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UPDATED 12/18/2020 @ 8:30am

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Featured Animal - Trinkey c.b. (babies)

Light brown body is often adorned with white and dark brown spots or with black and white transverse stripes. Its head is greenish brown with black markings. However the true purpose of this colouration is camoufladge. It uses its camouflage to stalk its prey and initially disorients its victim with a blitz strike. Start with a 10-gallon tank and grow as the snake grows.

Use newspaper, aspen, reptile bedding or reptile turf. Create shelters with climbing and basking areas. A large bowl of fresh water for drinking and soaking should be provided at all times.

Keep the tank between 82 and 95 during the day and 72 to 80 at night. Use under tank heating pads for a 24-hour heat source. Pre-killed mice and rats are good for the younger snakes.

Captive specimens prefer mice and tend to loose interest in lizards especially if they remain motionless. They have a very nasty temper and will strike repeatedly if molested. Never appreciates captivity and will resist capture with utmost tenacity until helplessly overpowered. Its bites are often very damaging due to its inward pointing teeth.

Snakes can obtain many parasites: HaHa Reptiles always checks for mites and ticks before shipping. We recommend that all new specimens be quarantined so that they can be checked for parasites and disease at the new location.

(Pet Stores Only & Jobbers/ Minimum Order 200.00)

Texas Rat Snake (c.b. babies) Texas Rat Snake (c.b. babies)
Code: TRS
Price: $35.00
Quantity in Basket: none

Yellow Rat Snake w.c. (adult) Yellow Rat Snake w.c. (adult)
Code: YRS4
Price: $45.00
Quantity in Basket: none

Yellow Rat Snake w.c. (jv's) Yellow Rat Snake w.c. (jv's)
Code: YRSJ
Price: $35.00
Quantity in Basket: none

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