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UPDATED 07/03/2019 @ 8:30am

Snakes For Sale

Featured Animal: Ball Python w.c. (babies)

The Ball Python gets their name from its primary method of defense. When disturbed, the ball python will wrap itself up into a ball, protecting its head by hiding it in the middle of its coils. Predators are then discouraged by the snake's lack of movement and lose interest.

Ha Ha Reptiles Snakes For Sale

Light brown body is often adorned with gold strips. The true purpose of this coloration is camouflage. It uses its camouflage to stalk its prey and initially disorients its victim with a blitz strike. Start with a 10-gallon tank and grow as the snake grows.

Use newspaper, aspen, reptile bedding or reptile turf. Create shelters with climbing and basking areas. A large bowl of fresh water for drinking and soaking should be provided at all times.

Keep the tank between 82 and 95 during the day and 72 to 80 at night. Use under tank heating pads for a 24-hour heat source. Pre-killed mice and rats are good for the younger snakes.

These snakes are imported into the United States by the thousands. Most will not eat due to stress and internal parasites. They also are covered in huge ticks which, must be removed.

We treat each wild caught Ball Python for worms and inspect each snake for ticks before shipping. After treatment and placed in natural enclosures, our Ball Pythons will eat and thrive in captivity.

We recommend that all new specimens be quarantined so that they can be checked for parasites and disease at the new location.

Free shipping on orders over $500.00/Pet Stores & Jobbers/ Minimum Order 200.00

Ball Python (c.b. FDR's) Ball Python (c.b. FDR's)
Code: BPW
Price: $40.00
Quantity in Basket: none

Ball Python (bush-babies) Ball Python (bush-babies)
Code: BPC
Price: $35.00
Quantity in Basket: none

Ball Python w/c (adult male) Ball Python w/c (adult male)
Code: BPW50
Price: $50.00
Quantity in Basket: none

Banded Watersnake (w.c. sm/med) Banded Watersnake (w.c. sm/med)
Code: BW
Price: $12.00
Quantity in Basket: none

Black Racer Snake (med/lg) Black Racer Snake (med/lg)
Code: BR240
Price: $15.00
Sold Out
Quantity in Basket: none

Bull Snakes (med/lg) Bull Snakes (med/lg)
Code: BS31
Price: $65.00
Sold Out
Quantity in Basket: none

Central American Red-Tail Boa (c.b. babies) Central American Red-Tail Boa (c.b. babies)
Code: CAB4
Price: $45.00
Sold Out
Quantity in Basket: none

Columbian Redtail Boa (c.b. babies) Columbian Redtail Boa (c.b. babies)
Code: RB
Price: $85.00
Quantity in Basket: none

Corn Snake - normal (w.c. Jv's) Corn Snake - normal (w.c. Jv's)
Code: CS56
Price: $45.00
Quantity in Basket: none

Florida Kingsnake (c.b. babies) Florida Kingsnake (c.b. babies)
Code: FK
Price: $35.00
Quantity in Basket: none


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