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UPDATED 12/18/2020 @ 8:30am

Dracaena guianensis
Caiman Lizard (c.b. big-babies)
Caiman Lizard (c.b. big-babies) Quantity in Basket: None
Code: CCL
Price: $400.00
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
Caiman Lizards are one of the toughest lizards to keep, they come from the Tegu family. Almost always they have parasites, herpes or other health issues and they are very prone to bacteria, most often they die of infection in the brain.
Origin they come from South America, Columbia, Ecuandor, Peru or North Brazil.
Enclosure well this is a difficult point, we think babies are easier because they can be kept in a 40 gallon tank for awhile but they grow quickly and will outgrow that quickly. If too small they will quit eating ad crawl into a dark corner, they can be really stressed animals and females the most with males being much easier.
Building something would be better (16x16x8) itís important that the enclosure have lots of plants to hide and lots of light. Make sure you have a UVB light for proper nutrition because they need the heat for digestion, if not the food will rot inside the lizard. Caimans are extremely sensitive for bacteria and that is the most common reason they die in captivity. This is why a good UVB lighting is important for killing bacteria in the water.
Caimans love water and with some practice they can be trained to go to the bathroom the same time each day. It takes lots of patience and time but I have seen it done.
Food can be tricky they love a varied diet like apple snails, chicken, catfood, crab and fish. If they stop eating force feed them with prescription diet from the vet, normally for cats and dogs but they will love it. Make sure and not feed them out of your hands as when adults they have big teeth and by mistake only they go to grab their food and your finger gets in the way and off to the hospital you go. Because they have bacteria in them make sure you wash the injured area good and use a good antibacterial ointment.
Sexing is really easy they have 2 lumps near the cloaca so the male has a row of big scales and the female has one big scale around the lump.
If you have the room the time and the money for these big lizards they are rewarding and can be a fun lizard to have but in the lizard group they are the hardest. Make sure you google the Caiman and learn everything you can so that you will take all this into consideration before purchasing your new pet.

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