next week of so!

PS. I'm so happy with him & have refered friends to your site! Thanks again!
Robin Isom
Order #34519

Reptile City Review - 08/23/2012
Thank you so much for getting my order to me on my requested day. This was my first time to order from Reptile City. I had a very very good very time experience from yah. I will definitely be placing more order with yah. I admit at first I was a little nervous about him coming. Yah pachaged him so well I can tell that yah know what yah are doing.
thanks Angela. W

Reptile City Review - 08/23/2012
Hello Reptilecity!
This is my third purchase from your online store. (All my turtles are very healthy and are doing great.)
I just ordered a baby razorback musk turtle. Can you guys please make sure that its a MALE and as usual please make sure its healthy, active, and able to eat before sending.
By the way, do you guys offer free food samples for returning costumers? ANYWAYS THANK YOU. I look forward to buying more within the future.
(Troy) Huu Tran
Order #35611

Reptile City Review - 08/14/2012
Hi! I just wanted to thank you for my baby turtle! He is all settled in & he's adorable! I just wondered if you have any (estimated) idea of about how old he was when u sent him. I'd like to keep track of his age. Thank you again. I will be placing an order from your company within the next week of so!
Robin Isom
Order #34519

Reptile City Review - 08/08/2012
Reptile City Order 35106
The babies arrived :) and are eating happily in their tiny pond that I made for them in the terrarium. I can't believe they are tinier than my 6 year old was when I got her . she was about the size of a quarter. These guys are a smidge smaller. Not complaining at all. I love them. They were very attentinve and so happy when I gave them tiny bits of restaurant grade fish from my son's seafood restaurant. They went from nervously looking for a way out to "HEY, what's that smell?" Thank you so much . I'm sure I will be back. Karen

Reptile City Review - 07/30/2012
cindy ryczko (mother of autistic boy)
My son Kyle (who is autistic) took a fascination with barking tree frogs. I home school him due to a incident that happened at his school in which he was bullied. I had to give up my job and live on my son income which is only his SSI (social security disability).
He has been on the internet and UTube looking up barking tree frogs and wanted me to get one for him as a reward. He has researched the different colors of them, the sizes. and I think the best part he likes is that a frog actually barks like a dog.
I did some research looking for a frog and found this great website called" Reptile City" and they were advertising buy one get one free. I can not afford too much and figured I would email them about how I could possibly purchase one instead of two.
I figured they were going to call me back and say you have to purchase two and that I was wasting my time but i thought i would at least try and see what they say.
This morning I got the wonderful email back with a phone number to call and this wonderful lady offered to give me one for free so that my son and I could use our home schooling to study about them and at the same time my son will be delighted to have this as he finds comfort in animals since people are very mean to him and don't understand autism.
After researching several web sites on frogs, I decided to pick this one to email and boy and I glad I did. I can’t wait to get our frog. It goes to show there are definitely nice people out there

Thank you so much Reptile CIty for your time and patience and helping me.
Cindy Ryczko

Reptile City Review - 07/27/2012
HaHa Reptiles Order 3864
Felton, I got the 100 Iguanas. No problems. I like this size much better than the babies. I also look forward to ordering from you exclusively in the future. Thanks, Homer

Reptile City Review - 07/26/2012
Order 34369
I received my order this morning all the animals are alive and healthy. Thank you SO much! I look forward to placing another order with you soon! ~Patricia

Reptile City Review - 07/27/2012
Order 34721
Hi Felton. I got my turtles today. All are beautiful alive and kicking. I am sure they will love their new pond home. Next time you have a sale on any turtles that will do well in a ten acre Virginia pond, please let me know. Thanks again! Looking forward to doing more business with you.
Demetrios Tsiptsis

Reptile City Review - 07/25/2012
just wanted to thank you guys for the baby Savannah looks OK has a scar on its head but doable good business fast shipping great prices will buy Again if possible please send me hatching information so i know exact age please and other info will be appreciated thanks again reptile city you all rock. sincerely Joshua Whitehead-Millar
p.s. the sav its incredibly calm and tame had no problems holding and is exploring the new home

Reptile City Review - 07/23/2012
Your Reptile City Order
Received my Map Turtles today, both seam well and are in their habitat now. Thanks for a smooth and happy transaction! If I have any questions I will be sure to ask.
Thanks again,
Patt Johnson

Reptile City Review - 07/23/2012
Very Reliable
thank you very much for the halloween moon crab. his colors are beautiful and i cant wait to order from you guys again! thank you reptile city. you guys are very reliable.
Thanks Adam Blanco

Reptile City Review - 07/19/2012
Thank you for the frogs, it came in very healthy. Just wondering if you guys have any baby surinam horned frog in green or yellow color? Thank you

Reptile City Review - 07/16/2012
Red Slider Turtles
Just wanted to say thank you for the red ear slider babies, They arrived Thursday in fine shape and everyone at work loved them, gave them to my grandson as a birthday present he very very happy they are doing well.
I did not get tracking number as you had my name spelled sp instead of Stitzer but got turtles ok thank you

Reptile City Review - 07/11/2012
Order 34124
Mr. Willis: The two baby Eastern Painted Turtles arrived today safe and sound about 12:30 PM. Thanks for your help in expediting the order! I'll do my best to see that they're well cared for! Lou

Reptile City Review - 06/19/2012
Your Reptile City Order
Thank you sooo much for the Southern hatchlings. I got them Friday and they are doing great. I'm going to give them a three weeks prior to taking them to school for my grandson and this class. I still would like to get 2 Westerns as soon as possible.
Again, Thank you for being so attentive and working with me. Reptile City is a class act.
Ron Little,

Reptile City Review - 06/16/2012
Hi there,
Just wanted to let you know I received my Snake safe and sound. He was quite chilly but after putting him into his nice warm tank, he started exploring his new pad right away. Thanks again for choosing a beautiful healthy pet for me.
You guys rock!
Sincerely, Tracy Events.

Reptile City Review - 06/15/2012
Order 33446
Dear Felton,
The reptiles arrived safely here in NJ today around 1:00 PM. They are enjoying their new 180 gal terrarium. They are beautiful specimens. Thank you for your help adjusting out the shipping fees as per our phone conversation.
May God bless you.
In Christ,
Don Russo

Reptile City Review - 06/01/2012
Dear Mr. Willis;
thank you so much for the Halloween Moon Crabs. Both arrived safely! they are so cute and go well in our 30 gallon aquarium. I will be recommending your website/company to everyone I know!!! Thank you so much for your fast shipping and careful packaging of our new pets....
Thanks again,
Wesley Harbin

Reptile City Review - 05/25/2012
Blue Tongue Skink
Just wanted to let you know that the thing got here safely. It's a little freaked out ... so am I for that matter. Lol. No. 2 son happy though. Whatever!!
Thanks again. Enjoy the Memorial weekend!!
Maria Dorosz
Sent from my iPad

Reptile City Review - 05/15/2012
Tokay Gecko
Thank you so much for all your help. I am so sorry that I was flipping out earlier. He was so excited when he walked through the door today. He said thank you for makking it on his birthday, he loves him....and he was very excited about how fast he is....Mr. Bite Alot our last tokay was like a turtle compared to this one. You guys are great. Thank you again for the service. I will recommend you guys to everyone I know.

Sonya and Walter

Reptile City Review - 05/07/2012
savannah monitors buy 1 get 1 free
i received my order very quick.all of the baby savannah monitors look good , thanks again for the order.

Reptile City Review - 05/07/2012
Question about my order: 32495
You guys are freaking awesome! I just want you to know that I will be coming to you guys for anything I need in the future! Which may be a headache right?! Thanks again!
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Reptile City Review - 05/04/2012
Redtail Boa’s (buy 1 get 1)
received the red tails today and the are beautiful and very active. i look forward to buying from you in the future. Thanks

Reptile City Review - 05/04/2012
Thank you
Thank you so very much!!!! I recieved the green amevia and he is doing wonderful :) he has such beautiful colors! I was so excited when he came and when i got to open the box and out he comes :) thank you so much!

Reptile City Review - 05/03/2013
Pygmy Chameleons
Hi Felton,
I want to thank you so very much for takeing the time to talk to me last night & this morning. Also wanted to say how nice it was to have had such a nice conversation with your wife this afternoon. I wish you & your family all the best & do hope that your wife can some day get another horse as she so much seems to want again. You & your wife are by far the best I have dealt w/ in this business. Keep up the good work! Thank you so much for such good service & a good conversation, Linda

Reptile City Review - 05/03/2012
Order 32346
The order arrived in perfect time and condition. The critters are super looking. Thank-you. Greg

Reptile City Review - 05/02/2012
Tiger Salamander
Thank you felton. You guys are the best! :)

Reptile City Review - 04/17/2012
Order 31778
The ball python is gorgeous. That's how a python should look and act....nice and chubby and curious about the world. I'm calling him The Dude. I look forward to meeting the king.
Thanks for everything.
Sent from my iPhone

Reptile City Review - 04/13/2013
red eye tree frogs
I got my three red eye tree frogs yesterday and when I opened the box what was looking back at me was three of the most beautiful frogs I have ever seen!!!
what ever you are doing at reptile city you are doing it right!! if somebody is reading this wondering if they should order from reptile city I would say do not hesitate for a minute you will not be sorry!
felton again thank you so much for my beautiful new friends.
david chancellor

Reptile City Review - 04/06/2012
hingeback tortoise
gabriel marcano

Reptile City Review - 04/06/2012
Order 31623
Felton I just picked up my little female Anole, she is beautiful! Thank you so much, Karen Howell

Reptile City Review - 04/05/2012
Order 31610
Thanks for the outstanding service! I recieved the two Savannah Monitors in excellent condition. I am certain I will be purchasing from you in the future.
Brian Bane

Reptile City Review - 04/01/2012
Order 31448
Thank you for putting up with me asking questions over the past few days. The chameleons arrived yesterday and have been eating and drinking just fine.
thanks again

Reptile City Review - 03/28/2012
Order 31377
I got it! Thank you sooo much!:) he gonna lov it! Ill be sure to purchase from you guys again thanks!

Reptile City Review - 03/25/2012
Customer testimonial
I'm no biologist. I'm no zoologist. I am an artist with an intense fascination with nature and animals. I have studied every kind of animal all my life through shows, books, and from life (the best way to understand and learn). I bought 2 black racers, an Asian tree frog, a rose hair tarantula, and an iguana from Reptilecity about a week ago. I got 4/5 animals within 4 days. The iguana will be here shortly :)
For 100$ (and free shipping!) I got five amazing animals who are healthy, well-cared for, and act as they should! The arachnid hides in her squidward house, the amphibian just stares at me in his water dish, my male racer bites me and hides from me, and Lucie the gorgeous 5 foot black racer rules the roost (although I witnessed her being chased by my 3 month old ferret last night).
I would have spent 500$ + at a "chain" pet store for animals like these. And they probably wouldn't be as hearty.
I'd recommend this place to anyone who's interested in getting a critter other than a cat or dog. And people need to give reptiles/amphibians/bugs a chance. They have hearts too.

Reptile City Review - 03/22/2012
Reptile City Order 31232
The turtles arrived today in perfect condition. They really took to the aquarium (90 gallon). Thanks so much for your fast service and these feisty, healthy turtles.

Reptile City Review - 03/17/2012
Hi! I just wanted to let you know the new batch of frogs are doing great! Very healthy and pretty too! Thank you for the replacements, I will recommend you in the future! -Teresa Benton.

Reptile City Review - 03/14/2012
Order 31094
I just received my turtle today, I have to say I was a little skeptical ordering online but you guys are awesome. I got my order on time for my nieces birthday . the turtle was very active. Im glade I did business with you guys. You and your crew are truly amazing.
Brittney gaskins

Reptile City Review - 03/13/2012
Thank you Felton
Felton I wanted you to know how happy I am with my 3 baby Reeves Turtles and Green Anole! They are beautiful, healthy, and exactly what I wanted. Thank you for the great service and wonderful pets. You will definitely be my "go to" reptile store for life! Sincerely, Karen Howell

Reptile City Review - 03/09/2012
Order 30821
you are awesome I would definitely reccommend your site to my friends. I will definitely be searching for some forums to rave about your excellent personal customer service and the quality of animals you provide, I love all of my little babies and they are doing soo well. Thank you so much. Crystal Wright

Reptile City Review - 03/08/2012
Order 31004
I just wanted to let you know that I received my two tockay geckos today. They arrived very healthy and active! I really appreciate the great customer support and the great product.
Thanks again!

Reptile City Review - 03/08/2012
thank you
I want to thank you for my water dragon. He so full of life.I would also like to thank you for your services and patience with me. I would definitely order from you all an again.
Thank You,
Selena Phipps

Reptile City Review - 03/01/2012
A Letter For Felton - Pilgrim Lutheran
Beginning in the spring of 2012 I began looking into classroom pets for my classroom. During these past few months I have spent hours looking at local pet stores, researching various species, and looking online for information and animals.

During that time I cam across Reptile City. It quickly was apparent to me that this company was different from others. On their web site they not only show pictures of the animals available for purchase, but they also have a large section which shows various educational aspects of the reptile and pet industry.

I have had the opportunity to speak with Felton a number of times and it is obvious that his love for the animals drives what he does. He has goals that reach far beyond making money. He clearly hopes to educate the next generation of students and children to be wise consumers, owners, and citizens in their dealings with pets. All these animals are a gift that has been given to us, Felton wants to make sure that we appreciate that gift and treat it with respect.

I am amazed at Felton’s dedication to this educational effort. I support Felton’s and Reptile City’s efforts 100% and wish them nothing but the best in their efforts to raise the bar in pet sales, care, and education.

I look forward to my continued relationship with Reptile City and Felton. They are a breed apart from the others!

Todd R.
Pilgrim Lutheran School,
Menomonee Falls, WI

Reptile City Review - 02/18/2012
Hi Felton, I bought my small bullsnake from you and wanted you to know he is doing very well. I couldnt be more pleased. I will do business with you again in the future. Thank you,

Reptile City Review - 02/16/2012
Order 30425
My turtles arrived alive and well!!!! They're very active, and have obviously been well cared for!!!!! Why the enthusiasm and exclamation points? Well ill admit (because of your low prices) I had my doubts. I figured i'd be rescuing some poor baby turtles from some kind "over crowded concentration camp" of a turtle farm. (Which seemed to be the case with the last turtle supplier I bought from) So you can imagine how pleased I was when I opened my package to find Beautiful, Lively, Healthy Turtles!!!!!!! Thank you sir,,, i'll be looking forward to doing more buisness with you in 30-40 years when my pet turtles die from ripe old age!!! Haha
Jared A.

Reptile City Review - 02/09/2012
Thank you!
Dear reptile city;
I have always wanted to say thank you for my pet turtle. I bought him almost 7yrs ago. I orignally bought him and a female but 6 days after i got them the female died of sickness. You have always offered the best deal. I have recently opened up my first online pet store at hamsterandsmallpets.com I am very proud of it and of course my pet turtle rocky is the spokesman for my site. Any time I go to reptile blogs etc to talk about reptiles I talk about your company if people are looking for live pets and I show them my turtle. I am writing because I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your business and how much I love my pet and want to Thank you for that. You are a wonderful company and I let the world know it because you are the best. Thank you have a wonderful day.
Brenda Topping

Reptile City Review - 02/03/2012
Recent Purchase
Wow, what a job. I needed a ball python for my son's 9 birthday that was just 4 days away. I called Reptile City and spoke with Mr. Felton Willis. I explained my situation to him and he assured me he could help me out. I made the purchase and remarkably had my snake in 2 days!!! And I don't mind saying that it was a very fine looking snake too. I was very happy not only with the service that I was provided but also extremely happy with the quality of my snake. I can assure you that any future purchases or needs in the reptile area will be handled by Reptile City. Thanks again Felton and rest assured you will be my only recommendation.
M. Ivey
Fayetteville, NC

Reptile City Review - 01/21/2012
Turtle has been here a week and is doing great! Students love checking on him/her every day! Thank you,
Nancy Smerekanicz & a bunch of 6th grade students

Reptile City Review - 01/18/2012
The turtle arrived fine,
Thanks Frank. (Alaska)
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Reptile City Review - 01/15/2012
Order 29720 – Albino Leopard Gecko (adult)
I got him Felton. Thank you so much, he's gorgeous.

Reptile City Review - 01/13/2012
Order 29117
Dear Mr. Willis
I received the snake. The snake is fine. I will be buying from you again in the warmer weather. I am very happy with your service. You went above and beyond to make everything right.

Thank you very much,
Anthony Wescott Sr.

Reptile City Review - 01/12/2012
Southern Painted Turtles
Hello Nina,
First off, allow me to apologize for not getting back to you sooner with a review on your spectacular turtles. The last couple of months have been a whilwind of meeting with families over Christmas to plan the wedding for this or next year. We are all settled in now, and I finally have some time devoted to writing you the review you deserve. I will speak from my heart, feel free to use anything that you feel would best help. (Forgive me for speaking in the third person).

For as long as I can remember I've always dreamt about meeting the girl who would be my life partner and soul mate. Last year, after moving into the city, that dream came exploding into reality. We met at the Turtle Pond in Central Park on the first day of the Autumn of last year; all of New York City was engulfed in the flames of autumnal foliage. There was a red bellied cooter trying to eat one of the leaves that had gently fallen on the surface of the pond, and as I began to laugh, I heard a restrained snigger from across the pond. They say when you meet the one you love, your eyes catch on fire. I can now safely say, mine were ablaze. I knew this was a now-or-never moment, so I worked up some courage and went over to talk to her. Only in New York!! Needless to say, we really hit it off, and from that moment we knew that turtles would be the one true animal to represent our relationship.

We started slow, and persevered. And after a while, when we knew it was safe, we started coming out of our respective shells. Out of our shells, we were able to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of each other's markings. When things began to get serious, I decided to get her a beautiful turtle brooch "called a terra-pin!"; she treasured it as a treasure. And then, it smashed me in the face. We had literally thousands of discussions about it, of course, but we were never ready to take our relationship to the next level of having to care for another of God's glorious creatures together, as a family unit. That is when I knew what had to be done.

I was referred to Reptile City from an old blood brother from my days with the masons. I was a bit nervous at first ordering turtles from an internet web-site. "How safe can that be?" I querried. However, after inquiring with an e-mail, I was able to speak with kind Nina, who assured me that not only would I get my turtles, but in time for the day of the proposal. I ordered them, and even received a phone call from Nina saying that she herself was preparing the turtles especially for me. Never in my life have I received such distinctive customer ministrations.

Within days, the turtles had arrived, unscathed and impregnable. I quickly ran up the stairs to open the box and placed them in their new habitat.

The plan was to have everything ready before my betrothed arrived. I made up a sign behind the tank which read:

"I Love You A Shell of a Lot". I also purchased a teeny weeny treasure chest that I placed at the bottom of the aquarium, and it was there where I hid the ring.

She finally arrived, and started crying as soon as she saw the tank with our little darlings. Tears of unrequited, happy joy.

I told her to look into the tank, and open up the chest. She saw the ring, and nearly fainted. I took a knee, looked up, and asked her for her hand in marriage. Her response was both quick and witty.

"Shell yes!"

And I can safely say, without a shadow of a doubt, that Reptile City had given me something more than turtles. They helped secure my future with the one person who makes me smile each and every day. Thank you Reptile City.

Hope that helps Nina!
Sebastian DiNatale

P.S. Unfortunately, there hasn't been all happiness here. Sadly, Beatrice (the smaller of the two turtles) passed away from some unknown reason. We left for vacation for a week, and had the tank set up with a feeder and light timer and everything. Dante Tortellini is fine, but Beatrice was lifeless. Would I be able to purchase a replacement (southern painted)? I have a plan for valentine's day and am hoping we can have two once more. He's so lonely without his sister :(

Reptile City Review - 01/10/2012
Thank you so much for everything. We love our new red tail boa and so do the kids. It was a great Christmas present for sure:) He is very calm and great with people and a great eater. Couldn't have asked for more!!
Cassandra Turner

Reptile City Review - 01/06/2012
Red Tegu
i received him this morning! he is awesome! thank you! about how old is he by chance
Ryan, Great Falls, Mt
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Reptile City Review - 01/03/2012
Order 29521
Just wanted to thank you guys! All 11 tokays arrived in good (typical ready to fight) condition. All seem very alert with no issues what so ever. It was done in a very timely manner even with new years. Pleasure doing business and I'm sure you'll see more orders from my self and people I know in the future.

TJ Murphy
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Reptile City Review - 12/30/2011
Red Eye Tree Frog
Lessa, Olney, Tx

Reptile City Review - 12/29/2011
Dear Nina,
We received the new turtle today and it looks really healthy and active. My son was thrilled! Just wanted to thank you for your help in this matter! Sincerely,

Reptile City Review - 12/29/2011
Order 29363
Hi Felton,
Turtles are doing good =) they adapted really well..Just wondering if you would happen to know the birthday of the 2 southern painted baby turtles I ordered on Dec 17th.

Thank you,
Debbie Deniz

Reptile City Review - 12/29/2011
Order 29477
I just received my order....the gecko is perfect, alive and looks healthy. Thank-you so much!
Irene White
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Reptile City Review - 12/23/2011
Reptile City Order 29383
thank you very much for the 3 healthy baby iguanas. their already eating well on the collards and butternut squash. very tame they sit on the back of my 6 month old iguana he likes them .here are some pics of are other iguana pets.

thank you and merry christmas from the kloszewski’s

Reptile City Review - 12/22/2011
Albino Red-Tail Boa
hey felton I got him today at about noon. he is gorgeous. I was wondering though when he was fed last because im sure he is already on a schedule.

Reptile City Review - 12/09/2011
Order 27821
Dear Felton,
CB hatchling Eastern Box Turtle arrived safe and sound I am very happy with the purchase. Thank you very much.

Merry Christmas,

Reptile City Review - 12/01/2011
My Graceful
Oh my goodness he/she is soooo beautiful! thank you so much! he/she has so much energy so wonderful! thank you for taking care of her/him this time i will definitely be making another purchase again soon. thank you! can you tell me if it's a female or a male? i will be taking him to the vet soon but untill then.

Halloween Moon Crabs Order 28896
I want to say I love ordering from you guys the Halloween crabs I ordered are doing great they are active and already eating. They are just what I wanted and the delivery was earlier then expected. My order number was 28896. I would recommend your site to others I have already told people about your site that buy reptiles online all the time. I am looking forward to buying more animals in the future and I already know where i am going to get them. REPTILECITY.com

If I had to sum up Reptile City in one word that would be it; I now have two vibrant, healthy additions to my circle of Friends- Aerogon- grn Iguana, Buddy - mountain horned dragon. Both are quickly adjusting and are very positive additions to our family. I may have to change Buddy to Bubba, I swear He looked at me this morning and in his eyes, He was asking, which way did that cricket go boss.

Received the pr. of juvenille Veiled Chameleons ~11:30, and they are LOVING life!! What a lively, curious, cute pr. of chams! I've seen both of them eat already (YAY!!), and am enjoying watching them explore their new home!! Thanks Felton, you're the BEST!!
Jennifer Bussiere

Thanks Felton! I got my frogs they are alive and well. It was a pleasure form you. I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again.

Thanks again
Kenneth Kemmler

Reptile City Order 27706
I just received my new ball python and its beautiful. I love it!
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Mr. Willis,
I just wanted to thank you for your sophisticated customer service to a first-time buyer. You made everything smooth and practical from the get-go. The package did arrive safely as you mentioned below, as a matter of fact, it arrived early. The baby turtle looks very healthy and upbeat; it adapts very quickly to my 20 gallon tank. I've attached some pictures of the turtles as you requested. Thank you again and pleasure doing business with you.

I received my replacement tiger salamander today and I’m happy to say that he was in great health this time, very active, and has quite the appetite. I just wanted to e-mail you and say thank you for shipping me a replacement even though you were not obligated to. I appreciate this kind of attention as a customer and any future reptiles or amphibians I purchase will most defiantly be through you guys…once again thank you the tiger salamander.

New Southern Painted Baby
Good Morning Felton,

First and foremost, thank you for delivering a happy and healthy baby southern painted turtle! I really appreciate all of your help and such a prompt delivery. I hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday and thank you for your patience with me, a worrisome "expectant mother." :)

Here is a picture of #30 :), now known as Gonzo, in his new home.

Thank you so much again,
Kristina Gadek

Thank you for the replacements they arrived live and well! Thanks also for sending me a bigger size baby iguana!Will definitely buy more reptiles from you guys in the future!

Thanks, Walter

Thank You Felton! Received Horn Toad 12:45PM PST. He looks to be in excellent shape. The first thing he did was drink water after I misted the terrarium. Will give good feedback.

Thanks again,
Rick Mercer

RE: Reptile City Order 26617
Thank you so much! Our new addition to our family, a baby turtle, arrived today healthy and vivacious! It's 20 gallon tank has been made ready and the little turtle immediately dove into the water from the landing pad!

Warm regards,
Cheryl L.

Reptilycity has always provided with me with excellent customer service, and excellent species of turtles, hermit crabs and scorpions etc. I HAVE never been dissapointed with the product I have recieved. Mr. Felton Williams and Nina have always been attentive to my needs, and have ALWAYS followed up with the orders, to ensure that the product I recieved arrived and to ensure that I have been satisfied. Both Felton and Nina seriously care about there customers and products. I recommend them above any other reptile company to deal with and give them a 5 STAR RATING. Felton and Nina are a joy to deal with, so anyone looking for quality products, reptiles, hermit crabs, etc should DEFINITELY order from reptilecity, you will not be dissappointed.

Winchester, MA

Reptile City Order 26017
They always say "The third times a charm." Now, I am inclined to agree as this is the third time they have delivered great results. My 3 armadillo lizards came in and they are in great health. Felton was able to get the size that I wanted and was even able to accommodate the shipping date I requested. I will always be a customer. Thanks again.

My son, Jack, received his turtles by around 11:30 Monday as you said in your e-mail, and he was very, very excited. I know that you gave Jack a personal phone call that afternoon to make sure everything was OK. I thought I would personally thank you for that, and the overall buying process as well. It exceeded what I would typically expect from an on-line pet store. (or even a local store for that matter) Excellent…thanks again,

John Schroeder

Reptile City, - (pink-sideneck, hinged sideneck)
Thanks for two awesome baby turtles. They have a lot of character and are adapting well to their new environment. I'm very excited for their new adventures.

Jon Verst

Turtles got here and look great.
Thanks for your help

School of Veterinary Medicine
Louisiana State University

Green Ameiva
Hey its Sam again I just wanted to say what a wonderful job you guys did. I am at work but my sister sent me a picture of my green ameiva in his new home. He looks amazing very healthy she said. She put him in his home and he started digging away I just wanted to say thank you and I look forward to future business with you.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
You've done it again, Reptile City crew! I just got my White's tree frog in the mail about an hour ago. She's gorgeous!! Very healthy and energetic! As soon as I turned her loose, she was all over the place exploring. The wait was a bit longer than I anticipated this time but it was well worth it! You have satisfied me once again. Keep up the good work!

-Brandon Hallberg

Hi Felton:
I want to thank you for the two cute red eye tree frogs! They are eating nicely and are adapting well after that long "trip" from your place to mine! They are in a ten gallon tank now, and as soon as I get my terrarium (it's on back order) I will get two more to keep them company!
I have to repeat what another testimonial stated because it holds true for me too: "If you have to deal with people like me everyday may God Bless you!" Thanks again Felton!!!

At approximately 2:35 PM, 30 apparently healthy turtles arrived and quickly scampered into my pond. Thank you very much. You may well have more business from me soon.
Bill Berg

Thank You
Just a little line to thank you for your very educational page on how to care for your pet turtle...it was actually really interesting. This started out as my son's rescue turtle...they emptied my nephew's pond ...and of course my son...Price...with his big heart...came home toting THREE baby...TURTLES!!!! I had NO idea how to care for these THINGS! NOW...they are MY lil babies!!! I love em. Each with their own lil quirks and funnies!!! Thanks for breaking it down ....in momma terms! I'm so excited to learn how and WHY I need to take care of my new babies....thanks again.Amy

Hard to tear myself away from the pygmies and newts long enough to write this, but I wanted to add my testimonial to the others. You guys are great - always available to answer questions and help a newbie out. You instantly made good on the poor little guy who didn't make it - :0( - and as soon as his replacement arrived he did his job! We are now expecting to see some hole-digging in about 45 days. Everyone is eating well and the crickets are arriving on time to keep everyone fed and happy.

Your fan,
Lisa Neall in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains

Reptile City Order 25335 Pygmy Chams’
My son (5 years old) got all interested in Chams'. We both did research and built a habitat together to house the Chams. We found your site and read all the valuable articles and decided to buy 4 Pygmy chams for from you guys. The price was right and the shipping rates were also reasonable. We bought 2 males and 2 females. The were ordered during Memorial Day weekend...i figured they would not get here for atleast 2 weeks. but, I got an email that they were shipped. I got them on June 2nd. Very quick.
We both opened the packaging and found 4 very happy and energetic chams. My son was soo happy. We placed the containers in the tank and they all climbed up into the new home.
I have to say, you run an excellent business. We have book-marked your site and will be doing business again.
Thank you,
Tushar D.
Old Saybrook, CT.

thank you!
The baby turtles arrived in good condition! On top of that, they came right on time as you had promised.
I want to thank you for following through. It's nice to know there are business still left that are committed to the customers who count on quality and integrity. We appreciate you- rbaucum

Nile Monitor
I received the Nile yesterday and he looks very healthy he is already eating crickets and mealworms he's just a little aggressive but I expect that from a Nile. Thanks for being so kind and sending the replacement I will be referring friends and family to you as well as ordering for myself from you so if you have deals on tegus or ball pythons I will be ordering soon

Blue Tongue Skink
I just wanted to formally thank you and tell you how impressed I am. I will admit that I was terrified to order an animal online for many reasons. That said, my concerns,(and there were many,) were addressed patiently, professionally, and promptly. I was reassured every step of the way. You made the experience a wonderful one and I can't thank you enough for that. My blue tongue skink arrived safely today and is adjusting very well this evening. You guys raise some hardy skinks, I expected him to be to stressed to eat and yet everytime I look at him he's at the food bowl, lol.

p.s. If you have to deal with people like me everyday may God bless you!!!

Fishers Chameleon
He is here and he is ALIVE!! WOO HOO! Thank you. Do you want to skip sending us the Zoo-Med Reptile Bark and apply that towards what we owe you?
Just let me know
Sorry for the hassle Felton!
If you could only see the smile on my son’s face. Just know that there is one excited boy in Iowa!

Thanks again

Pygmy Chameleons
Felton: what an operation!! from being able to pick the delivery date to a delivery time that was within the hour of expected-amazing. the shipping method and packaging was fantastic. when given there jungle they hesitated for a long time about getting out of there cups that they were obviously quiet comfortable in. they are beautiful, perfect little pygmies who ate immediately. it's all great here. my hesitations are gone and you are my new chameleon connection. thanks again. Sue

Fire Bellied Newts
The newts arrived this a.m. in fine condition and are “frolicking” in their tank. Thank you for the excellent communication and service.

Best regards,
Mark Leavitt

Reptile City Order 24459
Hi Felton,
The frogs arrived perfectly on time, in excellent and healthy condition, I'm very amaze with the sizes, very satisfied.

I'm looking for bullfrog or tadpoles and water frogs, can you give me your advice, what species can I get, if you have it will be best, let me know and thanks again

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Reptile City Order 24392
I was a little hesitant to purchase online but, Reptile City maintained their great reputation. All my questions and concerns were handled in a very timely manner.
My agama arrived on time and in perfect health. He was packaged safely and is already settling in to his new home.

Reptile City Order 24307
Hi Felton
Finally the order arrived, Very amazing!! just one green frog died,
Thanks a lot!! the frogs are beautiful and healthy. Sorry for all the free shipping misunderstanding, Please let me know the express service shipping charges to Puerto Rico. Im planning to make a more bigger order, I made this one like a trial.

Thanks again for everything, Im very satisfied with your product and service

San Juan P.R

A late thank you. But thank you!!!
We got our ball python and the brazillian rainbow boa. Both are beautiful and in amazing health. They are feeding well. I look forward to next years order thinking of them beautiful emerald tree boa. Thanks again. And sorry for your suffering on. My behalf of the phone number again sorry to your wife. Till next season. I,ll give you a thumbs up and a+services. Great doing bissniss with you. Al and Dorothy Thornton


Hey, The newt came today at about 1:00. He looks great. Thanks so much for everything. Bryce

Reptile City Order 24316
The animals arrived fast, in good condition.
Looking good! Two thumbs up

-- Alan.

Hello Felton
The little monitor arrived in fine shape, and it looks absolutely great!
Thanks so much for the careful selection and outstanding service overall.
All the best!

Reptile City Order 24041
thank you ,our reptile has arrived alive and well .hats off to you . ben

Thank You very much
I was very pleased with reptilecity.com I ordered sun. Night and got my 3 red eye tree frogs wed. They were beautiful and healthy I'm glad I didn't go anywhere else and as for the reveiws I read they didn't know what they were talking about anyone looking to buy exotic pets reptilecity.com is the place to go Thank You again reptilecity.com Sherra Greathouse

Red Slider (3-4 inch)
Order received this afternoon. Was very pleased with the specimen and the attention you gave to shipping and the care of the turtle. Will highly recommend your business to others. Thanks again. Bill Tucker

Green Snakes

Safe delivery! I got my new babies home within about 35 minutes of receipt, and now they are in a 30g Extra Tall vivarium, with live plants and circulating water feature! They seem to be settling in very well, especially right after shipping!

Thank you!


I just wanted to let you no that both of my savannahs made in perfect condition. This was my first time buying reptiles online and thanks to your help and easy to use web site it was a great expierience for me. i will definately refer your site to anyone and everyone because you take the extra step in helping and satisfing your customers. From now on i will only be buying reptile via reptile city because its much nicer than going to some crazy reptile expo or show!!!!! And your prices cannot be matched. Thank you again for making this expierience a great one.
Thank you for your help and Great communication skills,

Bless you!. ..We would love another Mississipp map if possible, their personalities are awesome. Or anything else with a quirky personality like that. You guys are great!

Awesome healthey reptiles

I would like to start this off by saying thank you. I have recently purchased an Asian water monitor from you guys and it is doing very well. I was extremely pleased with the extra precautions that you took to ship it to the cold part of the u.s.a. when I opened the box it was warm in their and when I untied to bag that "she" because I have not seen the hemipiens yet. Was as healthy as could be. she is still kind of flighty thou and is extremely curious about her surroundings I have seen her eat but every time I put in about 20 crickets they are all gone by morning so its safe to say she is a good eater. I was thinking about stating her on some small portion beef liver soon. I have her in a 40 gallon long for now until I get her some substantial growth. I think I have finally found a reliable store to purchase my reptiles from I will see you this summer for either a Nile monitor or a boa. it should be warmer here in Montana by then thank you so very much. I am pleased to have purchased from you guys because you actually care about the animal instead of the dollar you rock thanks.

-Bo Jemison

-Bozeman, Montana


Thanks for the beautiful ball phyton .I recieved it today is it a male or female and can U tell me of the last day of feeding?Very Happy to have done business with U and most definetly be doing business in the near future.Again I say THANKS AND HAVE A GREAT DAY.

Order 23135

Got my pygmies early this morning and they all look great!!! Thank you very much for working with me through all of this and for honoring your word that you would get them to me! Hope all is well and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Thanks again!


Spike's got a buddy

Just letting you know spike is doing great he fits in just fine. He sits on our shoulder while we clean his cage. He loves getting on my sons head and sleeping up there. Thanks again
Chris Woodard

PS he is eating 4 crickets a day is that too much. Check out picture pretty cute. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Rough Skin Newts

They arrived !!!!! Very Nice and large!!!!!
Thanks again and have a great weekend!!!!
Steve Muchnick

You’re Eligible for Huge Discounts with Reptile City!

Just thought I would respond to your e-marketing- our 2 baby southern painted turtles (the boys named them snuggles and r2d2) are doing really well.

Happy New Year, and thanks so much for all of your help.
Sorry I was such a crazy mommy/client!
We love our new additions.
Chantal Kreviazuk

Received the Senegal Chameleon, he's doing fine

Hi Felton,
My carrier lady delivered him to me right away ( that is the nice thing about living in a small rural farm town) after she called to let me know that he had arrived, she told me she could drop him off .Within 15 min. he was home. He is doing fine, very thirsty, but fine. He looks really nice & I am very pleased. I will try to feed him some mealworms( will be feeding him crickets when they arrive). I will definetly be looking forward to doing business w/ you in the future. Thanks for such a nice specimen of senegal chameleon. Thank you, Sincerely, Linda Denton

Eagle River tortoise order
My Sulcata baby tortoise arrived on a Wisconsin cold day. I was alittle concerned and called reptile city. The man I talked to assured me the lil guy/gal would be fine just given time. He told me to put him under the hottest part of the heat lamp. Well with in fiftenn mins the lil thing was up and running laps around his enclosure. Within fiftenn mins after that he was enjoying a meal of cut up and soaked in warm water orchard grass. He later found his cool spot for the night in his hide box and all is great.

Thank you reptile city for a great experience, I WILL be ordering again in the spring. And I hope to be passing down my lil sulcata to my son and grand kids one day.

Tabitha in Wisconsin

Hi Felton,
I received the package today -- I'm very pleased with everything, the animals all look great! Any chance you've had any luck with the Burmese Python?


Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
Hey Felton I just wanted to let you know I received my White's in the mail today. He looks amazing!!! It didn't take him long to ease up from the stress of being in a box all night. I put him in the terrarium with some crickets and he took to them right away. My other frog is in for quite a surprise when she wakes up tonight haha! Thanks again, it was really great doing business with you!!

Just read your email and THANK YOU very much. I will gladly do more business with your company in the future. Once again thank you for staying on top of the situation.

Justin Hiles

My spider is doing well. Getting big already...thank you

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November 11, 2010
To Whom It May Concern:
People are so quick to complain and cuss and fuss when things don't go as expected. It is rare that we take the time to tell someone or a company that they did a great job. I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I am thrilled with the service I received and my Red-Eyed Tree Frogs. They arrived when you stated they would, and most importantly, they arrived alive and in great health. Two of them even ate Friday evening, which was a great sign. The third ate Saturday morning. They are absolutely beautiful and I am so happy with Reptile City. I have added your company to my list and will be ordering my frogs from you in the future. I am so glad that I found your company. Thank you so much!

Adonnis Goldstein
Earth Science Information Center
Reston, Virginia

Thank you so much for the baby savannah monitor and the knight anole. The monitor looks amazing--his colors are vibrant. I am a little worried about the knight anole, though (don't worry, I'm not asking for any refunds).

If you don't mind, what do you feed your knight anoles? I offered him a cricket today, and the way he looked at it it was like he'd never seen one before. He flared at it and even ran away from the insect when it got too close. I also noticed that the anole has several scars on his head. One of his eyes worries me. I'm assuming you keep several anoles in one cage, and the males fought?

Once again, I am impressed with the savannah monitor (he ate amazingly today--several crickets and two jumbo worms). Would you happen to know the exact, or even the approximage date of which the 2010 baby's were born?

I loved the fast shipping, but as a new customer, I was shocked to see that both reptiles came in the same carrier--the savannah monitor under the knight anole. I realize that your company has been handing reptiles and probably breeding them far longer than I have, and you might call me crude for finding this a bit out of necessity. As a customer, I would suggest utilizing fabricated bags. They're dark, you can separate the animals, it gives them something to hold onto instead of slipping on a plastic tub, is flexible enough for the animal to move around in and they take up less space than a solid, plastic object.

I'm not trying to tell you how to do your job--nor am I entirely complaining. I'm a satisfied customer that's offering a bit of customer-insight.

Thank you for your business. I appreciate it.
Jamie McElroy.

THANK YOU, REPTILE.com. My turtles arrived today, they are in home already. They look fantastic, healthy and pretty smart.

Thanks again.


She arrived about half an hour ago! She's awesome! Looks great! My one question is are they eating live or frozen? And I should probably let her get used to her new enclosure for a few days before attempting to feed, right? Thanks again for everything! It's been a wonderful buying experience!!


dear reptilecity,
My turtles , scorpions and hermit crabs we're delivered on time on 10/14/10, and am very pleased with what was delivered on time and all seem to be eating and doing well thus far. I was wondering if u could get what is commonly called the "rainbow land/water crab" or "patriot crab" Latin "cardiosoma cardiosoma" or the the Florida land crab Latin name "Cardisoma Gunhami"...if u could get these crabs I would order ten crabs or more. These crabs seem do well in captivity and have had three for more than two years. Please`let me me know if u can get these these crabs as i am eager to add more to my collection...Thank u very much Nina and Felton for the pets i have received and please email me if could get, find or locate these land/water crabs for me...any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated....best regards....sincerely a loyal customer----michael giambro

Thanks for the link exchange and thanks for sharing the story of your business. It was an inspiration and I told my family about it. I linked to your site on the right side of my blog for lizards and I will also provide a link in my next herp outing post. God has blessed you with motivation and obviously a good sense of business. Moving back to Texas to bring your kids closer to their mom was a kind thing to do. I have a co-worker that would never do that for his ex. I consider the experiences that I have had with my family to be sacred and I know that the greatest work that we can do is within the walls of our own home. It was good to talk to you personally.

Best regards,
Robby Robbins

Thank you very much Felton. The new chameleon is very healthy and doing fine, I think maybe the other one was dehydrated and maybe to old to travel. I know it was not your fault and I appreciate you taking care of the problem, promptly. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future!
Thank You

I just wanted to let you guys/gals know how happy I am with this order. My basilisk arrived yesterday early. It's even better looking than the pictures, I know it's too young to sex, but it's gorgeous. The service and communication through out the purchase was wonderful. I just wanted you to know 5/5 stars! I'd recommend to anyone looking purchasing a reptile to go through Reptile City.

Thanks from a very happy customer!

I just got them, and they all arrived okay. Wow, some are huge! I could almost put a saddle on them and ride them! Thank you SOOOO Much!!!!!


Hi Felton,

Just so you know I have left the vet and he is amazed at what good health the new family member is in. He asked where I got him from so he can give references to clients wanting a new chameleon....Thanks alot for my new pet and he has taken very well to his/her new habitat....You guys need an endorsement and I would be happy to send one....Thanks so much...I have wanted a senegal for a long time and you sent me a fantastic specimen.

Thanks so much...Michael

Hey this is Rick Lister with the Pacman frog. I just wanted you to know I got him today and he is perfect. He is in his new home and I already fed him 3 wax worms and 1 cricket. I think he'll like it here. Thank you so much. He's perfect. I'll definitely order from you again. Rick

Mr. Willis,
I've received the turtles, and they are very energetic and appear healthy. Thanks for the great communication and all your help. You can expect to see me as a returning customer. Take care and thanks again.

Stephen Matheson


Hey Felton!
Thanks for the follow up. She's doing great! She has been eating regularly since May 10th, and has shed twice since receiving her. I've attached a picture that I just took of her. As you can see, she's growing great! She was almost 2 inches thick when I received her, she's now just over 4 inches thick at her thickest point.

I've been feeding her an adult mouse every 5 to 7 days. Any advice on feeding? Or is this still a good schedule for now?

She's a fantastic snake. I handle her almost every day (with the exception of after feeding or during shedding) and she's always been very calm and docile. Very great for a first snake. I love her and am very happy with my purchase! Thanks again for all of the assistance!!


May 21, 2010

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Willis,

I received our tokay gecko this morning and he looks great. I wanted to thank you for quickly responding to all of our questions and concerns.

Thank You,
Angela Dimond

Thank You!! I received a beautiful black corn snake--- a bit cranky but healthy-- he ate, drank and hid in his new home.... I look forward to ordering from you again in the future...

Hello again I would just like to say thank you for your wonderful service my scorpion arrived today alive and in good condition, I will be ordering from you guys in the future thanks again. :)

dear reptile city,
my name is ryer appeldoorn, in the past i have made only a single purchase from your company, this being to a lack of funds, however there is something i must tell you. In the past year i have called many, many, many times with questions about my new found love of turtles, every time be it day or night i have been met with a cheery man by the name of felton, who is always ready with good answer.....and at times, especially in the late hours a good conversation, it is quite a thrill to hear talks of the business and help with my two small hatch-lings. Thank you reptile city and thank you felton, you have made my experience with turtle keeping all that more enjoyable. I plan to be a long time costumer and will be making purchases again soon with my summer job starting again and with the new wave of new-born that will be filling your hatcheries. Springs a comin here in Michigan and that means long walks with the turts! Thank you once again -Ryer C. Appeldoorn

Mr. Willis,
Thank you for the tracking information, I just received my toad and he is beautiful! He looks very healthy and alert and was packaged very carefully! Thank you! Have a wonderful day!

Jennifer Crawford

I just received my turtle after his harrowing journey. Because of your great love and care of your reptiles he is doing just great. I want to thank you for going beyond what anyone else would have done in assuring the safe arrival of our new family member. Again thank you. You can bet I will be a returning customer.

Joseph R Crawford

hello guys
again i love your site and your business. they arrived all alive and seem to be in great health. you guys are great. thank for you services. nina and felton thanks.

Dear Reptile City,
I am a new reptile owner and have recently purchased a fire skink from you. First and foremost, I would like to thank you for its timely and safe arrival at my house earlier today. After (he?) arrived, I put it in his tank and after observing him for a few hours; he didn't move or do much. He ate 1 of the 3 crickets I gave him, but the other two he just captured in his mouth and killed them, but spat them back out and didn't eat them. Is his lack of eating and activity due to stress and he will become more active when he is more used to the habitat? Or is it just normal fire skink behavior? Please shed some light on this for me.

Thanks for the help,

I just want to thank Reptile City for the great service I had with you. I received my white-lined gecko today on time and with no problems at all! He seems to be in great condition and healthy. I was very worried about ordering a lizard online, but my worries are over. I will continue business with Reptile City in the future. Thanks again!

Jonathon Bielek

Hello Felton its Bryan, Just wanted to say thanks for all your help and hard work. My pigmy chameleon and marbled salamander arrived great and in perfect condition. They are eating great since the first day they arrived. Thank you for everything and I look forward to buy all my pet needs from you guys.

Thank you so much for the Tarantula. She came unharmed and flawless. Her color is amazing!! "Blueberry" is happily roaming her new home. I thank you once again for being so cooperative and helpful with my order.

Sent from my iPod
Chris Lowry

Wanted to let you know that we received our newts (all 8) as scheduled the next day. They arrived healthy, and unstressed, perfectly packed. They started to eat immediately which is always a good sign of a healthy animal. A month later they are all still thriving and a few are very fat!!! They are beautiful. We have them in a 55 gallon aquarium half filled with water with ramps for them to come out of the water, under water logs, and plants which they love to climb in. A fluval canister filter keeps the water crystal clear but we also have done water changes to clean up leftover food. Just wanted you to know how pleased we are with our newts being so healthy and beautiful and to thank you for them!

Elizabeth Smith

So I received the spiders today as you stated I would. I must say they are absolutely incredible specimens. I tried to call earlier to tell you by phone but was unsuccessful. They are all tucked into their new enclosures and have already eaten. I hope the Chaco golden knee will be as spectacular. Please let me know about the status of this spider and the adjustment of price to my order. Thanks again.....
They are gorgeous.


The Boa came today. Thank you so much. She is very docile. My fiancée wanted to know when she last ate and the size of mice she is on. We would also like to know when she was hatched. He is very happy with her, thanks.

Thank you, Felton.
I received my turtles just a bit ago and they are beautiful! Very healthy looking and active. I am thrilled. Thank you again.
Is it possible to sex the Sulcato this young? Also, when were they hatched?
Thank you!

Hi. I just wanted to compliment your company. My turtles arrived on time in perfect shape. I was nervous ordering from you guys at first because I thought there was no way that I would receive healthy turtles for such a low price. I have ordered other reptiles online and your turtles arrived in the best shape by far. They are very healthy and active. I will defiantly recommend your site to many people. I can not express how impressed I am! I am really happy with my purchase. Thank you so much!

Hi, Felton
Just wanted to thank you for the followup and sending me the replacement horned lizard. She arrived alive and is doing great!

I was so impressed with everything about our transaction and would be very happy to recommend Reptile City as THE absolute first choice to order reptiles from.

I look forward to ordering from you again.

Meanwhile, thanks & take care!

Jim Dillard

Thank you so much! The toads are happy, healthy and big! I had dampened the garden, and thrown down a handful of kingworms. They were very active and hungry. I will enjoy them for years... I will be back again...thanks!


Thank you so much!!!!!
I just wanted to thank you for my awesome Red kneed Mexican tarantula and my baby Goliath Frog! Both arrived healthy and quickly! I have recommended you to several of my friends who love reptiles and amphipians! You guys are awesome and you can bet that I will be back.

My husband said that (Goliath that is what we named my frog),was not a frog but a monster.... lolololol!
Here are few pictures of Zorro and Goliath, and I will be sure to send you more as they grow!
Gosh I cannot thank you enough,your helpfulness and kindness when I called goes far beyond the call of duty!

A very Grateful Customer~
Lori Nauman

Mr. Willis,
Thank you very much for the turtles you sent. You made good choices and I like them very much! Thanks for the extra one!!
Debbie Rice

Montrose, WV

I bought my red tail boa from you and I could not be happier with my boa (he or she) you have a new customer for life and I will let many of my friends know about you. Marco A alicea thank you very much.

Thanks , I love him he's a wonderful reptile. From all the research that I have done I expected him to need some taming at first, but he is very docile. Do you guys work with them to make them more agreeable? Will definitely keep you guys in mind for future orders as I have been very satisfied.

Thank you for my rose Hair order i received him/her today and looks very healthy you will be hearing from me very soon in the future and is there a way to know the sex of my tarantula??


I completely understand. An attempt to try to do so, however, is greatly appreciated. I also would like to commend you for running such an outstanding business. I received my original order in a timely manner, and when I did have issues, such as the deaths of two of my reptiles, your company reacted in an expedious manner in order to have replacements sent to me. I have, and will continue, to recommend your company to all of my friends. My son and I are extremely satisfied customers!!!

Thank you,
Sue Webster


not a doa in the bunch
as felton willis promised recieved my shipment of superworms on thursday, before lunch no less. all are lively and healthy. am planning to dump all other sites i have bookmarked for superworms, and buy exclusively from you fabulous folks. thanks bunches, i now have happy beardies.


America Toad

I have to say when I first happened upon Reptile City I wasn't completly sold on purchasing animals online, but I was impressed with the information you presented and decided to give it a try. I'm glad to say that my first impression was completly wrong. I ordered three green tree frogs, the service and transaction was fantastic. All three frogs arrived when you specified and in great health, in fact looked healthier than any local pet stores had to offer. Now, for any more amphibian or reptile needs I will now look on Reptile City before even considering looking in a pet store.

Appreciate the great service and great animals

Thank you,
Allyn Greer
Parkersburg, WV

I recently purchased a frilled dragon from you, and let me just say I am extremely happy with him! He is doing wonderful and seems to already be used to human interaction, or at least not afraid of me. But because of that I was wondering if you possibly had any sandfish? I did not see any on the website but just to make sure I thought I would send an email, due to the fact that I have already received a healthy lizard from you I would try you guys first. Thanks, Allen

Dear Sirs,
My baby ball python arrived yesterday. This snake is perfect, with beautiful markings and so easily handled. I look foreward to dealing with you again.
Thank you all so much,

J. Dyer

Thanks for the quick shipping turtle arrived in great condition doing great in its new home. I was very happy with your buisness and will come back again if I ever need a new pet.


Hi, my toads arrived and they look great! They are way bigger than I thought, so I was wondering, how old are they?


HI, I received the 2 reeves just fine, all is well with them, ferousious little eaters they are! Good swimmers too.

My question is - Can you tell me an approximation as to when they hatched? What month or week of what month were they "born", or how many weeks old at shipment date, I received them December 28, 2006.

Thanks, I am keeping good track of their measurements and growth and I could surely use this information for my comparisons.

Thank you for your service.
Diane Townsend


Hello !!!
I received this order almost a month ago. Everything is fine, but I was wondering if the male ball python that I purchased had been fed before shipping.

Could you please tell me what you fed him ? He doesn't seem to like the white mice I give my Desert King Snake.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot,
Shana Robinson

Our two turtles arrived today -- both in very good shape. They are now enjoying their new lives in our backyard pond. Thanks for the prompt shipment.


Felton THANK YOU SO MUCH! The kids love their new exciting turtles! We will tell our friends about you guys!

Nicole Ludtke

Hi Felton,

I greatly appreciate what you have done to make US happy I found your site for crickets in a search for reptiles a now with the kind of customer service we have received we will be returning costomers. Eric Wickline

Hey i just got my newts a few days ago and i love them ! They seem to be very healthy and compatible with my setup. Only problem ive been having is feeding them...i tried earthworms and bloodworms and they seem disinterensted....I was tryin to feed them with tweezers...Ive been leaving theses things in a certain area of the tank with hopes that they ill eat wehn im not aruond but im not sure if they are...What did you guys feed them or do you know what the people you got these newts fed them ? Any input would be greatly appreciated

Satisfied customer.

They arrived today, safe and sound. The female Jackson's is GORGEOUS!!!

I'll keep checking your website for new additions to my menagerie. Do you have those milk snakes that are red, black, and yellow striped?

Brian Hoffmann
Fort Collins, CO

My replacement conehead arrived at 10:30 am. Thank you for the prompt service. All three lizards (with the exception of the dead one) are beautiful and appear to be very healthy. Tokays are hard to find around here, too and they sometimes cost upwards to $90. Coneheads are never seen in pet stores here, either. We could use a reptile store like yours here. Would you be interested in franchising? Anyway, thanks again and your service and animals are exceptional, especially the replacement conehead who is a beautiful specimen.

Eric M. veach

Mr. Felton:

I just want to congratulate you on your business very well done. It is good to see a black man succeeding in life and taking care of his children. Can I just start by saying your site is very resourceful. I love the pictures and the care tips. I have so many of my friends are going to love you and this business that you have put together. Can I just start by saying I am going to bring you a whole lot of business. Also on a side note I wrote to you about emerald swift lizards and pink bellied swift lizards. I wanted to know can I mix a water dragon with the two reptiles or is this not safe? I am asking because I would like diversity in my tank or compatible animals that I can put together that will be interesting.

I have received the turtles today. They are all in excellent shape, and they have already been put in their new habitat.

Thanks a lot for everything!!
Luis Miguel Cortell

you guy's are great thank you i love my new snake. i will be recominding yall to other people.

Hey! I got my turtle today, and he's swimming around like crazy! Lots of energy. He seems to be doing fine. Thanks again for the fast shipment and great price!


I got a GREAT little boy anaconda from you he's not agressive i was woundering do you guys haveany female anaconda's that arent agressive if so please e-mail me back right away

Thank hope to hear from you soon

All was great with this order. There was a snag with the painteds (they died shortly after receipt) but Felton replaced them with older, healthier turtles that are doing fine! The Maps are all doing fine as well.

Thank you for the follow up. Your customer service is what most impresses me about your company.

Thank you again,

Hello Felton: This is Bill from Maryland. I received the Ball Python I purchased last Saturday 7/30/05. The snake arrived in excellent condition.
The snakes coloring and temperment are great. I plan on expanding my collection 1 snake at a time and the ones I choose will be purchased through you. Thanks for the great deal and you will be hearing from me in the near future as soon as I'm set up and ready for my next selection. Thanks again, Bill

Thanks, today I got my stuff I order from you guys for my Gecko now I'm ready and buy a gecko. Also thanks for the fast delivery and everything is great thanks for the free pen. Very satisfied customer glad to do business with you guys. Please let me know when you have sale again and free shipping.


My order is here and is in great shape! Thanks to you all as always for you great customer service and healthy pets.

Rich Ruiz


Our turtle came in the mail today and he is beautiful!! He arrived, seemly, none the worst for wear, alert and active. My children are excited and happy and have gone in searched of earthworms for his first meal in Alaska!

Thank you!


Dear Reptile City;
When my pet turtle Titi died, I knew I wanted another friend but was not sure who to trust. After much research on the web I found your site best. There was great information to review and clear decription of many choices. It was hard to decide and Felton was very helpful. Sent on Monday 2/14/05, my 2 new Rio Grande friends arrived well packed and safely at lunch time the next day. Taking them out of the box they were both so bright eyed and with beautiful yellow markings. Felton made great selections!! I could see the difference in their personalities as soon as I put them in their new home. One was more curious, and would stop to look at me, the other likes to hide. They are already eating and happily swimming about. I am enjoying their company and wanted to thank you. I am a very happy and satisfied customer!!

Thank you very much;
Amber Edwards
North Carolina


I recieved my package today, it arrived well. I thank you for your buisness's patience and promptness when dealing with my replacement. I look forward to doing buisness with you again.

Justin Fraga


A+ for humane shipping!

hi guys!,
Just wanted to say that you have the most humane shipping for turtles that I have ever seen. I've ordered from other places and not only are they 2 1/2 times more expensive but they also ship the reptiles by truck, which is a 7day trip, compared to your overnight shipping. The turtles you shipped to me arrived in perfect shape and they don't look depressed like my other purchases from your competitors. So thanks again and 3 cheers for taking care of OUR future little pets as well as you do!


Thank you for you e-mail, I will look for my shipment sometime after the 21st of Sep. Your website is the best on the Internet, your selection of turtles is also the best and I hope to do much business in the future with you. As I said, I hope the succession of hurricanes this month did not hurt your operations in any way. Thanks Again, Vic

Hello Felton and Nina,

A quick note to say “Thank You”. Received my turtles today and they are perfect. I will make this letter short and sweet. Quality, delivery, and customer relations are unsurpassed. I asked for specific turtles and you took the time to hand pick them for me. That is wonderful customer service. I even got a choice of the sex I wanted. No one could ask for more! Reptile City is definitely #1 on the net. I look forward to doing business with your company in the future.

I wish you all well and Great Success!!
William Taylor
P.S. The extra Rio Grande that got slipped in was sooooo cool.....

hi again, i wanted to thank you and compliment you on the quick replacement of our snake. this new one looks very healthy.he is quite a bit bigger so i could not tell my son it was the same snake but he understood.
i just wanted to let you know it was appriciated.
thanks again, tim becicka.

I just wanted to let you know that I am over and above happy with the scorpion. He was cold at first arrival but he is huge and active and always hungry. We are enjoying him so very much. Thank you for your wonderful service and prompt attention. We will use your company in the future and pass on how happy we were with our new pet.


Our job is to search out the very best. Our commitment to you is nothing less.

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